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Building with it's own Power Source
Ferns in Black and White
Wiscasset, Maine.
Wiscasset, Maine, Red's Eata
Young Girl and Her Pug Dog
Young Girl at Touch Exhibit of Local Maine Aquarium...
Young Girl at Touch Exhibit of Local Maine Aquarium...
Man's Hand Holding a Bottle of Beer
Pemaquid Lighthouse W/ Dramatic Skies in the Background...
Small Caucasian Girl Playing a Game
Small Caucasian Girl Examining a Starfish at an Aquarium...
Small Caucasian Girl Examining a Starfish at an Aquarium...
Flatcoated Retriever
Sailboat Tiller
Orange Tiger Cat
Orange Tiger Cat
Lobster Boats
Workman Pointing Chimney
Calico Cat
Two Kitties
Dragon Puppet
Dragon Puppet
Tidal Pool
Tidal Pool
Tidal Pool
Tidal Pool
Guitar and Ship's Wheel at Museum
Man Looking at Tourist Information Board
Young Cat Sitting on Stairs
Six Year Teeth
Garden Signs
Birthday Candle Burning
Birthday Cake
Sunny Coastal Scene
Man Clasping Watch
F New England Churchyard
Sleeping Cat
Snack Bar
Tide Chart
Parking Garage
Satellite Dish
New Harbor Fishing Wharf
New Harbor Fishing Wharf
New England Cemetery
Paws and Tail
Porthole Window
Shopping Carts
Ballot Box
Man Counting Money
Tree in Black and White
Bladk Pug
Bananas and Pineapples
Magnetic Patiotic Stickers on Truck Side
Holiday at Pemaquid Lighthouse
Dormers in Black and White
Woman Combing Chilld's Hair
Girl Balancing Book on Her Head
Fruit Plate
Outbuilding From Knox Mansion
Hearth at Hariseeket Inn
Colonial Attire
Packages at Hariseeket Inn
Packages at Hariseeket Inn
Packages at Hariseeket Inn
Psul Reverre Berll
Psul Reverre Berll
Psul Reverre Berll
Knox Mansion
Knox Mansion
Fort Andros
Sea Urchins
Barnacle Shells
Ocean Point Waterfront, Maine
State House Dome
Sand Dunes and Ocean
Occupy Wall Street Demonstration
Occupy Wall Street Demonstration
Occupy Wall Street Demonstration
Scratching Post
Remote Control
Morning Clouds
Couple Sitting on Rocks at Pemaquid Light Site in Maine...
Imagine" Sign
Occupy Wall Street Demonstration, Maine
Popham Beach, Maine
Girl and Kitten
Girl and Kitten
Girl and Kitten
Girl and Kitten
Girl and Kitten
Girl and Kitten
Playing With Box
National Bison Range
National Bison Range
National Bison Range
Blackfeet Sculpture
Blackfeet Sculpture
Lake McDonald
Lake McDonald
Lake McDonald
Forest Fire Region
Tipi Poles That Supposrt Footbridge
Route 93
Lake McDonald in Early Mroning
Columbine Blossom Aquilegia
Cowboy Museum
Cowboy Museum
Cowboy Museum
Cherries on Sale at Montana Farm
Sign on Salish, Kootenaii Reservation in Montana
Wake From Boat
Flathead River
Man Taking a Photograph Outside Car
Rental Boats
Rental Boats
Rental Boats
Couple in a Canoe
Grandfather and Grand Daughter Reading Together
Junk Cars on Freight Train
Train Chemical Tankers
Tourists Visiting St. Mary's Lake
Girl Reading to Grandfather
Girl Reading to Grandfather
Little Girl Reading to Grandfather
Fishermen at Glacier National Park
Fishermen at Glacier National Park
Submerged Barn
Windmills Along Columbia Gorge
Lake McDonald
Rain Moving Across Lake
Rain Moving Across Lake
Man Taking Photo
Man With Head in Hand
Old Manual Plow
Man Skipping Rocks at Lakeside
Man Helping Blind Man Through South Station in Boston...
Man Helping Blind Man Through South Station in Boston...
Major Highway System As Seen From Overpass
Major Highway System As Seen From Overpass
Old Swimming Hole
Lighthouse in Summer
Young Girl Eating Crackers As Dog Looks on Hungrily...
Girl Eating Crackers and Peanutbutter
Girl Eating Crackers and Peanutbutter
Girl Eating Ice Cream Sandwich
Girl Eating Ice Cream Sandwich
Pug Dog
LilyPond Near Cundy's Harbor, Maine, Summer, 2011
Cook's Cove
Cook's Cove and Teh Cribstone Bridge
Business Overlooking Cook's Cove
Dogs Watching Young Girl Snacking
Young Girl Playing With Dogs
Young Girl Playing With Dogs
Young Girl Playing With Dogs
Young Girl Playing With Dogs
Girl Playing Angry Birds
Girl Playing Angry Birds
Cundy's Harbor, Maine
Cundy's Harbor, Maine
People Riding on Tandem Bicycle
Potted Plant and Anchor
Schooner Appledore
Sippy Cup
Loved Pug Dog
Happy Little Girl
Black Pug
Black Pug
Young Child Putting Sunglasses on
Happy Young Girl Singing With Glasses On
Grasses Draped Over Water
Damariscotta River
Antique Store Display
Red Lettuce
Fluttering Flag
Tree in Fcg
Lone Adirondack Chair
Adirondack Chair
Bird House
Barn With Cupola
Fllower Garden
Bucket Holidng Fags
Girl Eating Giant Cookie
Lupine Wildflowers
Lupine Wildflowers
Lupine Wildflowers
Antique Storefront in Head of Tide, Maine
Steamboat Lane in Jefferson, Maine
Steamboat Lane in Jefferson, Maine
Steamboat Lane in Jefferson, Maine
Young Girl Drinking Through a Straw
Man Watering a Flowering Bush; Rhododrendon
Man Watering a Flowering Bush; Rhododrendon
Young Girl's Hands As She Plays With an App on an Ipod....
Young Girl's Hands As She Plays With an App on an Ipod....
Young Girl's Hands As She Plays With an App on an Ipod....
Young Girl's Hands As She Plays With an App on an Ipod....
Young Caucasian Girl Playing App on Ipod.
Pier and Shack
White Tulip
Mirror and Reflection
Acorns Germinating
Ladys Slipper
Girl Eating Candy Cane
Man Stroking Dog
Girl Eating Gingerbread Cookie
F Schooner Crew Sign
One Room School House
Front Grill of Old Truck
Old Painted Truck
Red Tulip
Fishing Birds
Young Girl Working on Laptop
Cell Phones
Purple Violets and Strawberry Blossoms
Portland, Maine's City Hall
Bell House
Cherry Blossoms on Tree
Cherry Blossoms on Tree
Free Range Chickens
Free Range Chickens
Spring Oak Leaves: Quercus
Spring Oak Leaves: Quercus
Planting Tomatoes
Planting Tomatoes
Planting Tomatoes
Grimes Cove at Sunset
Fallen Trees
Neon Lighting
Woman on Cell Phone
Mt. Cadillac
Couple Standing at Sunset on Mt. Cadillac in Maine...
Man Mowing Lawn
View From Mt. Battie, Camden, Maine
Ram Island Light From Grimes Cove
Smalltown America
Tree Rings
Collapsing Barn
Collapsing Barn
Car on Lift Without Tire
Girl Playing W/ Ipod Touch
Pemaquid Lighthouse in Winter
Grimes Cove,
Grimes Cove,
Artificial Flowers on Car Roof
Public Beach in Wells, Maine
Coastal Cove
Girl Using Technology
Girl Using Technology
Fishing Vessel in Dry Dock
Small Girl Showing Grandfather How to Use Touch
Small Girl Playing W/ Ipod Touch
Small Girl Playing W/ Ipod Touch
Granite at Acadia National Park
New England Home
Weather Vane
Mother Turkey and Chicks
Old Fashioned Hotel
Small Girl Asleep in Car
Man Removing Pizza From Beehive Oven
Man Raking Roof
Christmas Tree
Man Shovelling Snow
Man Raking Roof
Man Raking Roof
Magnolia Blossom
Windjammer Sign and Wintering Windjammers
Spring Daffodil
Elkhound Dog Wtih Nose in Snow
Spring Violets
Portland, Maine Ferries on Waterfront
Portland, Maine Ferries on Waterfront
Wintr Road
Mexican Restaurant
Pemaquid Beach
Center of Spring Narcissus Flower
Grape Hyacinth, Muscari
F Nichols-Sortwell House
New England Church
New England Church
Pemaquid Lighthouse in Pemaquid, Maine
Pemaquid Lighthouse in Pemaquid, Maine
Pemaquid Lighthouse in Pemaquid, Maine
Pemaquid Lighthouse in Pemaquid, Maine
Theatre Lights and Screen
Spring Violet: Viola
Water Treatment Plant
Shadowed Park Benches
Deck Rail in the Snow
Man Shovelling Snow
FWhite Poinsettia
Ice on Rocks
Pink Tuliop Blossoms
Bicycle Chained to Pole W/ Tires
Laptop Computer
Camden, Maine
Cranes at Bath Iron Works
Rushing Water
Lobster Boat and Island I
Red Lobster Boat
Boat Storage
Winter Schooners
Winter Schooners
Winter Schooners
Winter Schooners
Winter Schooners
Winter Schooners
Old Fashioned Soda Fountain
Wild Strawberry Blossoms
New Growth on White Pine Branch
Ice Patterns on Window in Winter
Autumn Marsh
Yellow School Bus
Man Mowing Lawn
Bluette Wildflowers
Boston Terrier and Great Dane Playing
Bell House
Pemaquid Lighthouse
Pemaquid Lighthouse
Man Manipulating Nook
Orange Autumn Maple Tree
F New England Roof Tops
Holiday Scene
Pemaquid Lighthouse in Winter
Pemaquid Lighthouse in Winter
Pemaquid Lighthouse in Winter
Barred Owl Strix Varia
Barred Owl Strix Varia
Decaying Building
F Bait Fish
Lobster Boat
Picket Fence
Window at Pemaquid Lighthouse
Oil House at Pemaquid Lighthouse
Noonday Sun
Noonday Sun
Noonday Sun
New England Grave
American Flag in Cemetery
Rose Hips
Coastal Maine
Coastal Maine
Boot Scraper
Wharf Bollard
Wharf Reflection
Lobstermens' Gear
One Room Schoolhouse
Pemaquid Light
Lobster Statue Near Pemaquid Lighthouse
Dog on Leash
Oak Leaves
Rocky Shore
F Inclement Weather
Yellow Maple Leaves
Maine Surf on Stormy Day
Maine Surf on Stormy Day
Fallen Leaves
Fallen Leaves
Patriotic Bouquet
Child Wrestling Large Package of Toilet Tissue
Man Reading Newspaper
Typical Small Town
Pemaquid Lighthouse on Stormy Day
Pemaquid Lighthouse on Stormy Day
FNew England Architecture
State House Dome
State House Dome
Woman Working on Computer
Woman Working on Computer
Woman Working on Computer
Man Working on IPad Computer
Man Working on IPad Computer
Rolling Paint Onto Deck
Pouring Paint
Rolling Stain Onto Deck
Dying Hosta Leaf
Maple Leaves With Red Borders
Fall Fern Leaf
Ornamental Tree I
Bristol Mills in Autumn
Bristol Mills in Autumn
Bristol Mills in Autumn
Mill Pond
Wetland in Autumn
Autumn Reflections
Autumn Reflections
Ice Cream Cones
Soda Fountain Paraphenalia
Little Girl Sitting on Lap of Elderly Woman
Autumn Foliage in Cemetery
Pine Cones
Autumn Maple Tree Branches
Autumn Maple Tree Branches
New England Steeples
American Flag With Autumn Backdrop
New England Architecture
New England Architecture
New England Architecture Across River
Blossom End of Pumpkin
Autumn Ferns
Maple Tree in Autumn Color Change
Oak Leaves Changing Color in the Fall
Oak Leaves Changing Color in the Fall
Maple Leaves
Maple Leaves Changing Color
Orange Maple Tree in Fall
New England Farm in Autumn
Autumn Road
New England Window
Manikin Dressed in Hunting Gear
Sailboats Moored In Boothbay Harbor, Maine
Man Sitting in Lawn Chair by the Water
Child's Hands Playing W/ Play Doh
Girl Pushing Playground Equipment
Girl Reading
Young Girl Playing on Playground
Stone Chapel
Pemaquid Lighthouse
Pumpkin Growing in Garden
Grotesque Headless Mannekin in Store
New England Church Steeple in Autumn
Woman Showing Child Photo on Lcd Screen of Camera
Man Catching Child As She Emerges From Slide
Watermelon Display
Little Girl Drinking Cream From Plastic Restaurant Container...
Man Relaxing on Vacation
Girl Playing Ants in Pants Game
Small Girl Playing Ants in the Pants
Cruise Ship at Dock in Portland, Maine
Small Girl Playing With Dog
Concept Gambling on the USA
Forest Glade
Young Man Washing His Fishing Boat
American Flag
Pumpkins W/ Stem Ends
Bucket of Steam Shovel
Man Installing Pipe
Old Ringer Washer for Sale
Girl Watching TV W/ Her Dog
Maple Branch in Autumn Transition
Intersecting Hillsides
Street Grate
Leaves Changing Color
Small Girl Searching in Bookbag
Young Girl Siting With Grand Dad at Soda Fountain
Small Girl Playing With Dog
Small Girl Playing With Dog
Sailboat in Boothbay Harbor, Maine
Girl Carrying Pumpkin
Child Selecting Halloween Pumpkin
Girl Jumping Rope
Girl Painting Nails
Girl Jumping Rope
Small Caucasian Girl Painting Nails
Small Child Exploring Wooden Alligator
Small Girl Playing Dress Up
Reflected Fishing Shack and Wharf in Back Cove of New Harbor...
Seagulls Pilphering a Beach Lunch
Friendship Sloop in Boothbay Harbor, Maine
Small Girl Flirting With Her Grandfather
Child's Hands Holding Marker Box
Reflected Fishing Shack in Back Cove of New Harbor, Maine...
Small Cruise Ship Docking in Boothbay Harbor, Maine...
Small Girl Looking at Bones Through Magnifying Glass...
New England Architecture
Path to Beach With Colorful Umbrella at End
Grandchild Flirting With Grand Dad
Young Girl Looking at Turtles in Tank
Young Girl Looking Through Stereoscope
Girl Sliding Down Fire Pole
Woman Sitting on Rocks in Maine
Sailboat Sailing By Maine Island
Sailboat Rigging
Two Women Shaded by Umbrella
Woman in Kayak
Small Caucasian Girl Playing With Barbie Doll
Seaside Building
Girl Playing Musical Instrument
Small Girl Selecting Snack From Vending Machine
Young Girl Looking Through Magnifying Glass
Officers on Cruise Ship
Woman Looking Through Binoculars
Beach Roses
Child Cooking
Small Caucasian Girl Reaching Into Vending Machine...
African Baskets on Display in Store
Jimson Weed
Lobster Sign
F New England Architecture
Late Afternoon Light From Amtrak Train
Sculpture and Gazebo, Bath, Maine
Church in Bath, Maine
Small Girl With Nail Polish
Marina at Boothbay Harbor, Maine at Sunset.
Evergreens in Black and White
Tour Baot on Lake McDonald
Plen Aire Artists
Bakery Goodies
Jimson Weed
Child Eating Toast
Small Girl's Hand Holding Toast
Rocking Chair
Rocking Chair
Watermelons for Sale
Flooded River
East Glacier Hotel
People at Hot Dog Stand
Exhausted Child
Family at Restaurant
Caucasian Girl Eating Ice Cream Sandwich
Norm's News in Kalispell, MT.
Reservation Lands Outside Glacier National Park
Reservation Land
Reservation Land Outside Glacier National Park
Montana Prairies
Jimson Weeds Blossom
Soldier's Helmet on Rifle
Maine Fisherman Placing Lobster in Keeper
White Violet
Canoers on Lake McDonald
Flathead Lake
Church Steeple Over Warehouse Roof
Swallowtail Butterfly
Mountains in Glacier National Park
Kayakers on Lake Mcdonald
Early Morning Along Empire Builder Amtrak Route
Kayakers on Lake McDonald
Workman Sawing Fence Post With Electric Saw
Young Girl Sipping Milk
Workman Using Saw to Shape Fence Post
Truck Driving Near Rock Outcropping
Lily in Store Bouquet
Farmyard on Prairie in USA
Grape Vineyard From Amtrak Train
Man Measuring Fence Post
Factory Stacks and Junk by Trackside As Seen From Amtrak Tra...
Mountain View From Going to the Sun Road
Mule Deer
Fence Hole Digging
Worker Levelling Post
Post Hole Digger
Littlest Rambo
Burned Trees at Glacier National Park
Lake McDonald at Glacier National Park
Bison Range View
Heceta Lightkeeper's House
Early Morning Clouds on Lake McDonald
Small Girl Eating Blueberries
McDonald Creek at Glacier National Park
Barber's Chair in Montana Barber Shop
Duck Eating a Fish
Montana Farm
Girl playing with water gun
Little Girl and Her Rock Collection
Two Bear Grass Blossoms Growing in Glacier National Park...
Antelope Lying in Wildflowers at Bison Range, Montana...
Canoers at Lake McDonald, Glacier National Park
Avalanche Gorge at Glacier National Park
Ninepipes Area From Bison Range
Fisherman Baiting His Hook
War Memorial in Kallispell, Montana
Storm Over Lake McDonald at Glacier National Park
Straw Cowboy Hat
Motorized Bicycle Outside Store in Montana
Power Lines Along Roadway in Montana
Dogs Begging
Small Girl Horsing Around
Young Woman Talking on Cell Phone
Pink Rambo
Beargrass Bud and Curving Stem
Bridge Superstructure
Young Fisherman at Lake McDonald
Forest Reflections at Lake McDonald
Rape Seed Fields in Montana
Farm Field on the Prairies of Montana
First Glimpses of Rocky Mountains
Canoers at Lake McDonald
Cedar Canopy
Cedar Tree on Shore of Lake McDonald
Utility Shed at Lake McDonald at Glacier National Park...
Cycling Group at Glacier National Park
Snyder Creek at McDonald Lodge in Glacier National Park...
Country Road
Antelope Lying in Wildflowers and Grass
Nine Pipes Wildlife Preserve
Mule Deer at Glacier National Park, Montana, June, 2010...
Woman and Dog
Tunnel at Glacier National Park
Lake McDonald in Early Morning Fog
Bright, Colorful Tennis Shoes on Feet
Female Hand Holding Apple IPhone.
Young Woman Talking on Cell Phone
Young Woman Texting
Young Woman With Earphones in Her Ears
Girl Eating With a Dog Audience
Front End of Truck and Gas Station Pricing Sign Beyond...
Girl's Hand Holding Blueberry
Pink Rambo
Lake McDonald From Deck of DeSmet
Man Looking Through Binoculars From Boat Deck
Father and Son Fishing at Lake McDonald
Father and Son Fishing
Grazing Antelope at Bison Range, Polson, Montana
Antelope Lying in Wildflowers
Man Looking at the Sky Through Binoculars
Nine Pipes Nature Preserve
White Tailed Deer Crossing Road
Cowboy Boots and Other Americana
Rhinestone Cowboy Get-up!
Cowboy Paraphenalia
Man Stirring Cream Into Tea
Man Standing in Laundramat
Haystacks on Beach at Heceta Light in Oregon
Cork Screws in Black and White
Mountain Through Frame of Tree Branches at Glacier National ...
Boat Rental Docks at Lake McDonald, Glacier National Park...
Skunk Cabbage Growing at Glacier National Park, Lysichiton A...
Running Eagle Falls at Glacier National Park, Montana...
Woman Helping to Launch Boat at Two Medicine Lake
American Flags Flying on Montana Business
Three People in a Canoe, Glacier National Park, Montana...
Man Inspecting Hollow Tree
Avalanche Gorge at Glacier National Park
Avalanche Gorge at Glacier National Park
McDonald Lodge Lantern
Boat Dock at Lake McDonald, Glacier National Park
Driftboaters on Lake McDonald, Glacier National Park...
Sunrise at Lake McDonald, Glacier National Park
Sunrise at Lake McDonald, Glacier National Park
Apgar Village in Glacier National Park
Main Lobby of Glacier Park Lodge
Glacier Park Lodge
Lake McDonald
Lake McDonald Framed by Motel Deck
Lake McDonald, Glacier National Park
Moose Standing in Stagnant Water at Glacier National Park...
Young Woman Photographing McDonald Creek at Glacier National...
People on Dock at Lake McDonald, Glacier National Park...
Running Eagle Falls in Glacier National Park
Silver Stairs Waterfall, Montana
Silver Stairs Waterfall, Montana
Luggage Cart at Union Station, Portland, Oregon
Daffodil Flower
Elkhound Peering Through Deck Rail
Old Luggage Cart at Train Station
Snyder Creek
Man Transplanting Bushes
Man Mowing Lawn
Man Mowing Lawn
Waiting Room at Union Station in Portland, Oregon
Holly Leaf and Early Berries
Rugged Hillside Above Columbia Gorge
Trophy Animal Heads
McDonald Creek With Rushing Spring Water
Pollen on Water at Lake Side
Route 93 Near Flathead Lake, Montana
Devil's Club'; Echinopanax Horridus
Rushing Water
McDonald Creek Emptying Into Lake McDonald
Mother and Daughter
Young Woman Raising American Flag
Electrical Tower
Windmills Along the Columbia Gorge
Silhouetted Photographer at Lake McDonald, Glacier National ...
Ironic Sign
Two Tourists Viewing Running Eagle Falls at Glacier Nationa...
Tower at Union Station in Portland, ORegon
Young Woman on Oregon Beach Playing Ball With Dogs
Boat Rental at McDonald Lake in Glacier National Park, Monta...
Tourists Gawking at Wildlife in National Park
Tourists Gawking at Wildlife in National Park
Sunrise Over Lake McDonald, Glacier National Park
Moose at Glacier National Park
Moose in Swamp at Glacier National Park
Man Sighting Through Spotting Scope
Pacific Coast Beach
Young Woman Raising American Flag
Wild Iris
Dog With Toy
Children Playing in Water Fountain in the Summertime...
Children Playing in Water Fountain in the Summertime...
Phone Booths in Amtrak Station
Farm Field on Prairie in North Dakota
Sign Advertising Job Creation at Union Station, Chicago...
Surveillance Camera at Union Station
Surveillance Camera at Union Station
Union Station Entance in Chicago, Illinois
Union Station Entance in Chicago, Illinois
Union Station Waiting Room
Calla Lily
Maine Shrimp
Pemaquid Lighthouse in Black and White
Pemaquid Lighthouse
Pemaquid Lighthouse
Rocky Beach
New Harbor,Maine Waterfront
Succulent Maine Shrimp in Black and White
Resting Dog
Wedding Cake House, Kennebunkport, Maine
Porch on Lightkeeper's House at Pemaquid Point, Maine...
Couple Sitting Overlooking Atlantic Ocean
Fallen Oak Leaf in the Snow
Fence and Fog Bell at Pemaquid Lighthouse
Windblown Grass
Pemaquid Lighthouse
Maine Shrimp
Maine Shrimp
Cove on Western Side of Boothbay Harbor, Maine
From Maine's Prettiest Parking Lot!
Seagull on Fishing Boat
Sandpipers at Water's Edge
Lobster Traps in Spring
Wedding Cake House, Kennebunkport, Maine
Wedding Cake House, Kennebunkport, Maine
'Why Vote" Sign
Feet and Legs of Peruvian Street Musician
Mt. Katahdin Baxter State Park, Maine
Ur Lady of Peace
Photographer Shooting River in Early Morning
Great Blue Heron
Island Shrouded in Fog
Chinese Lantern Blossom
Girl Buckling Bicycle Helmet
Sticker Fun
Autumn Reflections
Square Rigger in Boothbay Harbor for Refitting
Holiday Decorations on Camden Public Library, Camden, Maine...
Lady's Slipper Blossom: Cypripedioidea
Algae Growing on Lobster Trap in Maine
Long Spouted Drinking Jug
Asian Long-Spouted Pot
Waitiingroom Chairs
Christmas Wreath
Small Girl on Bike With Training Wheels
Holiday Decorated Window W/ Steeple Beyond
Small Girl Viewing Video Camera Images Thru Viewfinder...
Small Girl Viewing Video Camera Images Thru Viewfinder...
Small Girl Viewing Video Camera Images Thru Viewfinder...
Child Playing Wiith Doll
Father Showing Daughter How to Use Video Camera
Small Girl Taking Video Photos W/ Camera
Small Girl Playing with Dolls
Small Girl Playing W/ Doll
Holiday Decorated Window
Small Girl Taking Video W/ Camera
Small Girl Playing Dress-Up
Small Girl Delivering Gifts
Chld's Hands As She Plays Dress-Up
Small Girl Playing Dress-Up
Small Girl's Legs As She Plays Dress-up
Father & Daughter Working Together
Father & Daughter Working on Computer Together
Dress-Up Play
Pemaquid Park State Park Beach
Child''s Hand As She Places Stickers in a Book
Square Rigger in Boothbay Harbor, Maine
Girl Riding Bike W/ Training Wheels
Girl Approaching Bicycle W/ Training Wheels
Small Girl Clasping Bicycle Helmet
Family Walking Dogs
Boothbay Harbor, Maine, 2009
Square Rigger
Adult Man Helping Child With Bicycle W/ Training Wheels...
Little Girl Latching Helmet
Small Girl on Bicycle With Training Wheels
Maine Autumn Scene
Big Sky Country
Pink Ladys Slipper Blossom
Forest Fire Region
Introductions Between Woman and Dog
Family Fisherman's Truck
New Harbor, Maine
Bench Overlooking Ocean
Colorful Lobster Traps
Wharf in New Harbor, Maine, 2009
Child's Hands As She Constructs W/ Building Toys
Small Girl Playing With Buildling Toy
Man Letting Dog Out of Crate
Androscoggin River in Brunswick, Maine
Old Mill
Dog Playing With Toy
Lobster Boats in New Harbor, Maine, 2009
Fishermen Loading Keeper Traps With Lobster, Maine, 2009....
Wharves at New Harbor, Maine
Family Sitting on Bench at Pemaquid Lighthouse
Small Girl Coughing Into Her Arm
Girl Tossing Teddy Bear
Girl Tossing Teddy Bear
Girl Tossing Teddy Bear
Cyber Cafe
Fish Ladder at Hydro-Electric Plant
Fish Ladder at Hdro Plant
Maine Ballot
Lightkeeper's House, Pemaquid, Maine
Glacier National Park
Beach Plums in Fall
Fall Foliage, Maine
Crab Claw on Beach
Pemaquid Beach, Maine
Steam Engine Wheels
Surfer on Maine Beach
New Harbor, Maine
Pemaquid Lighthouse, Maine
Seagull Feather
Crab Claw
Ocean Algae
Pemaquid Lighthouse, Maine
Pemaquid Lighthouse, Maine
Pemaquid Lighthouse, Maine
Pemaquid Lighthouse, Maine
Arrangement of Chairs at Fireplace
Two Dragon Flies in Flight
Boats Moored on Portland, Maine Waterfront
Dramatic Skies at Glacier National Park
Atlantic Salmon
Bright Red Leaves on Burning Bush
Painted Pumpkins
Izaac Walton Hotel, Glacier National Park
Tree Layers on Mountains at Glacier National Park
Gnarled Cedar Trunk
Mountains Behind Burned Trees
Early Snowfall Outside Glacier National Park, 2009....
Fall Reflections
Fading Fern Fronds
Yellow Maple Leaves, Autumn in Maine
Falling Rock Warning Sign
Surfer Surfing at Reid State Park, Maine
Surfer Standing in Surf, Reid State Park, Maine
Floating Fall Maple Leaves
Lily Pads in Autumn Marsh in Maine, 2009
Beach at Reid State Park, Maine
B&W Log Construction
Yellow Foliage, Glacier National Park
Leaf in Surf at Lake MacDonald
Two Medicine
Prairie Farm Field
Orange Maple Leaf
Yellow Maple Trees, Autumn, Maine, 2009
Jammer Bus at Apgar in Glacier National Park
Jammer Bus at Apgar in Glacier National Park
Construction Worker at Going to the Sun Road
Jammer Bus at Apgar in Glacier National Park
Man on Bridge at Glacier National Park, Montana,
Autumn Lily Pads
Surfer Walking in Surf at Reid State Park Beach
Surfer on Reid State Park Beach
Halloween Pumpkins
Autumn Pond
Ant Warfare
Man Photographing Dry Waterfall
Wooden Sailing Vessels at Anchor in Boothbay Harbor...
Classic Schooners at Anchor in Boothbay Harbor, Maine, USA...
Schooners Sailing Into Boothbay Harbor, June, 2009
Upper Two Medicine Lake
Prairie Land in Nine Pipes Wildlife Refuge in Polson, Montan...
Autumn Foliage at Nine Pipes Wildlife Refuge in Montana...
Flathead Lake With Mission Mountain Backdrop
Going to the Sun Road Construction
Going to the Sun Road
Going to the Sun Road Under Construction
Columns Iin Interior of Union Station in Chicago, Illinois...
Multnomah Falls, Oregon
Multnomah Falls, Oregon
Multnomah Falls, Oregon
Whitefish Downtown Street
Lake McDonald
Hay Bails in Farm Field
Farm Field in Midwestern USA
Pillars at Union Station, Chicago
Going to the Sun Road Construction
Pillars at Union Station, Chicago
Pebbles at Bottom of Lake MacDonald
Autumn Leaves at Entrance to Lake MacDonald
Country People at Union Station
Lake McDonald
Fishermen Fishing From Wharf on Lake MacDonald
Chemical Plant
Large American Flag
Grain Elevators
Girl Doing Handstands
Midwestern Prairie Lands
Going to the Sun Road Construction
St. Mary's Lake at Glacier National Park
St. Mary's Lake at Glacier National Park
Reeds at Nine Pipes Nature Preserve in Polson, MOntana...
Penned Bison at Round-up
American Bison at Bison Round-up
Buffalo Herd On Bison Range in Polson, Montana
Purple Mountains Magesty
Accident Scene
Cirque at Glacier National Park
Lake McDonald
Avalanche Scene
Lake McDonald
Going to the Sun Road
Fishermen on Lake MacDonald
Rental Boats on Lake MacDonald
Rail Yard
Glacier National Park
Suburban Cowboy
Longhorn Steer
Autumn at Nine Pipes
Dark Forest
Pronghorn Antelope
American Bison Grazing
American Bison Grazing
Canadian Geese Migrating
Lupine Blossoms
Potter Shaping Vase
Mast and Flag Through Fog in Boothbay Harbor, Maine...
Indian Paintbrush Growoing in Maine, Summer, 2009
Little Girl Coloring at Restaurant
Chinese Lantern Plant From Stem End
Little Girl Playing With Dough
Pemaquid Lighthouse
Ledges in Front of Pemaquid Lighthouse, Maine
Pemaquid Lighthouse and Fence
Downtown Kennebunkport, Maine
Little Girl Playing With Cut-Outs
Wild Daisies
Daddy Long Legs Spider, Pholcidae
Sheepscot River W/ Weather Coming in
Horsedrawn Carriage in Kennebunkport, Maine
Cove in Kennebunkport, Maine
Street and Business in Kennebunkport, Maine
Chinese Lantern Plant in Black and White
Shore Dinner on Plate in Restaurant
Small Girl Greeting Baby Alpaca
Small Girl Greeting Baby Alpaca
Little Girl Playing in Hose Water
Potter Removing Vase From Wheel
Potter's Hands Shaping Bowl
Man Powerwashing House
Man Powerwashing House
Man Standing With Bicycle
Woman Rummaging Through Trash
Woman Rummaging Through Trash
Garter Snake Roadkill
Black-Eyed Susan Bud
Doorway With Swedish Brooms
Pink Lady's Slipper; Cypripedium Acaule
Tiger Lilies; Lilium Lancifolium
Vernal Pool
Mammogram X--Ray Machine
Over-Ripe Cherry
Smiling Girl
Small Girl on Playground Equipment
Ant Battle
F Snake Road Kill
Black Eyed Susan Blossom Opening
Father and Son Fishing
Church Collection Plate
Swallowtail Butterfly Feeding on Tiger Lily
Road Kill
Ferns in Forest Glade in Black and White
Swallowtail Butterfly Sipping Nectar From Tiger Lily...
Motorboat Docked in Boothbay Harbor, Maine
Mast, Flag and Sails
Lupine Blossom
Docks and Reflections in Boothbay Harbor, Maine
Swallowtail Butterfly Pollenating a Tiger Lily
Square Rigged Ship
Furled Sail
Commercial Fisherman's Glove
Lupine Blossom
Schooner Sailing Into Harbor
Busy Little Girl at Restaurant Table
Our Lady of Peace Church, Boothbay Harbor, Maine
Wildflower Bouquet
Young Maple Leaves
Schooner at Anchor in Quiet, Foggy Harbor
Wildflower Bouquet
Wildflower Bouquet
Footbridge and House REflected in Calm Waters of Boothbay H...
Coastal House on Stilts Over Water
Young Girl Riding Merry-go-round
F Small Girl on Merry-Go-Round
Young Girl on Ferris Wheel
Girl W/ Teddy Bear Playing Jumping Game
Young Girl Playing Jumping Game
Child Counting
Girl Counting
Young Girl Counting Monkeys From Barrel Game
Small Girl Playing With Monkeys
Windjammer Sailing Into Harbor on Windjammer Days
Pink Lupine Blossom
White Violet
People at Motel Watching Windjammer Days
Fire Hydrant and Wall Painting
Weaving Loom in Weaving Store in Buckland, MA
Weaving Workshop at Swedish Weaving Store
Bicycle in Rack at Clark Museum
Market Front With Art Deco Sign
Wheel Chairs Waiting by Windows
Vegetation in Lily Pond
Twin Bridges
Bicycle in Rack at Clark Museum
Schooners at Windjammer Days, Boothbay Harbor, Maine...
Damariscotta, Maine in the June Rain
Man Photographing Schooner in Boothbay Harbor, Maine...
Bunchberry Blossoms and Leaves
Small Girl Chugging a Bottle of Pop
Pair of Discarded Coffee Cups
Sailboat Moored in Fog in Boothbay Harbor, Maine
Small Girl Riding Playground Merry-go-round
Tussled Bed
Schooner Sailing Into Boothbay Harbor on Windjammer Days...
Square Rigger, The Friendship of Salem
Worker Cooking Pizzas in Beehive Oven
Worker Cooking Pizzas in Beehive Oven
Tourists Sitting in Village in Maine, Spring, 2009
Lupines and Empty Adirondack Chairs on Rainy Day in Maine...
Wooden Schooner at Anchor in Fog
Boy Walking Onto Dock With Fishing Rod
Little Girls Looking at Digital Camera LCD
Motel Inhabitants Watching Windjammers Sail Into Harbor...
Old Wooden Schooner at Anchor In Boothbay Harbor, Maine...
Fern Fronds
Unripened Blueberries
Man Refueling Lawn Mower
Man Applying Charcoal Smudges to Small Girl's Face
Pink Lupine Blossom
Lupine Blossom
Blackberry Blossoms
Little Girl Playing W/ Dough in Pizza Restaurant
Cook Checking Pizza He Has Removed From Woodfired Oven...
Cook Placing Pizza in Wood-Fired Oven to Bake
Young Woman Sitting on the Floor Reading in Library...
Sailing Vessel At Rest at Dock in Boothbay Harbor, Maine...
Old Wooden Schooner With American Flag
Sailing Vessel Moored on Calm Morning
Young Boy FIshing From Wharf in Maine
Windjammer Sailing Into Harbor on Windjammer Days
Little Girl Playing With Her Food
Group of Little Girls Looking at Camera LCD
Field of Lupine Flowers Growing by Cove in Maine
Pink Lupine Blossom
Fishing Nets in Bright Colors
Four Year Old Girl Getting Her Face 'Painted'
Rubus Fruticosus Blossoms
Man Refueling Lawn Mower
Stairway at Merrill Hall, Portland, Maine
Lupine Growing Beside Maine Cove
Pemaquid Lighthouse
Brown Spider Carrying Egg Sack
Pink Lupine With Seaside Background
White Violet
Quiet Maine Cover on Overcast Day in June, 2009
Dinghy at Wharf in Wiscasset, Maine, in Black and White...
Antique Store Display and View Out Window
Grounds of Pemaquid Lighthouse in Bristol, Maine
Cove in New Castle, Maine
Girl Grimacing As Her Hair Is Braided
Youngster Angry As Her Hair Is Braided
Four Year Old Girl on Playground Merry-Go-Round
Young Girl As She Examines Her New Toy
Small Girl Sitting Among Her Toys
Wharf and Docks on Sheepscot River in Wiscasset,Maine, June,...
Small Girl Climbing UP a Slide on a Playground
New England Home in New Castle, Maine
Cove on Damariscotta River W/ Lupine in Foreground
Indian Paintbrush Wildflower
Small Girl Sliding Down Playground Slide
Wilted Yellow Rose
Little Girl Playing With Her Toes As She Relaxes
Little Girl Hanging From Monkey Bars at Playground
New England Architecture
Cove on Damariscotta River in New Castle, Maine
Lupine Blossom
Small Girl Playing With Toy Periscoope
Young Girl Sitting Very Relaxed With Arms Crossed
Small Girl Peering Through Toy Periscope
Small Girl Looking Through Periscope Toy
Little Girl Yelling As Her Hair Is Braided
Little Girl Grimacing As Mom Prepares to Braid Hair...
LIttle Girl Getting Hair Braided
Four Year Old Grimacing As Hair Is Braided
Bunchberry Plants
Damp Dandelion Seeds
Damp Dandelion Seeds
Man Using TV Remote Control
Purple Lilacs
Small Girl Replacing Marker Cap
Pink Lady's Slipper Orchid Blossom
Fern Leaves in Early Spring
Buttery Yellow Rose Blossom
Buttery Yellow Rose and Baby's Breath
Tiled Floor W/ Map at Lighthouse Museum, Rockland, Maine...
Orange Poppy Flower
Little Girl Sleeping
Nichols-Sortwell House in Wiscasset, Maine
Buttery Yellow Rose Petals in Closeup
Buttery Yellow Rose in Closeup
Yellow Rose Blossom From Below
Maple Tree Seeds
Pink Lady's Slipper Orchid
Girl Replacing the Cap on a Marker
Little Girl Attempting to Replace Marker Cap
Little Girl Struggling to Replace Marker Cap
Window Box With Red Geraniums
Deer Tracks in Beach Sand
Route 27, Maine
Lighthouse Window and Fence
Little Girl Putting Paper Bag on Head
Nichols Sortwell House in Wiscasset, Maine
Lady's Slipper Orchid
Lilac Blossom
Decaying Stump
Poppy Bud
Fern Shadows
Girl Hugging Unicorn
Woman Looking Out to Sea
Woman Looking Out to Sea
Little Girl Playing With Paper Dolls
Little Girl Playing With Paper Dolls
Small Girl Coloring
Little Girl Inspecting a Piece of Clothing
Little Girl W/ Face Buried in Tulle
Little Girl Playing With a Bag
Small Girl Playing With Paper Dolls
Generations Playing Together
New Pine Cone Buds
Violet Blossom in Closeup
Lady's Slipper Orchid
Blossoming Tree Outside Portland City Hall, Portland, Maine...
Downed Tree Decaying in Forest
Lady's Slipper Orchid
Small Girl Applying Chapstick
Small Girl Napping
Small Girl Napping
Blueberry Blossoms
PHoto of Fern Stems
Pink and Yellow Tulips
Woman Dressed in Patriotic T-Shirt
Schooners Wintering in Camden Harbor, Maine
Pemaquid Bellhouse
Rolling Pins on Display
Early Spring Pond With Ice in Maine, 2009
Firewood Log in Black and White
Antique Bottles
Portland City Hall in Spring With Trees in Bloom
Seaman Climbing Ropes of Wooden Schooner
Spring Violet Blossom
Violet Blossom in Closeup
Couple Walking Dog on Wells Beach, Maine
Men at Internet Cafe
People Eating at Sidewalk Cafe
Wilting Tulips Leaning Through Fence Rungs
New Harbor With Lobster Boat at Anchor, May, 2009
Child Walking Through Rocks on Wells Beach, Maine, May, 2009...
Early Spring Day on Wells Beach, Maine
Spring on Wells Beach, Maine
Spring Blossoms Outside Portland City Hall, Portland, Maine,...
Quintessential New England Harbor, New Harbor, Maine...
Vintage Old Sleigh
Dock on Lake Winnipesaukee
Spring Violets
Wooded Driveway Streaming in Morning Sunlight
Pink Tulips With Morning Dew on Petals
Vintage Wedding Dresses Hanging in Window
Old Sleigh
Movie Theater
New Spring Birch Leaves
Woman's Feet Resting on Beach at Pemaquid, Maine
LIghtkeeper's House at Pemaquid, Maine
Colorful Children's Adirondack Chairs
New Harbor, Maine
New Harbor, Maine
New Harbor, Maine
Brook Trout
Sailboat Interior
Stores Overlooking Harbor in Camden, Maine
Small Sailboat
Bowsprit on Wooden Schooner
Pond Ice and Reeds
Little Girl Climbing Stairs
Wells Beach, Maine
Wells Beach, Maine
Seagull on Fence
Winter Patriotism: Shovel and Flag in Winter Storage...
Movie Theater
Man Clasping Necklace on His Wife
Little Girl Washing Hands
Little Girl Washing Hands
Shovel in Black and White
Wells Beach, Maine
Little Girl in Quiet Moment With Her Dog
Man Looking Out Window
Paddle and Bowl of Electric Mixer
Paddle in Mixing Bowl
Mountain in Glacier National Park
Mountains Rising From Road
Blackfeet Sculpture
Lake McDonald, Glacier National Park
Mission Mountains, Montana
Male Buffalo
Male Buffalo
Girl Taking Photo
Rental Boats at Apgar Facility, Glacier National Park...
Nautical Themes in Camden Harbor, Maine
Boothbay Pig Mailbox
Miss Piggy Wearing Swine Flu Mask
Man Working on Schooner
Camden Harbor, April, 2009
Camden Harbor, Maine
Bow of New Sailboat
Small Girl Eating a Donut
Little Girl Holding Donut in Napkin
Belted Galloway Cow at Rest
Belted Galloway Cow at Rest
Belted Galloway Cow at Rest
Sailboats Wintering Over in Camden Harbor, Maine
Schooner Wintering in Camden Harbor, Maine
Mallard Duck Standing Alone on Stonewall
Winterized Schoooner Docked in Camden Harbor, Maine...
Ships Bow and Town Skyline, Camden, Maine
New England Eaves
New Harbor, Maine, in Black and White
American Flag on Side of Old Structure
Lobster Trap
Early Spring Pond
Rusty Shovel Leaning on Split Rail Fence
Pemaquid Lighthouse and Atlantic Ocean
Spring Birch Tree in Black and White
New Harbor United Methodist Church
Lighthouse Closed Sign
Pemaquid Lighthouse
Pemaquid Lighthouse in Black and White
Pemquid Light Grounds
Pemaquid Light Grounds
Safety Rope Draped Over Fence
Entrance to Pemaquid Beach, Maine
Pemaquid Beach, Maine
United Methodist Church in Maine
Pine Cones
Pemaquid Keeper's and Lighthouse
Pemaquid Lighthouse
Pemaquid Lighthouse
Pemaquid Lighthouse in Maine
Pemaquid Fence Looking Out to Sea
Pemaquid Lighthouse and Bell
Hotel Pemaquid
Hotel Pemaquid
Pemaquid Hotel
Pemaquid LIght From Across Cove
Spring Daffodil Sprouts
Safety Patrol Person on Snowmobile at Shawnee Peak, Maine...
Ski Helmets
Ski Helmets
Skiiers on a Halfpipe
Winter Snow Fun at Rest
Lone Skiier in Cow Suit
Man Reading Book About Dogs
Man Shopping at LL Bean's Store
Baseball History Display at LL Bean's Store
Spring Bouquet
Blacksmith Stoking Fire
Toddler Looking Over Top of Upsidedown Sunglasses
Toddler in Upsidedown Sunglasses
Sails and Flag on Sailboat
Fishing Poles Bending in the Breezes of Maine
Toddler Peeking Out From Under Shade of Summer Hat
Toddler With Father
Toddler Playing With Sunglasses
Toddler Sittiing Beside Her Mom Holding a Toy
Toddler Standing Looking Out Sliding Glass Door
Toddler Sitting Happily in Mom's Lap
Classic New Hampshire Cruise Ship, Mt. Washington
Colorful Fire Hydrant and Matching Fall Foliage
Mother and Child Enjoying a Book Together
Toddler Sitting in Pile of Colorful Blocks
Man Heating Shrink Wrap to Mast in Prep for Winter in Maine...
Fishing Shack in Boothbay Harbor, Maine
Snow Bent Trees Bordering Yard in Maine
Little Girl Tasting Shamrock Cookie
Little Girl Playing With Play Doh
Little Girl Reaching Out to Touch Birch Tree
Little Girl Holding a Large Rock for a Collection
Cat Resting in Front of Woodstove
Family Out for Spring Walk
Cat Warming Herself by Woodstove
Father and Daughter Checking Out Paper Airplane
Woodland Water Pool With Tree Reflections
Boothbay Harbor and Our Lady of Peace Church
Cuckolds Lighthouse at Low Tide
Cuckolds Lighthouse
Snowcovered Branches in Black and White
Snowcovered Back Yard After Winter Storm in Maine, 2009...
Snowcovered Tree Branches
February Maine Snowstorm Reminents
Second Floor Landing at McClellan House
Ornate Stairway in Colonial House
Spindle Railing and Ceiling Detail
Architectural Detail
Yard After Winter Snow Storm
Snowy Winter House
Autumn Oak Leaf in Snowy Branches
House After Heavy Snowfall
Cat Resting in Front of Woodstove
Shopping Cart
Snowcovered Branches
Cat Face Painting
Cat Face Painting
Woman Dog Racing Musher
Young Woman Sculpting in Snow
Little Girl in Snow Shoes
Little Girl in Snow Shoes
Little Girl Running in Snow Shoes
Dog and Child Kissing
Sled Dog
Boy Looking at Fish Tank
Wharf Piling
Camden Public Library and Park in Winter
Portable Solar Charger
View From Damariscotta Parking Lot
Sign on Restaurant in Small Maine Town
Camden Harbor, Maine in Winter, 2009
Camden Harbor in Winter
Camden Harbor in Winter
Schooners Wintering Over in Camden Harbor, Maine
Wintering Schooners in Camden Harbor, Maine, 2009
Skiis Leaning in Supports at Snow Bowl in Camden, Maine...
People Dressed for National Toboggan Championships
Man Dressed for Tobogganing Event in Camden, Maine....
Participants in Winter Event Dressed in Humorous Costume...
Woman Learning to Snowboard
Skiers at Maine Slope Waiting for the Tow
Small Cihld Standing on Ski Slopes Holding Skiis
Welsh Corgi Dog in Winter Walking in Snow
Reinactors' Campsite in Winter
Sign on Front of Restaurant in Maine Community.
Camden Harbor in Winter
Frosty Door
Civil War Memorial
Civil War Memorial
Tobogganers Going Down Toboggan Run
Tobogganers Going Down Toboggan Run
Dad Checking Son in Sled
Confederate Reinactor at Maine Event, Winter, 2009...
Confederate Reinactor in Winter
Twigs in Snow
Fire Escape
Exchange Street in Portland, Maine
Fishing Shack in New Harbor, Maine
Fishing Shack
Cat's Face in Closeup
Cat's Face; Macro of Nose
Small New England Town
Small Girl Sacking Out Watching TV
Solar Charger
Little Girl Snuggling With Her Teddy Bear
Mother and Child Happily Together
Pemaquid LIghhtouse in Winter
Little Girl Decorating Christmas Tree
Man Shoveling Snow in Maine Winter
Pemaquid Hotel
Pemaquid Lighthouse Bell
Cat Watching Animals in Habitrail
Little Girl Playing
Calico Cat Sleeping in Front of Woodstove
Calico Cat
Sunset Over the Sheepscot River,Edgecomb, Maine
Apple IPod Touch and Earphones
Family Computing
Man and Grandchild
Pemaquid LIghthouse and Atlantic Ocean
Winter Shadows
Maine Snowstorm
Small Girl Placing Stickers on 2009 Calendar
Mother and Child Preparing for Christmas
Sunset Over the Sheepscot River,Edgecomb, Maine
Little Girl Playing With 2009 Calendar
Typical New England Architecture
Little Girl Investigating Cookie Tree Ornament
Closeup of Calico Cat's Face
Children Playing With Clay
Sunset Over the Sheepscot River,Edgecomb, Maine
Mother Cutting Sandwich for Little Girl
Little Girl Decorating Christmas Tree
Small Girl With Hamster
Little Girl Petting Hamster
Happy Little Girl
Performance Stage at Merrill Hall in Portland, Maine...
Pemaquid Lighthouse in Black and White
Pemaquid Lighthouse W/ Fence and Bell
Sunset Over the Sheepscot River,Edgecomb, Maine
Winter at Pemaquid Lighthouse, Maine
Child Playing Computer Game
Small Child With Snacks
Pemaquid Lighthouse in Maine
Pemaquid Lighthouse in Black and White
Child and Her Mother Looking at 2009 Calendar
At Home in Maine' Exhibit
Cell Tower
Silly Little Girl
Little Girl Looking at Hamster
Child Opening Gift
Father and Daughter Reading Together
Gifts Under Christmas Tree
Children Sewing
Raffle Jars
Maine Winter Sunset
Calico Cat
Child Gently Petting Hampster
Child With Hamster
Little Girl Laughing
Small Girl Hanging Christmas Ornaments on Tree
Hands Holding a Hamster
Little Girl Blowing Up Whoopie Cushion
Little Girl Sitting on Father's Lap
Little Girl Placing Stickers in New Calendar
Father Dressing Child to Go Outdoors
Little Girl Reading to Her Doll
Hamster in Exercise Ball
Maine State House Dome From the Interior
Resting Cat
Small Girl Opening Candy Cane Card
Superstructure of Maine Bridge
Sunlighted Roadway
Four Year Old Showing a Sore Finger
Snow and Early Morning Sun on a Sub-Zero Maine Winter Day...
Little Girl Drawing
Little Girl Drawing
Little Girl Drawing
Little Girl Reaching for Crayon in Styrofoam Cup
Little Girl Deeply in Thought
Mother Spoon Feeding Daughter
Mother Spoon Feeding Daughter
Mother Spoon Feeding Daughter
Mother and Daughter Coloring
Little Girl Drawing
Small Girl Drawing
Little Girl Coloring
Community Library Crowd on the Day of the Festival of Light...
Adult Carolers Singing at Festival of Lights
Little Girl Munching Holiday Cookie
Little Girl Munching Delicious Holiday Cookie
Little Girl's Feet and Legs As She Stand on Fence
Little Girl Peering From Behind Her Grandfather As Santa Ar...
Community Band in Boothbay Harbor, Maine
Lobster Boat in Boothbay Harbor, Maine
Woman Taking Photograph
Santa and Little Girl
Golden Retriever Pup
Santa's Arrival in Coastal Community in Maine, USA
Little Girl Pointing to Place on Map
Polluted Water
Santa Waving to Crowd
Little Girl Napping in Mother's Arms
Little Girls Gazing at Water
Winter Beach Plums
Lobster Traps Decorated for Christmas
Fishing Nets and Floats
Girl Leaping Through Cross Walk
Small Girl Happily Carrying Her Gingerbread House
Lighted Glass Jar for Sale at Church Fair
Dough Ornaments for Sale at Church Fair
Maine Themed Holiday Tree Topper
Man and His Dog
Bird Christmas Tree Decoration
Christmas Tree Decoration
Dog With Shaved Head
Dog After Brain Surgery
Little Girl Making a Face
Pemaquid LIghthouse and Atlantic Ocean
Marshland Approaching Wiscasset, Maine
Autumn in New England
Small Girl Drinking From Milk Bottle
New England Churchyard in Autumn
Father and Daughter Looking at LCD Photos on SLR Camera...
Little Girl in Dress Up Clothing
Little Girl Dressed up As a Princess Investigating a Flower ...
Little Girl Dressed up As a Princess Feeding Flower Blossom ...
Little Girl Tasting Chocolate Milk From a Bottle
Cute Little Girl Playing With Umbrella
Cute Little Girl Playing With Umbrella
Roadside Ferns, Maine, July, 2008
Sumack Branch With Characteristic Unripe Flower Buds...
Roadside Greenery
Unripe Blackberries on Branch
Mountain Ash Tree W/ Berries
Summer Thistle
Happy Child on Slide at Playground
Man Cleaning Hands of Little Girl
Man Pouring Blueberries Into Containers
Man Kayaking With Child
Woman Lounging on Ledges at Seaside Maine
Christmas Door Sign
Beach Plum on Ground With Shadows
Classic Car Hood
Man Resting With Little Girl
Little Girls With Goat
Stack of Wooden Crates With Common Ground Fair, 2008 Stencil...
Pemaquid Point Lighthouse and Grounds
Man Looking Through Binoculars
Pemaquid LIghthouse and Ocean
Pennsylvania Farm
Dinosaur Exhibit at Carnegie Museum of Natural History...
Stairs and Murals in Main Lobby of Carnegie Museum of Natura...
Grand Stairway in Carnegie Museum of Pittsburgh, PA...
Smithfield Street Bridge in Pittsburgh, PA
Windows at Pemaquid Lighthouse, Pemaquid, Maine
Waterway in Brunswick, Maine
Pitted Plow Used in Spreading Asphalt
Small Pond Covered in Red Maple Leaves in Autumn
Autumn Hosta
Autumn Hosta
Damariscotta River in Fall
New England Autumn
Barrel Cactus
Shakespeare Statue and Cathedral of Learning in Pittsburgh, ...
Pittsburgh and the Smithfield Street Bridge
Pittsburgh Skyline As Seen From Station Square
Face Plates of the Smithfield Street Bridge in Pittsburgh, ...
Dead Ferns
Lone Green Fern Growing in a Bed of Red Autumn Maple Leaves...
Autumn Maple Leaf on Bed of White Pine Needles
Carpet of Autumn Forest Groundcover
Autumn Maple Leaves
Autumn Maple Leaves With Dropped White Pine Needles Resting ...
Fall Foliage on a New York State Farmstead
Autumn Foliage at Saratoga Battlefield Site, New York...
Albany, New York Skyline
New York State Foliage
New England Autumn
New England Architecture in Fall
Damariscotta River in Fall
Inlet in Brunswick, Maine, Autumn, 2008
Maple Leaves Floating on a Dark Background
Damariscotta River in Fall
Orange, Yellow and Green Maple Leaves on Autumn New England...
Smithfield Street Bridge in Pittsburgh, PA
Pittsburgh and the PPG Building As Seen From Station Square...
Buildings As Seen From Sixth Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA...
New Construction in Pittsburgh, PA
Exteriors of the Union Trust and Mellon Bank Buildings in Pi...
Bridge and Reflection on NY River
Tracks in Steel Plaza Subway Station, Pittsburgh, PA...
Industrial Lift
Storefront in Damariscotta, Maine
Gerbera Daisy
Cafe Table
Scrap Metal
Archittecture on Liberty Avenue in Pittsburgh, PA
Coastal Maine Ledges of Pink Color
Blond Boy Throwing Rocks on Maine Coast
Preteen Friends Walking Ledges in Maine
Coastal Cottage, Boothbay, Maine
Morning Glories
Small Child With Goat
Couple Taking a Break at Fair
Late Afternoon on the North Dakota Prairies
Roberto Clemente Bridge, Pittsburgh, PA
Stairway at Fulton Building, Pittsburgh, PA
Young Woman Demonstrating the Use of a Drop Spindle...
Young Woman Spinning With a Drop Spindle
Alpaca at Country Fair
Young Boy Looking at Dream Catchers
Steeler's Colors Hanging in Downtown Pittsburgh
New Building Being Built on Periphery of Market Square, Pitt...
Interior of Nicolas Coffee/Tea Company in Pittsburgh, PA...
Mt. Washington in Pittsburgh, PA
Entry to Heinz Hall in Pittsburgh, PA
Highmark Building in Pittsburgh, PA
Overpass in Pittsburgh, PA
Little Boy Cradling a Pet Duck
Woman on Stilts at Country Fair
Sheep Being Groomed
Subway Train Entering Suburban Station
Woman Spinning Yarn
Miniature Dogs
Subway Entrance in Pittsburgh, PA
William Penn Hotel Lobby in Pittsburgh, PA
Children Working Cooperatively
Wilting Sunflowers
New England Road in Autumn
Pond Fish
Farm Stand in Upstate New York
Old Tractor Under Autumn Tree
Old Tractor Under Autumn Tree
Old Well Pump and Sundial
Autumn Leaves Against Blue Sky
Lobby of the Fulton Building, Pittsburgh, PA
Obama T-Shirt
Alcohol Bottles on Lighted Shelft
Children Dressed in Costumes As They March in a Parade...
Woman Snuggling With Mule
Little Girl's Hand As She Pets Calf at Fair
Little Girl Petting Calf's Nose
Boy With Duck Under His Jacket
Little Girl and Duck
Bagpiper at Fair
Cell Tower
Allegheny River in Pittsburgh, PA With Bridges
Man Working on Subway Train
Pittsburgh, PA Skyline at Convention Center
Father and Sons
Political Decals and Buttons in Box
Solar Powered Concession Stand at Common Ground Fair...
Blue-Eyed Boy
Little Girl Petting Goat
Boy Fishing on Coast of Maine
Approach to Boothbay Harbor, Maine
Pemaquid Lighthouse on Overcast Day
Tomaotoes Displayed for Sale
Rainbow Carrots for Sale at Farmer's Market
Selection of Peppers at Farmer's Market
Voter Registration Table at Farmer's Market
Farmers Replenishing Market Sales From Back of Truck...
Tomato Display at Farmer's Market
Apple Samples at Sales Counter
Organic Blueberry Farm in Maine
Group of Elderly People Picnicing at Pemaquid Point, Lightho...
Blacksmith Shaping Hot Metal
Obama Campaign Sign on Ground
Ram Island Lighthouse
Rescue Crew at Pemaquid Point, Maine
Ledges and Ocean Around Pemaquid Point Lighthouse
Pemaquid Light Grounds
Ledges Around Portland Head Lighthouse
Woman With Digital Camera
Rock at Marshall Point, Maine
Tiger Lily
Woman's Hands As She Weaves a Basket
Elderly Dog Looking Out Truck Window
Pierce Arrow Classic Car
Classic Car Wooden Wheel
Mother and Child Gardening
Young Girl in Newspaper Hat at Common Ground Fair, Unity, M...
Young Oxen
Little Girl Leading Young Goat
Obama Sign on Porch in Maine
Father and Son on Park Bench
People Signing Petition on Market Day in Portland, Maine...
Demonstrators in Portland, Maine
Street Musicians
Street Musicians
Young Man Checking Level on Construction Site
Tourist Trolley in Portland, Maine
Woman Stands in Line at Farmers Market
Marshall Point Lighthouse
IPod Touch Connected to Computer
Woman Drawing in Gallery at Portland Museum of Art, Portland...
Man Looking to Sea Through Binoculars
Artist Working at Pemaquid Point, Maine
Children Playing at Beach
Girls Walking Ledges at Grimes Cove, Maine
Woman Testing Melon for Ripeness at Farmer's Market...
Helm of Friendship Sailing Vessel
Ropes on the Deck of a Square Rigger Sailing Vessel...
Barrels and Barrel Making Materials
Woman Trying on Scalf in Clothing Store
Boothbay Common on Farmer's Market Day
Tourists Exploring Marshall Point Lighthouse
Montana Big Sky Country
Laborer Climbing Down From Schooner Mast
Two Classic Cars Parked by the Ocean in Boothbay Harbor, Mai...
Antique (Classic) Cars
Little Girl Leading a Young Goat
Little Boy Crying in Anger
Meter 'Maid' (Man) Working in Portland, Maine...
Hay Building in Portland, Maine
Rain Pouring Over Edge of Roof in Maine
Approaching Storm, Damariscotta, Maine
Man Looking to Sea Through Binoculars
Little Boy Throwing Rocks
Little Boy Wading at Ocean's Edge
Man Sitting Overlooking Ocean With Dog
Railroad Crossing and Country Road As Seen From Passing Amt...
Marshall Point Lightkeeper's House
Little Girl
Teenagers Looking Up Into Portland Head Lighthouse
Tangle of High Tension Lines
Tourists on Ramp of Marshall Point Lighthouse
Marshall Point Lighthouse, Maine
Ram Island Lighthouse and East Wind Schooner
Ram Island LIghthouse and the East Wind Schooner
Ledges in Front of Pemaquid Lighthouse on a Day With High Su...
Flags Flying at Portland Head Lighthouse
Fence and Binoculars at Pemaquid Lighthouse, Maine...
Little Girl Putting on Her Shoes
Pemaquid LIghthouse As Seen From the Water
Schooner and Square Rigger on Portland, Maine Waterfront...
Young Woman Kayaking at Grimes Cove, Maine
Little Girl Playing Doctor
Coastal Recreation in Maine
Coastal Cottage on Ocean Point, Maine
Wilting Sunflower
Little Girl Playing Her First Miniature Golf Game
Rusting Farm Truck
Blueberry Boxes at Organic Farm
Portland Head Lighthouse
Pemaquid LIghthouse and Ledges, Maine, USA
Fuel Sign
Farmer's Market Display: Honey
South Station Train Station, Boston, MA
South Station in Boston, MA, USA
Bus Station in Boston
South Station in Boston
Snow Cat at Mt. Hood
Chicago Canal From Canal Street
Grain Elevator
Young Woman Applying Make-up
Frigate's Masts and Sails
Cedar Tree
Child Preparing to Slide Head-First
Girl Teeing Off in First Golf Game
Child Swinging Golf Club
Little Girl Cheating at Mini-Golf
Girl Teeing Off in First Golf Game
Balloons Flying By American Flag
Blueberry Farm Barn and Sign
Petals in Close-up
Yarns on Shelves at Halycon Yarn in Bath, Maine
Schooner East Wind Sailing By Ram Island Lighthouse...
Sheepscot River in Wiscasset, Maine
Buildings Around Ram Island Lighthouse
Child Preparing to Tee Off at Mini-Golf Game
Grandfather Helping Toddler Take First Stroke at Mini-Golf ...
Elderly Couple at Grimes Cove, Maine
Mother and Daughter Together in the Morning
Mother and Daughter Together in the Morning
Little Girl Popping Bubble Wrap
Young Woman With Lap Dog
Portland, Maine Waterfront
Organic Maine Blueberries in Containers
Organic Maine Blueberries
Little Girls First Miniature Golf Game
Elderly Couple at Pemaquid Light, Maine
Amtrak Station in Chicago, Illinois
Farm Pond in Late Afternoon Light
Grain Storage Containers on North Dakotan Plains
Little Girl Playing on Slip and Slide
Lovely Blue Skies With Whispy, High Clouds
Man Sitting on Ledge Gazing Out to Sea
Elderly Couple Sitting Together Outdoors
Scuba Divers
Messy Eater: Three Year Old Girl and Ice Cream Sundae...
Little Girl Painting W/ Chocolate Pudding
Little Girl Painting W/ Chocolate Pudding
First Miniature Golf Game
Man Using Computer in Room of Amtrak Train
Children in Viewing Bubble at Aquarium in LL Bean's Store, M...
Man Skipping Rocks at Grimes Cove, Maine
Elderly Woman Taking Photo With Cell Phone
Young Woman Kayaking in Maine
Young Woman Preparing to Go Kayaking in Maine
Young Man Taking Photo With Cell Phone
Small Motor Launch With Bumpers Reflected in Calm Water...
Observation Car on Amtrak Train
Little Girl Spreading Chocolate Pudding on Face
Mother Applying Spray to Child's Face
Woman Preparing Boys for a Bike Ride
Boy Holding Paper Cup
Male Tourist Viewing Through Binoculars
Tourists Sitting on Ledges at Pemaquid Point Lighthouse Site...
South Station, Boston, MA, June, 2008
Little Girl Writing
Street Musicians
Woman Weaving Basket
Little Girl Playing Handheld Game
Father and Daughter Viewing Photographs Together
Beach Roses at Portland Head Lighthouse
Bay Window Looking Out Onto Marshall Point Lighthouse...
Woman Applying Henna Tatto to Small Girl's Arm
Man Instructing Woman About Kayak Use
Woman Shading Cell Phone Screen With Hand
Little Girl Rolling Her Eyes
Man Reading on Amtrak Train
Praire Cultivated Fields
North Dakota's Prairies
Grain Elevators in the Midwest, USA
Deserted Buildings in the American Midwest
Grain Elevator at Trackside in Wolf Point, Montana
Union Station in Portland, Oregon
Union Station in Portland, Oregon
Young Couple Cradling Their Dog As They Cuddle on Couch...
Young Woman and Her Dog Sitting on Chaise Lounge
Golden Retriever
Figs Growing on Tree
Patriotic Wreath
About Face Grandiflora Rose
Sweet Fragrance Grandiflora Rose
Timberline Lodge in Oregon
Young Mother and Small Children Playing in Front of McDonald...
Park Entrance: Glacier National Park at McDonald Lake...
McDonald Lodge at Glacier National Park
Rental Boats at Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park...
Irish Gold Rose
Young Couple Walking Arm in Arm
Woman Photographing Roses
Feu Joseph Looymans Rose and Man Smelling Roses
Man Bending to Smell a Rose
Bravo Rose
Rubaiyat Rose
Glacier National Park Forest Fire Area
Rental Boats at Glacier National Park
School Bus in the Snow, Montana, June, 2008
Fireplace in McDonald Lodge at Glacier National Park...
Stock Photo of Siblings at Visitors' Center, Glacier Nationa...
Stock Photo of Montana Big Sky Country
Stock Photo of Montana Big Sky Country!
Stock Photo, Picture, Image - Strawberry Blossoms and Leaves...
Pink/Yellow Rose
Young Woman Exercising
Parking Garage in Portland, Oregon
Bunchberry Plants
Straw Cowboy Hats on Display
Obama Campaign Worker Selling Obama T-Shirts
Tyrannosaurus Rex Exhibit Toes and Foot
Lewis and Clark Monument
Train Yard in Eastern Montana, USA
Street Juggler at Portland, Oregon's Saturday Market...
Road and Beach Along Oregon Coast Near Pacific City...
Wet and Sandy Golden Retriever
Pacific City Beach
Timberline Lodge, Mt. Hood and Snowcat
Dam and Hydroelectric Lines on Columbia River
Kids Posing Before Their Sand Castle at the Beach
Rushing Spring Waters Through Forest
Rushing Spring Waters Through Forest
Cedar Tree at Water's Edge
Family Posing for Photo Near Lake McDonald at Gla
Lake McDonald, Glacier National Park, Montana, US
Dogs Returning Ball to Woman
Young Father With Daughter in His Arms at the Beach...
Lake McDonald at Glacier National Park, Montana
Trees Bordering Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park...
Birch Trees on Lake McDonald Shore
Surfer Attaching Tether to Surfboard at Beach
Man Holding Obama Poster on the Street
Little Girl Getting Face Painted
Twenty-Something Couple in Deep Discussion on Street...
Young Flatcoated Retriever at the Beach
Two Dogs Frollickiing on the Beach
Young Woman Telecommuting From Home
Young Man Dressing in Wetsuit Before Surfing
Affectionate Young Couple at the Beach
Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park, Montana, USA...
Restaurant Bill and US Currency
Doctor's Tools
Examination Room in Doctor's Office
Missing Dog Sign on Light Pole
Chicago and Sears Tower As Seen From Train
Waiting Room and Entry Stairs to Union Station, Chicago...
Waiting Area of Union Station in Chicago, June, 2008...
Waiting Area in Union Station Train Station, Chicago, Illino...
Man Making Vending Machine Selection
Man's Hands Holding Change
Dam and Hydroelectric Lines on Columbia River
Oil Drilling Rig in North Dakota, USA
Gentleman With Wrinkled Brow
Father Teaching Sons to Skip Rocks
Bear Grass Bud
Kayaker on Lake McDonald
Vandalized Bicycle on a Street in Chicago
Two Medicine Lake and Environs, USA
Wildflower: Butter and Eggs
Dead Tree in Freak Snowstorm, Montana, June 10, 2008...
Snowcovered Needles of Pondarosa Pine Tree
Clean Laundry Hanging on Clothesline
Wireless Computing Area at Albany Amtrak Station
Farm With Red Barn and Two Silos
Man Purchasing Train Ticket at Amtrak Kiosk
Man Checking Out Schedule Board
Train Boarding Area at Union Station, Chicago, US
Man Reading Newspaper on Amtrak Train
Amtrak Train Leaving Union Station, Chicago, Illi
Route Through Blackfeet Reservation Near Glacier National P...
Spring Flower Blossoms Under Snow
Ponderosa Pine Tree in Freak Snowstorm in June, Mont...
Stock Photo of Freak June Snowstorm in Montana, 2008...
Deep, Dark Wood at Glacier National Park, Montana
Stock Photo of Pink Crabapple Tree
Cottages in Bayside, Maine, Summer Colony
Spring Magnolia Gone By
Spring Magnolia Blossom
Woman and Her Dog on Mt. Battie, Maine
Civil War Statue in Camden, Maine
New England Sidewalk With Fence and Stonewall
Spring Pollen in Water
Construction Equipment
Maine Summer Colony
Playground Equipment
Cyclamen Blossom Closeup
Autumn Tree in Scheneley Park, Pittsburgh, PA
Old Hotel in Bayside, Maine, May 2008
Spring Birdwatchers
Little Girls Feeding Seagulls
Masts of Schooner Being Rigged
Young Teens Hanging Out on Camden, Maine Waterfront...
Laborer Climbing Down From Schooner Mast
Interstate 295 in Maine on Memorial Day Weekend, 2
Gasoline Price Sign
Gas Prices on Memorial Day Weekend, 2008
Interstate 295 in Maine on Memorial Day Weekend, 2
Male Mallard Duck Grooming
Red Tulips Through Deck Railing
Maine Summer Colony, Bayside, Maine, 2008
Gasoline Price Sign and Bike Rider
Penobscot Bay From Mt. Battie, Camden, Maine 2008
Penobscot Bay From Mt. Battie, Camden, Maine 2008
Old Magnolia Blossom
Old Magnolia Blossom
Outdoor Family Furniture
Spring Pond Lily in Reflection
Public Viewing Area on Top of Mt. Battie, Maine
Couple Reading Display Board on Top of Mt. Battie
View From Mt. Battie in Camden, Maine
Cottages in Maine Summer Colony
New England Spring Neighborhood
Spring Tulip Through Fence
Red Tulip
Small Ladys' Room
Front Yard Tulip Garden Through Wrought Iron Rail
Barn Side in Black and White
Vermont Barn
Bethany Church in Montepelier, Vermont
Vermont Farm Daffodil Garden
Little Girl in White Mountains National Forest, NH...
Little Girl Climbing Up Onto Ledges
Little Girl Pushing Hat Away
Man Sitting By Swift River
Swift River in New Hampshire
Wetland Near Fryeburg, Maine
Forsythia Sprig
Cyclamen Blossom
Spring Wild Strawberry Blossoms
Bumblebee Flying Around Spring Azaleas
Alpaca Face
Ladys' Room Washbasins
Vermont Country Road in Spring
Montepelier City Hall
Vermont Red Barn
Interior of Old Cow Barn in Adamant, Vermont
Little Girl Jumping Over Sidewalk Cracks
Little Girl Stooping to Pick a Dandelion
People Exploring the Swift River
Optical Scanner Machine
Optical Scanner Machine
Man Standing at Voting Booth
Man Voting at Polling Place
Ladys' Room Washbasins
Vermont Farm Pond and Backyard Garden
Milk Can and Bicycle
Little Girl Placing Apple Blossoms Into the Ground
Wiscasset Clocktower
Child Playing Ball
Small Girl Holding Colorful Ball
Toddler Behind Safety Bars on Slide
Child Writing on Pavement With Chalk
Young Man Skateboarding
Water Cannon
Spring Sand Play
Stock Photo of Little Girl Playing Ball
Little Girl Playing Ball
Child Playing With Stick at Beach
Spring at the Beach
Man Stacking Wood
Spring Beach Play
Tourist Crowd in Boothbay Harbor, Maine
Traffic Control Officer at Public Event
Large Chalk Drawing on Pavement
Toddler Riding Rocking Toy at Playground
Toddler Sliding on Playground.
Young Couple at the Beach
Affectionate Alpaca
Sand Letters, B.E.A.C.H.
Little Girl Walking Balance Beam
Little Girl Throwing Ball
Little Girl Playing Ball
Little Girl With Messy Chocolate Face
Little Girl With Messy Chocolate Face
Sailboat Weathervane
WeatherVane Direction Indicators
WeatherVane Direction Indicators
Bridge Academy
Crocus Garden
Spring Crocuses
Fence Shadows
Spring Cut Flowers (Grape Hyacinth & Tulips)...
Grape Hyacinth and Tulips
Tiger Lily
Stock Photo of Common Garter Snake
Girl Losing Her Balance
Stock Photo of Mother and Daughter at the Beach
Stock Photo, Picture, Image - Little Girl Trying to Stand on...
Stock Photo of Little Girl Dusting Dirt From Knee
Summer Straw Hat
Solar Energy Generation Display
Spring Beach Play
Big Surf
Energy Efficient Vehicle
Washed Up
Dusting Off Beach Sand
Woman Washing Car
Woman Greeting Puppy at Beach
Couple Sunning at the Beach
Woman Washing Car
Girl Singing With Her Improvised Drum and Sticks
Little Girl Playing Hokey Pockey
Concept: I Owe You
Mackerel Cove Fishing Shack
Mackerel Cove Fishing Shack
Fishing Dory
Mackerel Cove
Tire Swing
Cribstone Bridge
Street Dancer
Water Taxi Stand Reflected in Portland Harbor, Maine...
Lines From a Local Poetess
Camden Public Library's Reading Room
Camden Public Library, Camden, Maine
Woman Milking a Goat
Chickens Feeding
Little Girl Placing Egg Into Spoon for Dying
Easter Egg Dying
Outlet Shops In Freeport, Maine
Dories in Mackerel Cove
Decorative Ceiling in Library Building
Wood Specimens After Carpenter Ant Infestation
Old Fashioned Tire Swing
Girl With Goat in Her Arms
Mackerel Cove Fishing Shack
Mackerel Cove Fishing Shack
Mother and Child Dying Eggs
Mother and Child Dying Eggs
Little Girl Holding Baby Chick
New England Architecture
Bridge Academy Building/Library
Muslim Woman and Art Display
Splitting Wood
Splitting Wood
Birch Downing
Giant Barber Pole
Emergency Telephones
Fireman's Boots
Firefighters Gear
Winter Boat
Fisherman's Work Glove
Fishing Nets
Motorcycle Parking Sign
Camden Harbor and Hills
River Patriotism
Wiintering Schooner Fleet
Patriotic Take-Out Stand
Long, Hard Winter
New England Church Steeple at Intersection
Firefighter's Helmet
Firefighters Gear
Church Curved Stairway
New England Church Window
Stock Photo, Picture, Image - Chapel
Hymnals and Bibles
Church Stained Glass Window and Stairway
Church Stained Glass Window and Stairway
Church Lantern
Classic New England Church
Catching the Bus
Tree Rings
Stock Photo, Picture, Image - Colonial Home
Signs of Spring in Maine
New England Church
Old Bell Tower
Damariscotta Baptist Church
Stock Ticker
Weathered New England Steeple
Steeple Dislocation
Street Musicians
Shopping Cart Come On
Palm Reader
Didgery Do Player
Beach Recreation
Beach Recreation
Thanksgiving Birds
Watering Cans
Farmyard Toy
Playing Out of Doors
Cotton Candy
US Grant Sculpture
Touchpad and Hand
Oyster Shucker
Fall Maple
Doll Play
US Grant Sculpture
Lobster Kong
Long Wharf Boats
Sagadahoc County Court Building
Man and His Cat
Lodge Poles
Maine Lobster Traps
New England Snowstorm
Summer Hat Snagged By Winter
Salted Sidewalk
Child Assembling Floor Puzzle
Pemaquid Light Repair
Concrete Textures
Dressup Play
Toys on Wooden Floor
Laundry Day
Laundry Day
Child Assembling Floor Puzzle
Jumping in Leaves
Ram Island Skiff
Seeing Eye Dog
Snuggling Donkey
Pet Donkey
Hog at Rest
Beach Plum
Girl's Best Friend
Work Horses Pull Wagon
Draft Horses Pull Wagon at Fair
Atlantic Ocean
Heeling Sailiing Vessel
Handmade Wooden Ladders
Giving Directions
Windmill Blades
Farm Boots
Winter in Maine
Winter Snow in Purple Color Cast
Winter Snow After a Storm
Stonewall Under Snow
Snow Crabs
Spring Ice
Freezing Point
Sebago Lake Ice Fishing
Footprints in Snow/Ice
Ice Fishing Equipment
Winter Westie
Hold On!
Fall Yard Work in Black & White
Fall Yard Work
Tax Forms
Tax Forms
Tax Forms
Girl's Best Friend
Hospital Signs
Jumping in Leaves
Jumping in Leaves
Yard Work
Wasp's Paper Nest
Wasp's Paper Nest
Toddler Writing With Inkpen
Autumn on Sawyer Pond
Waterfront Reflections, Boothbay Harbor, Maine
Crumby Girl
Closeup of Little Girl With Crumbs
Sidewalk Plow
Sunrise Over the Sheepscot River, Wiscasset, Maine, 2007...
Sunrise Over the Sheepscot River, Wiscasset, Maine, 2007...
Autumn Marshland
Church Steeple Clockworks
Fishermen's Cove
Gears and Wheels From Church Clock
Reclline for Free!
Sunrise Over Sheepscot River, Wiscasset, Maine, USA...
Fall Oak Leaf
Toddle Napping With Pacifier in Mouth
Peaceful Toddler Napping
Gears and Wheels From Church Clock
StockGears and Wheels From Church Clock
Stock Photo, Picture, Image - Gears and Wheels From Church C...
Church Steeple Clockworks
Composite of Church Steeple's Clockworks
Composite of Church Steeple's Clockworks
Toddler Girl in Halloween Costume
Toddler Girl in Halloween Costume
Autumn on Sawyer Pond
Boothbay Harbor, Maine, USA, Waterfront
Red Canoe Under Apple Tree
Carved Halloween Jack-O-Lanterns
Wiscasset From North Shore of Sheepscot River
Toddler in Halloween Costume
Autumn Reflections
Colorful Foliage Surrounds a Small Inlet in Maine, USA, 2007...
Autumn in Maine
Autumn Foliage
Patriotism on Five Islands!!
Lobsterman's Catch on Dock
Lobstermen at Dock at Five Islands
Beached Boat at Fishing Village
Surfers Head for the Waves; Beach Stretches Out in Front of ...
Northern Swamp
Dead Trees in Northern Swamp
Autumn in Maine
Tangle of Tree Roots W/ Fall Reflections
Village Green, Bath, Maine, USA
Bath Waterfront Park
Fall Foliage Around Old Customs House
New England Porch in Autumn
New England Church Amid Fall Foliage
New England Autumn
Stock Photo, Picture, Image - New England Church Steeple Sur...
Fall Reflections
Birch Trunk Surrounded by Reds and Yellow of Fall Maple...
Autumn Colors of Birch and Maple
Sailboat W/ Jib Up
Autumn in Maine
Autumn in Maine
Autumn Boathouse Reflected With Colorful Trees in River...
Fog on the Damariscotta River, Maine
Fog on the Damariscotta
New England Autumn Foliage
New England Autumn Foliage
Toddler Reading W/ Grandfather
Little Girl Looking At Cows From Behind Fence
Camden Harbor, Maine, Boathouses
Woman Feeding Ducks
Mallards Being Fed
Child Feeding Ducks
Little Boy Feeding Mallard Duck
Girl Feeding Mallard Ducks
Parked Motorcycles
Crosswalk to Lovely Fall Foliage
Passenger Train at Railroad Crossing
Morning Calm in Maine
Autumn Reflections
Pond Reeds & Reflections
Spider's Web on Queen Anne's Lace
Marshland in Early Morning Light
Herring School Swimming in Shallow Water
School of Herring Filtered
Pemaquid Lighthouse Bell House, 2007
Pemaquid Lighthouse, Pemaquid, Maine, 2007
Pemaquid Lighthouse, Pemaquid, Maine, 2007
Grounds of Pemaquid Lighthouse From Lightroom
Lighthouse View From Light Room
Lighthouse Tower Interior
Mane of Donkey
Donkey's Mane
Alpaca Nibbling on Hay
Young Woman Sitting Reading Newspaper
Mother and Little Girl Greeting Geese
Little Girl Spinning Composter at Fair
Political Bumper Sticker
Elderly Woman Giving Directions
Blacksmith Working Hot Metal
Spinning Wheel
Native American Basket
Timber Peg Construction
Stonecutter Weilding Chisel and Mallet
Stonecutter At Work
Sheep Dog Herding Sheep
Fair-Goers Inspecting Fiber Barn at Country Fair
Woman Knitting Sitting Outdoors
Little Girl Petting Donkey
Sleeping Hogs
Farmstand Scale
Farmstand With Straw Hat and Scales
Stock Photo, Picture, Image - Carrots
Creeping Ivy on Brick Wall
Young Man Working on Laptop at Coffee Shop
Monarch Butterfly
Tall Grass Waves W/ Soft Cove Background
Carnival Cruise Ship Towers Over City Street, Portland, Main...
Rippled Water and Tree Reflections
Backlighted Spinach
American Legion Flag Grave Marker
Pub in Damariscotta, Maine
Cruise Ship in Port
Toddler Chasing Duck
Horse's Nose with Hand Approaching to Pet
Flag Reflection
Dog Walkers
Little Girl Feeding Ducks
Little Girl Feeding Ducks
Little Girl Feeding Ducks
Old Fashioned Wooden Screened Door
Yacht - Communication Equipment in Black & White
Yacht - Communication Equipment
Schooner in Camden Harbor, Maine
Little Girl Being Kissed By Dog
Camden Harbor, Maine, 2007
Monarch Butterfly
East Boothbay, Maine
Car Carrying Kayaks
Artist At Work
Monarch Butterfly
Sailboat in Grimes Cove, Ocean Point, Maine, U
Passive Solar - Roof Water Heater
Stock Photo, Picture, Image - Tractor Wheel Tread
Tractor Wheel Tread
Tractor Wheel Tread
Farm Boots
Pumpkin Patch
Pumpkin Patch
Pie Case With Universal 'NO' Symbol
Pumpkin Blossoms
Old Fashioned Horsedrawn Plow
Onions Growing in Garden
Toddler Standing on Toes of Adult
Tendrils on Vining Plant
Ears of Corn on Stalk
Pole Tent for Beans
Tractor Stored in Barn
Motorboat on the Penobscot River
Toddler Eating Popsicle
Toddler Savoring Popsicle
Toddler Eating Popsicle
Child Petting Shark
Child Petting Shark
Red Anemone & Sponge
Fish: Alewive
Blue Lobster
Striped Bass
Messy Toddler Eating Yogurt From Spoon
Messy Toddler Eating Yogurt From Spoon
Black Lab Barking
Toddler Sitting in Toy Pile
Toddler at Beach
Door to Nowhere and No Symbol
Coastal Cottage Flag
Girl Jumping Into Water W/ No Symbol Superimposed
Pond Vegetation
Japanese Maple in Fall Color
Spinach Stems
Stock Photo, Picture, Image - Sunflowers
Butterfly on Flower
High School Soccer Practice
Sailboats Sailing Outside Boothbay Harbor, Maine, Summer, 20...
Playground Shovel
Playground Equipment in Black and White
Sailboat in Boothbay Harbor Waters
Island Home
Summer Girl
Sloop's Stern
Man Sitting Quietly Thinking
Family Seakayaking
Dahlia With Water Reflection
Flower Filtered in Poster Edges
Boothbay Harbor, Maine, Fall, 2007
Composite of Door to Nowhere W/ Dead End Sign Warning...
Stock Photo, Picture, Image - New White Hydrangea Blossoms...
Stock Photo, Picture, Image - New White Hydrangea Blossoms...
Summer Passes
Window Frame With Flowers Surrounding It
Coastal Display
Beach House
White Hydrangea
Full Moon Through Trees
Flower Boxes in Window Frame
Intergenerational Gardeners
Intergenerational Gardeners
Sailfish Sailboat
Sailfish Sailboat
Broken Umbrella
People Investigating Tidal Pool
People Investigating Tidal Pool
Surfer Girl in Dry Dock
Sandy Toddler Toes
Seaside Couple
Docked Liberty Ship - S.S. John W. Brown
Liberty Ship Sick Bay
Liberty Ship Troop Bunks
Liberty Ship Officers Quarters
Mops Resting on Bulkhead of Ship
Liberty Ship Cannon Shells
Gun Mount on WWII Era Liberty Ship
Liberty Ship Cannon
Couple Takes Photo at Liberty Ship
Roofline of St. Johnsbury, Vermont Library/Athenium...
Sign Designating Wheelchair Ramp
St. Johnsbury, Vermont Library
Doggie Toothbrushing
Dome of Vermont State House
Vermont State House, 2007
Young Girl Reading in Tree
White Birches Photographed From Base of Trees
Cutout of Face of Thomas the Tank Engine
Boothbay Harbor Sunset
Boothbay Harbor Sunset
Oyster Shucker in Tropical Shirt
Quiet Stream
Passenger Jetliner Flying Through Blue Skies
Pemaquid Lighthouse Closeup
Pemaquid Lighthouse Reflection
Glacier National Park, McDonald Creek Beside Going to Sun Ro...
Summer Marshgrass and Trees
Shorebird, Killdeer Killdeer (Charadrius Vociferus)...
Flag Raising
Mayflies in Spider's Web
Wharf Dining - Wiscasset, Maine, USA
Wharf Dining - Wiscasset, Maine, USA
Waterfront Take-Out, Wiscasset, Maine, USA
Wiscasset, Maine, Waterfront From Bridge
Wiscasset, Maine, Waterfront From Bridge
Man Talking With His Hands
A Toddler Eating a Giant Strawberry
Thomas the Tank Engine's Face
Child Plants Kiss on Percy's Face
Child Reaches for Percy
Composite of Thomas the Tank Engine
Thomas the Tank Engine
Topham Hatt of Thomas the Train Fame
Toddler on Slide; in Dress
Tourist Photographing McDonald Stream
Lodge Poles
Glacier National Park Red Tour Buses
Glacier National Park Red Tour Buses
Lake McDonald, Glacier National Park
High Plains, Montana
Scarlet Paintbrush: Castilleja Coccinea
Road Through National Bison Range
Antlers: Filtered and Desaturated
Canoes Stored Under a Maple Tree
Grain Elevators
Gable End of Brick House
Flathead Lake in Montana
Mission Mountains, Montana, USA
Farm Machinery Pulling Plow in Bare Field
Grain Elevator in the Midwestern USA
Smokestack W/ Billowing Pollution
Boothbay's Miss Piggy
Piggy Mailbox Decor
Pastel Peach-Colored Lily
Toddler Making Bubbles With Bubble Wand
Colorful Playground
Mother and Toddler Swinging
Toddler Riding Playground Quad
Toddler Climbing at Playground
Toddler Drinking Water on Hot, Humid Day
Toddler Playing at Playground
Toddler Playing at Playground
Toddler Playing at Playground
Toddler Eating Ice Dripping Cream Cone
Grandfather Helping Toddler on Playground Equipment...
Toddler Playing on Playground
Toddler Eating Ice Cream Cone
Toddler Eating Ice Cream Cone
Toddler Eating Ice Cream Cone
Toddler Eating Ice Cream Cone
Toddler Eating Ice Cream Cone
Toddler Eating Ice Cream Cone
=Toddler Eating Ice Cream Cone
Toddler Eating Messy Ice Cream Cone
Toddler With Shoes on Wrong Feet
Toddler Wading in Ocean
Mother and Toddler Frollicking in the Ocean
Mother and Toddler Frollicking in the Ocean
Two Dogs Playing at the Beach
Green Crab: Carcinus Maenas
Green Crab: Carcinus Maenas
Little Girl Checking Out Crab at Beach
Children Playing in Sand at Beach
Reproduction of Edward Curtis Photo "Kwakiutl"...
Beehive Pizza Oven
Portland Head Lighthouse Perspective
Portland Head Lighthouse
Sailboats Racing Across Boothbay Harbor, 2007
Reproduction of Edward Curtis Photo Entitled "Out of th...
Reproduction of Edward Curtis Photo Entitled "A Point o...
Reproduction of Edward Curtis Photo of Navaho Indian Entitle...
Reproduction of Edward Curtis Photo Entitled "Canyon De...
Reproduction of Edward Curtis Photo Entitled "Vanishing...
Reproduction of Edward Curtis Photo Entitled "Washo Bas...
Reproduction of Edward Curtis Photo Entitled "Chaiwa - ...
Reproduction of Edward Curtis Photo Entitled "Bull Chie...
Reproduction of Edward Curtis Photo Entitled "Planning ...
Reproduction of Edward Curtis Photo of "High Hawk"...
Edward Curtis Photo of "Oasis in the Bad Lands"...
Edward Curtis Image of Sioux Chiefs
Bay Lady, Friendship Sloop
Portland Head Lighthouse
Portland Head Lighthouse W/ Flowers in Foreground
Portland Head Lighthouse
Seakayaks on Dock in Maine
Burnt Island Lighthouse Keeper's House Interior: Kitchen...
Interior of Burnt Island Keeper's House: Diningroom...
Interior of Burnt Island Keeper's House: Office
Man Relaxing in Front of Burnt Island Lighthouse
Boothbay Harbor and Tiger Lilies From Burnt Island
Burnt Island Lighthouse With Tiger Lily Garden
Burnt Island Lighthouse and Fog Bell
Boothbay Harbor View From Burnt Island, Maine
Actor Playing Lighthouse Keeper at Burnt Island, Boothbay Ha...
Actor Playing Lighthouse Keeper at Burnt Island, Boothbay Ha...
Boothbay Harbor View From Burnt Island, Maine
Burnt Island Lighthouse Keeper's House
Milk Thistle Plant
Housewife in Her Kitchen: Vintage 1950
Housewife in Fifties Dress on Laundry Day
Lobsterboat Leaving Harbor in Fog
Schooner Sailing Out of Boothbay Harbor, Maine in the Fog...
Lightkeeper at Burnt Island Lighthouse, Boothbay, Maine, 200...
Toddler Checking Bank Book
Pemaquid Lighthouse Under Scaffolding
Pemaquid Lighthouse Under Scaffolding
Pemaquid Lighthouse Under Scaffolding
Pemaquid Lighthouse
Pemaquid Lighthouse W/ Flowers in Foreground
Pemaquid Lighthouse, Maine
Pemaquid Lighthouse Under Scaffolding in Black and White...
Pemaquid Lighthouse Under Scaffolding
Teens Taking the Plunge
Teens Taking the Plunge
Soldier Course Brickwork
Seakayaking Couple
Seakayaking Couple
Stock Photo of Stylized Waterfront W/ Boats
Toddler Snacking
Spinner Spinning Yarn on Spinning Wheel
Mother and Daughter
Toddler W/ Fancy Pen
Children Wading Toward Island in Maine
Toddler and Her Mother Digging Hole at the Beach
Building Sand Castles
Toddler at Beach With Attitude
Toddler Playing at Beach
Pudgy Toddler Hands and Legs
Mother Dressing Squirming Toddler
Toddler Snacking
Tyrannesaurus Rex
Prehistoric World
Phytoplankton in Australia
Earth From Space on White Background (NASA)...
Stock Photo of Tyranessaurus Cutout
Tyranessaurus Cutout
Tyrannesaurus Rex
Tyrannesaurus Rex
Tyranessaurus in Space
Lodge Poles
Lake McDonald, Montana, USA
Lake McDonald, Montana, USA
Toddler Coloring
Cutout of Toddler Playing W/ Blocks
Whitewater Rafting Vehicle
Bundle of African Baskets
Tyrannesaurus Rex Skeleton Cutout
Boys Skipping Rocks
Going to the Sun Road
Stock Photo of Western Wildflower: Scarlet Paintbrush (C...
Locoweed (Oxytropis)
Male Buffalo
Bison on National Bison Range
American Bison
St. Ignatius Church
Aspen Tree
Boating on the Flathead
Mission Mountain Range
Automatic Hand Drier
Mother Lifting Toddler From Highchair
Child Buckling Seat Belt
Classic New England Mansion
Dramatic Cloud Formations
Dynamo Powered Radio, Flashlight, Cell Phone Charger...
Dynamo Powered Radio, Flashlight, Cell Phone Charger...
Dynamo Powered Radio, Flashlight, Cell Phone Charger...
Dynamo Powered Radio, Flashlight, Cell Phone Charger...
Corridor of Sleeper Car on Passenger Train
Running Mennonite Boy
Grain Elevator
Tourists at Glacier National Park
Two Young Women Trying on Hats
Sunset on the LaCrosse River
Amtrak Passenger Train in Station
Hot and Cold Ceramic Faucets
Itchy Golden Retriever; Scratching Ear
Stock Photo of Tyrannesaurus Cutout
Wet Retriever
Stock Photo of Hydrangea Blossoms
Chinese Dragon Face on White Background
Wrong Side of the Tracks
Warehouse Wall and Window in Black and White
African Baskets
Kids and Razor Scooters
Street Fair Reflections
Log Cabin, Montana, USA
Warehouse Wall and Window
Going to the Sun Road, Glacier National Park
Stock Photo of Boating, Apgar, Glacier National Park...
Stock Photo of Hanging Geranium
Lake Bottom W/ Dancing Light
Two Fisherpeople at McDonald Lake
Scenic View of McDonald Lake and Mountains
Flathead River, Montana
White Lady Slippers Growing in the Rocky Mountain Forests of...
Paper Lanterns With Native American Motifs From McDonald Lod...
Forest Fire Site
Stock Photo of Forest Fire Site
Stock Photo of Lake St. Mary's at Glacier National Park...
Oil Refinery
Standing Water on Plains in North Dakota
Bridge Construction Site in Milwaukee
Chicago Downtown at Noon
Canal and Barges in Downtown Chicago
Commuter Platform in Suburbs of Boston
Lone Sailboat
Nautical Roman Numerals
Rusty Anchor
Shipyard Boat Launching Rails
Young Rollerblader
Park Bench Picnic
Lobsterfisherman's Spring Yard
Lobsterfisherman's Spring Yard
Lobsterfisherman's Spring Yard
Maine Honey Sales
Tourist Watching Surf
Bell House, Pemaquid Light, Maine
Pemaquid Lighthouse
Pemaquid Lighthouse, Maine
Pemaquid Lighthouse, Maine
Pemaquid Lighthouse, Maine
Pemaquid Lighthouse, Maine
Pemaquid Lighthouse, Maine
Pemaquid Lighthouse, Maine
Artists at Pemaquid Light
Birch Tree Trunk
Birch Tree Trunk
Coastal Window
Poppy Blossoms and Bud
Fantasy Graduate
Fantasy Graduate
The Bottle Collector
Weightlifting in Black & White
Weightlifting in Black & White
Downtown Portland, Maine, 2007
City Residence: Windows
The Kitchen Restaurant in Portland, Maine
Weaving Collage
Woman Removing Weaving From Loom
People Standing at Ticket Counter in Bus Station
Free Wi-Fi Sign
Another Memorial Day Forgotten
Woman Weaving on Loom
Woman Weaving on Loom
Woman Weaving on Loom
Woman Weaving on Loom
Woman Weaving on Loom
Woman Weaving on Loom
Wild Pink Ladyslippers
Northern Light
Coastal Cottage and Passage
Broken, Downed Tree
Boat Launching
Spring Trees and Pond Reflections
Sky Reflections and Reeds in Pond Water
Ropes Tagged for Square Rigger
Boothbay Harbor Shipyard
Marine Color Guard
Color Guard Salute
Memorial Day Parade
In Your Face Defiance
Patriotic Boy
Veterans in Memorial Day Parade
Memorial Day Ceremonies
Memorial Day Parade, 2007
Veterans Marching in Memorial Day Parade
Memorial Day Parade, Elderly Drummer
Musician Marching in Parade
Memorial Day Marine Color Guard
A Conversation
Spring Countryside
Memorial Day Porky Pignatious Sailor
Memorial Day Porky Pignatious Sailor
Steam Engine
Steam Engine
Steam Engine
Steam Engine
Sping Tulips
Spring Garden and Phone Booth
Chipmunk Peeking From Hole in Tree
Morning Dew on Lady's Mantle Greenery
Cycle Rider
Memorial Day
Memorial Day, 2007
Brown's Wharf Fisherman Statue
Banners at Brown's Wharf, Boothbay Harbor, Maine
Nautical Flags
Bowsprit Sculpture
Tugboat Inn, Boothbay Harbor, Maine
Rigging and Bowsprit
Rigging and Bowsprit
Rigging and Bowsprit
Rigging and Bowsprit
New England Neighborhood
Biker Holding Helmet
Red Motorcycle
Dinghies on Wharf With Reflections
Spool of Bright Yellow Yarn
Spools of Yarn in Gradation of Color
Dog Sleeping With His Toy
Man's Hands Gesturing
Folded Man's Hands
Making a Point
Tulip on White Background
Drooping Tulip
Spring Oak Leaves and Catkins
Orange Dahlia Blossom
Magnolia Blossom Losing Petals; Afloat on Reflective Water...
Magnolia Blossom Losing Petals (Magnoliaceae)...
Baltimore Oriole
Copper Chandelier in Black and White
Copper Chandelier
Lithgow Library Reading Room in Augusta, Maine
Episcopal Church in Augusta, Maine
Filtered Church Door and Side Window
Desaturated Side View of Episcopal Church
Church Doorway
Red Door at Episcopal Church
Downtown Shops, Kennebunkport, Maine, 2007
Opened Travel Guide and Road Map
Young Girl Sculpture
Market Baskets Filled With Pansies
Pink Begonia Blossoms
Gerbera Daisies Reflected in Water
Antique Blue Cobalt Enamel Coffeepot
Gerbera Daisy on Green Background
Gerbera Daisy Blossoms on White Background
Grandmother and Grandchild Filtered
Nineteen Fifties Icons
Nineteen Fifties Icons
Antique American Indian Stein
American Flags: 48 States
Undertaker's Wicker Basket
Old Fashioned Washboard
Beach Trash
Storm Fence and Beach Erosion
Beach Erosion at Plum Island
African American Doll
Old African American Fabric Doll
Byfield Parish Church
Byfield Parish Church
Young Girl Sculpture
Potted Plant Display
Market Display of Geraniums
Coffee Klatch
Elderly Woman Drinking Coffee
Crying Woman
Frightened Elderly Woman
Surprised Elderly Woman
Elderly Woman Scratching Head in Puzzlement
Quiet Gesture
Expression for "Letting the Cat Out of the Bag"...
=Peace Sign
The Many Faces of Middle Age
Portland Head Lighthouse
Portland Head Lighthouse
Lighthouse Museum
Fog Bell at Portland Head Lighthouse
Container Ship
News Photo From 1886 Shipwreck
Handpainted Sign in Front of Portland Head Light
Stonework on Portland Head Lighthouse
Portland Head Lighthouse
Portland Head Lighthouse
Portland Head Lighthouse
Portland Head Lighthouse
Community Clock at Tontine Mall in Brunswick, Maine...
Evening New England Silhouettes
New England Architecture
Androscoggin Riverfront in Brunswick, Maine, USA
SeaDog Brewery Restaurant in Old Textile Mill
Androscoggin Riverfront in Brunswick, Maine, USA
Old Textile Mill, River and Bridge, Brunswick, Maine...
Architectural Details
Church Birdhouse
Nichols-Sortwell House in Wiscasset, Maine
Federalist Style New England Mansion
Federalist Style New England Mansion
Old Maine One Room School House
Old Maine One Room School House
Old Fashioned Grocer's Store
Church Steeples
Small Town America
New England Village Street
Portland Head Lighthouse Collage
Portland Head Lighthouse Collage
Flooded Snowman
Potter's Wheel & Potter's Hands at Work
Fort Andros Mill, Brunswick, Maine, USA
Old New England Textile Mill Interior
Sunlight Through Windows
Sunlight Through Windows
Fort Andros Mill, Brunswick, Maine, USA
Fort Andros Mills
Spring River Turbulence
Spring Run-off
Covered Bridge
Young Skater in Safety Gear
Young Man Juggling at Earth Day Celebration
Cozy Home
Fort Andros Mill, Brunswick, Maine, USA
Covered Bridge
Skater in Safety Gear
Juggler Tossing Balls
Man Repelling
Young Juggler
Silver Cascade Falls, New Hampshire
Mt. Washington Hotel
White Mountains of New Hampshire
White Mountains of New Hampshire
Mt. Washington Hotel
View From Top of White Mountains in New Hampshire
Swift River, New Hampshire, USA
Covered Bridge
Covered Bridge
Covered Bridge
Swift River, NH, USA
Covered Bridge
Street Musician
Red Fire Engine
Teenage Skateboarder
Street Fair
Mother and Child Dancing
Superman in Tree
Storm Damage
Tree and Wires Downed by Storm
Waterfront Storm Damage, Boothbay Harbor, Maine
Storm on Maine Coast
Cat's Tongue
Chair Backs in Black and White
Chair Backs in Black and White
Interior Rafters of Timber Peg Construction
Maine Maritime Museum Bank Display
Central Hallway of Maine Maritime Museum
River Window
Old Customs House, Bath, Maine, USA 2007
Bath, Maine City Hall in Winter
Federalist Period House in Bath, Maine
Fort Andros in Brunswick, Maine
Reading By Book Light
Bows of Beached Dory Boats
Beached Dories
Weathered Dinghy
Salty Dogs
Marshall Point Lighthouse Grounds
Walking, Talking Duck
Boothbay Harbor Waterfront
Boothbay Harbor Waterfront W/ Reflections
Boothbay Harbor Waterfront
Lobstermen Salting Bait
Lobster Buoys Under Wharf
Fishing Paraphenalia in Port Clyde, Maine
Port Clyde, Maine
Fishing Shack at Port Clyde, Maine
Marshall Point Lighthouse
Rock Patterns
Rock Patterns
Shore Rocks
Bait Being Processed
Marshall Point Lighthouse
Lobster Boat
Men Cutting a Tree
Bufflehead Duck Landing in Water
Our Lady of Peace
Intermission at Merrill Hall, Portland, Maine, USA
Swiss Time Store, Portland, Maine, 2007
Loon Cleaning Food
Juvenile Common Loon
Bristol Swing Bridge
Stock Photo of Dumptruck Dropping Gravel
Boothbay Harbor Waterfront, 2007
Spring Apple Orchard
Pemaquid Lighthouse
Composite of Pemaquid Lighthouse, Pemaquid, Maine, USA, 2007...
Pemaquid Lighthouse
Pemaquid Lighthouse
Pemaquid Lighthouse
Pemaquid Lighthouse
Pemaquid Lighthouse
Maine's Rocky Coast
Pemaquid Lighthouse
Pemaquid Lighthouse
Pemaquid Lighthouse
Red Fox
Stock Photo of Fox
Red Fox
Closeup of Cat's Face
Closeup of Cat's Face
Closeup of Cat's Face
Cyclamen Blossoms in Vase
Cyclamen Blossoms in Vase
Cyclamen Blossoms in Vase
Bouquet of Pink Cineraria
Bouquet of Pink Cineraria
Ripe Tulip
Ripe Tulip
Schooners in Winter Fog, Boothbay Harbor, Maine,
Schooners in Winter Fog, Boothbay Harbor, Maine,
Car Dealer's Showroom
Overweight Man
Automobile Taillight
New England Patriotism
Caution Signs at Propane Facility
New England Mill at Night
Church Steeple Lighted for Night
Stained Glass Windows
Tulip Underside
Tulip Closeup
Tulip Petal Profusion
Tulip Petal Profusion
Tulip Petal Profusion
Tulip Underside
Tulip Underside
Tulip Macro
Tulip Closeup
Two Teenage Boys Facing Off
Hockey Pickup Game
New England Home in Winter
Coastal Ice Formations
Boothbay Harbor, Maine, USA
Sea Smoke
Seagull W/ Injured Leg
Kitty Sniffing Tulip
Tulip Petal Profusion
Tulip Petal Profusion
Residential Lighthouse Overlooking Boothbay Harbor, Maine, U...
Mother Mary Holding Red Roses
Winter Pump House
Pink Tulips
Pink Tulips
Snow Woman
Lobsterboat in Boothbay Harbor, Maine, 2007
Lobsterboat in Boothbay Harbor, Maine, 2007
Fish Barrels
Fishing Dock in Boothbay Harbor, Maine, 2007
Boothbay Harbor From Opposite Side of Harbor
Pink Tulips
Pink Tulips
Pink Tulips
Tulip Bud Closeup
Pink Tulips
Pink Tulips
Church Steeple
Winter in Maine, 2007
Sleeping Norweigan Elkhound
Snow Machine Rider at Sebago Lake
Winter Footbridge, Boothbay Harbor, Maine, USA
Dirty Snow
Lobsterman Shoveling Snow
Winter in Boothbay Harbor, Maine, USA
Public Landing Framed by Sign and Posts
Commercial Fisherman's Tools
Lobsterman's Dock in Boothbay Harbor, Maine
Sap Buckets on Maple Trees in New England
Sap Buckets on Maple Trees in New England
Boothbay Harbor Boatyard
Carpenter Working
Red Snowplow
Fishing Shack and Waterfront on Boothbay Harbor, Maine, 2007...
Winter in Boothbay Harbor, Maine
Safety Equipment on Maine Lobsterboat
Boothbay Harbor, Maine, USA, 2007
Winter in Boothbay Harbor, Maine, 2007
Winter in Boothbay Harbor
Off Season, Coastal Maine
Children Sledding on a Maine Hill
Snowmobile Races
Snowmobile Races
Snowmobile Races
Bait Bags in the Rain
Maine State Capitol Dome
Baxter State Park W/ Mt. Katahdin in Background
Autumn Reflections
Spiral Marble Stairs
Railroad Crossing in the Fog
Nature's Destruction
Busy Harbor
Composite of Maine Seakayaking
Wave Collision in the Offing
Kayaker in Wave Collision
Seagull Legs
Seagull at the Beach
Coos Canyon, Maine, 2004
Man Walking Ledges of Coos Canyon, Maine
Coos Canyon, Maine, Bright Autumn Day
Therapist Working With Elderly Gentleman in Therapy Session...
Elderly Man Receiving Therapy
Elderly Man Receiving Therapy
Elderly Man Receiving Therapy
Closeup of Whispy Ornamental Grasses
Old Fashioned Elevator Floor Indicator in Black & White...
Sumac Leaves
Staghorn Sumac Leaves: Anacardiaceae
Farm Geese
Spring Magnolia Blossoms
Maine Spring at Reid State Park Beach
Priest Offers Holy Blessing to Fishing Fleet
Welsh Pembroke Corgi
Pansy After Rainstorm Magnoliopsida Violales
Knitter and Her Hats
Lobster Trap Races
Lobster Trap Races
Man Checks Maple Sap Cans
Lobster Boat Races
Spring Comes to Maine
Line Painting Truck
Spring Flowers in New England Neighborhood
Sunrise at Pemaquid Lighthouse, Pemaquid, Maine Color Blocks...
Child Playing on the Beach
Rocking Pig Toy
Spring Tulips
Heavy Winter Snow
Man Receiving Occupational Therapy
Man Receiving Occupational Therapy
Man Receiving Occupational Therapy
Young Boy and Fawn
Surf Kayaking
Wilderness Reflections
Antique Wheelchair
American Flag Quilt
Old Fashioned Quilt Pattern
Old Fashioned Baby Carriage
Western Saddle
Country Gate W/ Private Sign in Black and White
Country Gate W/ Private Sign
Winter Dinghy in Black and White
Winter Dinghy
Cosy Harbor, Maine, Winter Waterfront
Masts at Boatyard
Boothbay Harbor Boatyard and the Bounty
End of Summer
Bounty Masts and Superstructure
Typical New England Sign
Grande Banks Schooner: Sherman Zwicker
Boothbay Harbor From Fishing Wharf
Coastal Scene
Pemaquid Lighthouse
Winter Ocean
Pemaquid Lighthouse
Pemaquid Lighthouse
Pemaquid Lighthouse
Pemaquid Lighthouse
Frost Patterns on Car Window
Frost Line on Blue Background
Frost on Light Background
Frost Flakes on Dark Background
Colorful Children's Blocks
Colorful Child's Ball
Shaggy Yarn
Man in Occupational Therapy Session
Man in Occupational Therapy Session
Man in Occupational Therapy Session
Man in Occupational Therapy Session
Man in Occupational Therapy Session
Therapist and Patient
Man in Occupational Therapy Session
Man and HIs Therapist In Therapy Session
Man and His Therapist in Occupational Therapy Session...
Man in Occupational Therapy Session
Boatyard Shed Door: Door Within a Door
Ship's Chains in Black and White
Ship's Chains
Boothbay Harbor Boatyard and Wharf
Waterfront Boothbay Harbor, Maine
Square Rigger, Bounty, in Drydock for Repairs
Boothbay Harbor Shipyard Wharf
Hardhat Area
Sailing Vessel Prop and Hull
Boatyard Utility Shed
Flock of Pidgeons Flying
Flock of Pidgeons Flying
Nautical Abstract
The Bait Lady
Nautical Ropes
Nature's Gradient
Winter Dock
Photo of Lichen
Winter Waterfront
Biohazard Disposal
Biological Waste Container
Hospital Equipment
Moss on Forest Floor
Scrap Metal
Light and Top of Lighthouse
Light and Top of Lighthouse
Taking a Break
Man Reading Newspaper in Coffee Shop
Hand Holding Book Open
Trying on the Sleeping Bag
Bowsprit Sign on Shop in Portland, Maine, 2007
Advertising Bulletins
Sliced Naval Oranges and Knife Edge
Naval Orange Slices
Sweeping Snow
Cat Watches Man Eat Breakfast
Norweigan Elkhound
Norweigan Elkhound
Gallery Display of Robert Indiana Works
Nautical Lantern
Natural American Spirit Neon Sign.
Old Port, Portland, Maine
Portland Public Ferry Terminal Waiting Room
Old Port, Portland, Maine
Muscle Shells and Barnacles
Decorative Anchor
Waterfront in Old Port of Portland, Maine, 2007
Fishing Boat Stern
Brick With 'What?' Inscribed: Portion of Brick Sidewalk...
City Hall Bell Tower in Portland, Maine, 2007
City Hall Bell Tower in Portland, Maine, 2007
Exchange Street, Portland, Maine, 2007
Architectural Layers in Portland's Customs House
Coffee Shop Bakery
Waterfront Scene, Portland, Maine, 2007
Bicycle Horn
Bicycle Wheel Without Bicycle Chained to Fence
Customs House Cupola and Architectural Detail, Portland, Mai...
Customs House Cupola and Architectural Detail, Portland, Mai...
Lobsterboats at Wharf in Old Port, Portland, Maine
Lobsterboats at Wharf in Old Port, Portland, Maine
Old Port, Portland, Maine
Eaves and Chimneys
Late Afternoon Traffic on City Street
Paper Snowflakes With Shadows
Diamond Wedding Rings
Porcupine Quills
Porcupine Quills
Cyclamen Blossoms in Vase and Cup
Cyclamen Blossoms on White Background Cyclamen Persicum...
Cyclamen Blossom on White Background: Cyclamen Persicum...
Pile of Political Books
Beauty Aides
Book Pile
Chocolate Covered Cherry
Dogwood Blossom on Blue Sky Background (Benthamidia Flor...
Nautical Composite
Soap, Razor and Towel
Cold Meds
Cold Medications
Cold Meds Colorized in Blue
Composite of Math Tools
Automatic Teller Machine
Gum Machine
Christmas Gazebo
Holiday Decorated Community Gazebo
Woman Receiving a Massage
Woman Receiving a Massage
Man Picking Up Penny From Sidewalk Composited With Coins Su...
Stack of Ships Wheels in Antique Store
Stack of Ships Wheels in Antique Store
Maine Shrimp (Pandalus Borealis)
Maine Shrimp (Pandalus Borealis)
Maine Shrimp (Pandalus Borealis)
Maine Shrimp (Pandalus Borealis)
Hair Brush
Hair Brush
Freshly Sharpened Yellow #2 Pencils
Magnifiying Glass
Party Horn and Decorations
Party Horn and Decorations
Eye Shadow
Eye Shadow
Cosmetic Brushes and Sponges
Cosmetic Brush on White Background
Nail Clippers
Tube of Lipstick
Tube of Lipstick and Blot
Tube of Lipstick
Composite of Dictionary Entry for 'War' and Anti-Bush Books...
Dictionary Entry for 'Love'
Coins of USA
Kennedy Half Dollar Coins
Man Writing Christmas Cards
Man Writing Christmas Cards
Ferry Boats and Water Taxi, Portland Harbor, Maine
Old Port, Portland, Maine, 2006
Downed Tree on Pond Ice
Birch Tree Bark and Lichen
Man Walking Dog in Early Winter Snow
First Snow in Maine
Closeup of Cat's Face
Woman Reading Sunday Newspaper
Wall of Post Office Boxes
Bridge Superstructure and Supports
French Braid on Crown of Blond Woman's Head
Winter Morning Sunrise on Ocean Point, Maine, 2003
Firehouses Hoses in Coiled for Storage
Stonemason Laying Belgium Block
Wharf Street in the Old Port, Portland, Maine, USA, 2006...
Gas Meters on Colorful, Red Wall
Well-dressed Shopping Couple in the City
Fall Maple Tree
Classic Cars: Latch Handle of Old Woodie Station Wagon Door...
Boothbay Public Library, Fall, 2005
Scaffolding Around Church Steeple
Lilypads in Autumn Pond
Carriage Ride Through Kennebunkport, Maine, 2005
Cyclists Decked Out in Safety Gear
Red Amaryllis Blossoms
Laptop Touchpad
Empty Clothes Hangers
Empty Clothes Hangers
Roofline in Kennebunkport, Maine, 2005
Democrat Party Sign, Kennebunkport, Maine, 2005
Sailing Gear
Tough Love
Fryeburg Fair Mascot, 2005
Woman Weaving on Lap Loom
Exhibitor Preparing Animal for Show
Shawnee Peak and Moose Pond, Maine
Elkhound Ears
Civil War Statue on City Green, Castine, Maine
Snowline and Evergreens on Mountainside
Forest Layer on Mountainside
White Mountains, New Hampshire, USA
Capitol Theatre
Snowline and Evergreens on Mountainside
Large Bridge Construction Crane
Kayak at Rest on Dock
Dad and Toddler Roughhousing
Dad and Toddler Roughhousing
Airport Baggage Claim Area
Snowline and Evergreens on Mountainside
White Mountains in Late Fall, 2006
Auditorium at Vermont College, Montpelier, VT
Vermont College Auditorium
Vermont College Auditorium With Seating, Organ and Podium...
Road Trip: Black and White
Road Trip
Post Office Lobby, Castine, Maine, 2006
Forest Layers
Administration Building, Vermont College
Toddler Drinking From Bottle
Snowline and Evergreens on Mountainside, White Mountains, NH...
Snowline and Evergreens on Mountainside
Famous Old Mt. Washington Hotel, White Mountains, NH...
Swift River, White Mountains, NH, 2006
Cherry Tomatos
Mother Reading to Toddler
Vegetation Layers on Mountainside, White Mountains, NH...
Courthouse Doorway With Weapons Warnings
Neon Lights on Theatre Marquis
Clock tower on Courthouse in Montpelier, VT
Clock tower of Courthouse in Montpelier, VT
Fall Foliage on the Coast of Maine
Sailing Vessel Mast and Fixtures
Warning Sign on Work Area
Lunch Fascination
Typical Pittsburgh Architecture in Black & White
Typical Pittsburgh Architecture
Carnegie Museum of Natural History
University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA, 2006
Microscopes in Paleontology Lab
Top of PPG Building, Pittsburgh
Union Trust Building, Pittsburgh, PA, 2006
University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA, 2006
Polar Bear Paw Closeup
Paleontologist at Work
Paleontologist at Work
Historic Mt. Washington Hotel
Historic Mt. Washington Hotel
Historic Mt. Washington Hotel
Historic Mt. Washington Hotel
Historic Mt. Washington Hotel
Route 3 Through the White Mountains, NH, 2006
Route 3 Through the White Mountains, NH, USA, 2006
Swift River, New Hampshire, 2006
Scenic Overlook in White Mountains, NH, 2006
Swift River, New Hampshire, 2006
Swift River, New Hampshire, 2006
Foggy Morning in Naples, Maine on the Sebago Lake
Sebago Lake at Naples, Maine, 2006
Boat Prop Hanging in Water
Sailboat Paraphenalia
Nautical Rope Coil
Nautical Rope Coil
Autumn Florist Sales Stand
Autumn Florist Sales Stand
Bikers Decked Out in Biking Gear
Old Dead Trees
Logging Equipment: Rusty
Retro Camper in the Rain
Historic Mt. Washington Hotel
Small Town Fire Hydrant
Mens Shirts for Sale
Toddler Feeding Piggybank
Asian Statuette Filtered in Find Edges
Asian Statuette; Focus on Hands
Retro Pink Camper in the Rain
Marshland Near Ossipee, New Hampshire, Burned Forest...
Mens Shirts for Sale
Winding Ossipee River in New Hampshire
Hands of Ancient Asian Statue
City Reflections in Office Building Windows
WWI Era Doughboy Statue in Pittsburgh, PA, 2006
Lake Winnepesaukee Excursion Boat
The Mount Washington Excursion Boat
Mount Washington Excursion Boat
Birds on a Wire
Frostbitten Daisies: Cutout Filter
Frostbitten Daisies
Woman Reading Sitting on Park Bench
Japanese Maple Leaves in Full Fall Color: Filtered in Find E...
Japanese Maple Leaves in Full Fall Color
Parkway Leading to Downtown Pittsburgh, PA, USA,
Halloween Lightpole
Sixth Street Bridge, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Panther Hollow, Pittsburgh, PA, 2006
Elevator Door Art in City-County Building, Pittsburgh, PA...
Elevator Door Art in City-County Building, Pittsburgh, PA...
Public and Private Transportation
North Shore of Pittsburgh W/ Heinz Plant in Black and White...
Mural Detail From County Courthouse in Pittsburgh
Toddler and Touch Screen
Elevator Door Art in City-County Building, Pittsburgh, PA...
Elevator Door Art in City-County Building, Pittsburgh...
Toddler Sitting in Lap of Big Bird at Mall Playground...
Frightened Toddler
Early Fall Storm & Leaves
Elevator Door Art in City-County Building, Pittsburgh, PA...
Window in City-County Building, Pittsburgh, PA,
Multi-Story Window Filtered in Poster Edges
Shy Toddler
Grandfather and Grand Daughter
Toddler Girl at Mall Playground
Cute Little Girl Pointing
Pittsburgh Skyline From Grant Street and Fifth Ave
Portico of City-County Building, Pittsburgh, PA,
County Courthouse, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Galileo Statue Outside Carnegie Museum of Natural
Paleontologist in Laboratory
County Courthouse, Pittsburgh, PA, 2006
Shakespeare Statue and Front of Carnegie Museum of Natural H...
Interior of County Courhouse in Pittsburgh, PA, 2006...
North Shore of Pittsburgh W/ Heinz Plant, 2006
Multi-Story Window
Old Department Store Window
Pittsburgh Landmark: Kaufmann's Department Store Clock...
Interior of County Courthouse in Pittsburgh, PA
Window in City-County Building, Pittsburgh, PA,
Multi-Story Window
County Courthouse, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
New Electronic Voting Machine Technology
Fall Foliage Out Window of Moving Automobile
Fall Foliage Out Window of Moving Automobile
Inner Harbor at Boothbay, Maine
Janitor's Cart at Airport
Fall Foliage Out Window of Moving Automobile
Boothbay Harbor View
Dusk at Grimes Cove, Maine
Port Clyde Docks
Pemaquid Lighthouse
Pemaquid Lighthouse and Ledges
Port Clyde, Maine, USA
Ramp From Marshall Point Light
Pemaquid Lighthouse
Marshall Point Lightkeeper's House
Marshall Point Lighthouse
Pemaquid Lighthouse Grounds
Pemaquid Lighthouse
Marshall Point Lighthouse
Marshall Point Lightkeeper's House
Pemaquid Lighthouse
Pemaquid Lighthouse
Pemaquid Lighthouse
Pemaquid Lighthouse
School Bus
New England Autumn Color
Autumn Marshland
Damariscotta Mills, Maine, USA
Autumn Tree on Fenceline
Autumn Tree on Fenceline
School Bus
Damariscotta Mills, Maine, USA
Monarch Butterflies on Dusk Sky Background Composite...
Autumn Color at Damariscotta Lake, Maine, USA
Lewiston Pawn Shop Building
Pemaquid Lighthouse
New England Home in Autumn
Monarch Butterflies on Dusk Sky Background
Autumn Farm
Old Tractor With Worn Tires
Amtrak Train at Station
Amtrak Train With Amtrak Lettering
Greenhouse From Backyard
Birdwatcher: Cat at Garden Room Window
Cat Behind Blind at Window of Garden Room
Cabbage Moth
Monarch Butterfly on Wildflowers
Marshall Point Lighthouse and Lightkeeper's House
Fog Bell at Marshall Point Lighthouse
Marshall Point Lighthouse
Night Sky
Harbor Dusk
Satellite Dish
Crabapple Tree Ripe With Fall Fruit
Beach Plums
Fall Colors in Coastal Marsh
Brown's Wharf Marina and Boothbay Harbor, Maine
Beach Plums
Beach Erosion
Monarch Butterfly
View From Top of Mt. Cadillac in Acadia National Park, Maine...
Stairs to Trail Along Top of Mt. Cadillac in Acadia National...
Fallen Fall Maple Leaf on Water
Brown's Wharf Marina and Boothbay Harbor, Maine
Brown's Wharf Marina and Boothbay Harbor, Maine
Handicapped Gentleman in Wheelchair With Language Board...
Handicapped Gentleman in Wheelchair With Language Board...
Man Withdrawing Money at ATM Machine
Blacksmith Working
Antique Farm Equipment on Display at Fryeburg Fairgrounds...
Antique Farm Implement
Antique Farm Equipment on Display
Little Girl Relaxing on Horses Back at Country Fair...
Blacksmith Demonstrating Old Fashioned Metalurgy Skills...
Young Girl and Her Yoked Ox
Entrance Gate to Fryeburg Fair, Fryeburg, Maine
Ribbon Display in Goat Barn at Fryeburg Fair
Family Playing Carnival Game
Carousel at Country Fair
Horse Being Bathed
Closeup of Young Heifer's Nose and Mouth
Old Fashioned Wooden Wagon Wheel Hub and Spokes
Hub and Spokes of Old Fashioned Wooden Wagon Wheel
Ferris Wheel at Fryeburg Fair, Fryeburg, Maine
Colorful Fall Ferns at Schoodic Point, Acadia National Park,...
City Hall, Lewiston, Maine
Lewiston, Maine Skyline From Mill Gate
New England Mill in Autumn
Acadia National Park: View From Mt. Cadillac
Morning in Cutler Harbor, Maine, USA
Marshland, Downeast, Maine
Dead, Fallen Tree
St. Peter and Paul Cathedral, Lewiston, Maine
Looking Up at Clocktower From Doorway of City Hall, Lewiston...
Old New England Textile Mill
Old Abandoned House
Buckets of Lobster Bait
Fishermen Hanging Out Together on Wharf in Jonesport, Maine...
Jonesport, Maine Waterfront
Old New England Congregational Church
Front Tires of Old Tractor
Shoreline at West Quoddy State Park, Maine
Employment Signs in Window
Acadia National Park: View From Mt. Cadillac
Old Abandoned House
Dead, Bare Tree Overlooking Crashing Ocean
West Quoddy Lighthouse
Morning Sun Over Cutler Harbor, Maine, USA
Maine Marshland in Morning Sun
Fall on Schoodic Point, Acadia National Park, Maine...
Rocky Shoreline at Schoodic Point, Maine; Acadia National Pa...
Rocky Shoreline at Schoodic Point, Maine; Acadia National Pa...
Rocky Coast of Maine at Schoodic Point, Acadia National Park...
Maine Maritime Academy Vessels
Castine, Maine, From the Waterfront
Maine Maritime Academy Vessels
Bridge in the Fog; Cables Disappearing Into Fog
Boy Resting Outdoors
Artist Working Outdoors
Group of Spinners
Marina Boats Lighted by Boothbay Harbor Sunset
Mule Team
Nanny Goat
Workhorse Team
Team of Yoked Oxen
Napping Donkey Foal
Sheep Dog Herding Sheep
Tractor Wheels
Mule Team Pulling Wagon in Cornfield
Popcorn on the Cob
Food Concessions at Common Ground Fairgrounds
Sheep Dog Herding Sheep
Sheep Dog Herding Sheep
Male Goat
Common Ground Fair Parade, 2006
Little Girl Petting Brown Calf
Woman Spinning Yarn
Demonstration of Scythe Sharpening
Closeup of Woman's Hands Doing Porcupine Indian Crafts...
Demonstration of Wind Farm Technology at Common Ground Fair...
Harnessed Workhorse
Native American Baskets on Display at Common Ground Fair...
Hands of Young Woman Running Carding Machine
Young Female Artist Painting Outdoors
Young Female Artist Painting Outdoors
Male Goat in Black and White
Large Weaving Loom
Closeup of Woman's Hands Doing Porcupine Indian Crafts...
Woman Spinning Yarn
Woman Spinning Yarn
Antique Wheelchair in Black & White
Compass in a Wooden Box in Black and White
Compass in a Wooden Box
Black-eyed Susan and Sunflower Blossoms in Halftones...
Black-eyed Susan and Sunflower Blossoms Find Edges Filtered...
Array of Extracted Flower Blossoms on White Background....
Farm Animals Sharing a Pile of Hay Feed
Donkey Eating Hay
Maine Blueberry Barrens
Blueberry Crates
Maine Blueberry Barrens
Empty Market Cartons
Beached Fishing Vessel
Jasper Beach Channel
Historic 1874 Firehouse
Seabirds: Cormorants on a Dock
Sailors Bare Feet and Legs Standing on Sailboat Boom...
Grazing Farm Animals
Transportation Graveyard
Woman Sitting on Jasper Beach, Maine, USA
Door/Hatch on Blue Tugboat
Tugboat Deck
Eastport, Maine Fishermens' Statue
Beaver Dam
Old Fashioned Rocking Horse on Softened Quilt Background...
Mini Pumpkin Background
Sea of Pumpkins W/ Cornstalks in Background
Autumn Pumpkins; Find Edges Filtered
Pumpkins at Farmstand Filtered With Find Edges
Sea of Pumpkins
Pumpkins at Farmstand
Pumpkins at Farmstand
Autumn Yard Decor
Conservation Breed Drafthorse
Staked Tomatoes
Pole Bean Leaves
Farm Fence
Conservation Breed Drafthorse
Organic Zuchinni Plant
Sea of Pumpkins W/ Cutout Filter
Pumpkins at Farmstand W/ Cutout Filter
Pole Beans
Foggy Farm Garden
Brown-Orange Sunflower
Sunflowers in the Fog
Goldenrod Wildflower
Roadside Vegetation
Sailing Yacht at Dock
Red Crabapples and Tree Leaves Against Blue Skies
Market Baskets of Asters
Loadstar 800 Flatbed Truck
Farmyard Animals
Heifer and Ox
Product of Pumpkin Harvest
Donkey and Friend
Footprints in Sand
Apple Orchard
Dog and Woman Playing Ball
Old Wooden Sailboat
Old Wooden Sailboat
Donkey and Friend
Yellow, Fall Sunflowers
Apples in Orchard
Old Fire Station
Bandstand and Waterfront in Lubec, Maine, USA
Fishing Village Waterfront Buildings
Pleasure Boats at Low Tide
Pleasure Boats at Low Tide
Lobsterboats in Jonesport Harbor, Maine, USA
Classic New England Church, Castine, Maine, USA
Cliffs Near West Quoddy Lighthouse, Lubec, Maine
East Quoddy Lighthouse
Bicycle Parked in Front of Store Window, Waterfront Town, Ma...
Ornamental Lighthouse Near Machias River in Machias, Maine...
Moose Island General Store in Calais, Maine.
Acadia National Park Across Bay in Sullivan, Main
Golden Retriever at Soda Fountain
Tugboats Docked in Eastport Harbor, Maine, USA
West Quoddy Lighthouse, Maine, USA
West Quoddy Lighthouse
Steeple of Classic New England Church
Classic V8 Ford Woodie Station Wagon
Bridge Construction
Campobello, Roosevelt Cottage
Woman Identifying Plants
Pink Lily in Pond With Pads
Closeup of Lobster's Banded Crusher Claw
Ramp for the Handicapped
Crate of Banded Live Lobsters
Autumn Goldenrod Blossoms
St. Croix River and Island: Border Between Canada & USA...
18Wheeler Coupler
Yellow Daisies
Miniature Golfer Putting
Boy and His Dog (Black and White)
Little Redheaded Boy and His Dog
Aphids on Pink Water Lilies
Woman Sitting on Jasper Beach, Maine, USA
Dusk on Machias River , Machias, Maine, USA
Blueberry Cartons
Woman Sitting on Jasper Beach, Maine, USA
Old Bucksport Bridge Beside Waldo-Hancock Bridge
Wild Maine Blueberries in Market Boxes
Fresh Maine Blueberries
Rural Shopping Mall
Lobsterman Filling Bait Bucket
Jasper Beach, Maine
Slate Roof, Weathervane and Cupola
Tugboat Deck
Tugboats at Eastport, Maine
St. Anne's Episcopal Church of Calais, Maine
Fog on Morning River, Machias River, Maine, USA
Downeast, Maine
Maine Beach Stones
Blackberry Cane
Downeast, Maine
West Quoddy Lighthouse in Quoddy Maine From Beach
West Quoddy Lighthouse; Beach View
Rocks Smoothed by Ocean
West Quoddy Head Lighthouse From Inside Lightkeeper's House ...
West Quoddy Lighthouse, Quoddy, Maine
West Quoddy Head Lighthouse
West Quoddy Head Lighthouse
West Quoddy Lighthouse, Maine, USA
Harbor at Lubec, Maine, USA
Machias River Sunset, Machias, Maine, USA
Machias River Sunset, Machias, Maine, USA at Sunset...
West Quoddy Lighthouse Topics in Collage
Quoddy Lighthouse in Collage
Young Woman Crocheting
Closeup of Woman Crocheting
Closeup of Woman's Hands Crocheting
White Jimsonweed Blossom
Jimsonweed Blossom
Jimsonweed Blossom
Leaf Lettuce Closeup
Large Wave Breaking on Shore
Red Hat Society
Pemaquid Lighthouse Light With Fresnell Lens
Skimboarder Plays in Surf
Elderly Pug Dog Portrait
Elderly Pug Dog Portrait
Archeologist Sifting Dirt
Back to School Warning
Live Sea Urchin in Wet Child's Hand
Surf Splash
Ripe and Ripening Apple Orchard
Autumn Panorama at Rangeley Lakes Area
Apple Orchard
Seagull Steals Someone's Picnic Sandwich at the Beach...
Harvest Time in Apple Orchard
Ledges In Front of Pemaquid Lighthouse, Maine, US
Body Surfer at Reid State Park Beach
Flavored Coffee: Coffee Beans and Almonds
Sanderling Foraging on Beach
Swallowtail Butterfly Among Beach Roses
Thieving Seagull
Fishing Regulation Sign: Fly Fishing Only
Cupola on Camden, Maine Public Library
Young Woman Sitting on Park Bench Reading
Water Canon on Deck of Fireboat
Middleaged Woman's Hands Playing W/ Gameboy (2004)...
Old Fashioned 'National' Cash Register
Yellow Fall Sunflower
Cutout of Adult and Toddler Holding Hands
Rocking Horse on Quilt Background
Flourescent Bulbs: Energysavings
Conflicting Responsibilities
Fire Hydrant
Sailboat and Lighthouse Composite
Hand Holding Pistol; American Flag Background
Maine Blueberry Farm Composite
Composite of Woman Sailor and Masts in Background
Rural Blueberry Grounds in Maine
Maine Blueberry Fields
Maine Blueberry Fields
Cormorants Sunning Themselves on a Dock in Maine
Old Fire Hydrant
Barn on Blueberry Farm
Man Pouring Blueberries From Flat Into Freezer Co
Maine Blueberry Barrens (Fields)
Maine Blueberry Barrens (Fields)
Red Tugboats Moored in Belfast Harbor, Maine, USA
Camden Harbor From Municipal Park, Camden, Maine, USA...
Small Town America
Crowded Harbor, Camden, Maine, USA
Schooner Tying up at Dock
Large Motor Yacht
Motorized Dinghy Tied to Dock, Coastal Maine, USA
Three Boats
Schooners at Wharf in Black and White
Middle-Aged Vacationers
Cherry Tomatos
Camden Harbor, Maine, USA
Toddler Looking at Pictures on Laptop
Toddler Looking at Pictures of Herself on Laptop
Woman Sailor
Female Sailor Strains to Raise Sails
Old Fashioned Tourboat in Boothbay Harbor, Maine,
Toddler Playing With Drinking Straw
Girl Flying Butterfly Kite at Beach
Father and Daughter
Father and Daughter Playing at the Beach
Driftwood Bonfire
Sailboat in Boothbay Harbor, Maine, USA
Boothbay Harbor, Maine, USA
Couple Boating in Boothbay Harbor, Maine, USA
Sailboat Mast, Sail and Clouds
Burnt Island Lighthouse, Boothbay Harbor, Maine, USA...
Toddler Holding Markers
Toddler Creeping Up Stairs
Bow of Friendship Sloop
Square Rigger, Bounty, in Drydock
Toddler Reading Potty Book
Toddler Reading and Drinking Milk
Toddler Playing Peek-A-Boo
Ferry Departure Arrival Board
Toddler Putting Own Shoes on
Toddler Putting Own Shoes on
Toddler Putting Own Shoes on
Toddler Putting Own Shoes on
Concept: Wait Up!
Toddler Watches Small Dogs Pass on the Street
Grandparent and Toddler Walking Together
Toddler With Stickers
Little Girl Playing With Stickers
Unhappy Toddler
Thirsty Toddler
Toddler Playing With Sunglasses
Toddler Putting on Glasses
Coy Toddler
Toddler Playing With Sunglasses
Toddler Playing With Sunglasses
Toddler Who Has Just Successfully Put Sunglasses on Herself...
Toddler Trying to Put Shoes on
Starfish Drying on Sidewalk
Teenage Girls and Their Cell Phones
Toddler Eating Pizza
Toddler Eating Pizza
Baby Offering Food to Mom
Small Child in a Big Chair
Father and Daughter Shopping
Young Mother Shopping With Toddler
Goofy Looking Man in Toy False Teeth
Toddler W/ Crayons at Restaurant
Composite of Toddler in Various Activities
Little Girl Drinking Milk From Bottle
Man Applies Red Stain to Deck
Man Painting Deck
Painter Applying Stain to Deck
Painter Staining Deck
Toddler Playing With Blocks
Toddler Looking at Photo Album
Little Girl Using Block Box Lid As Hat
Mother and Toddler Reading
Mother and Daughter Reading Book
Cute Little Girl With Hands Full of Rocks
Toddler Playing With Blocks
Toddler Playing With Colorful Blocks
Little Girl Playing With Toy Train
Little Toddler Looking at Photo Album
Toddler Standing Looking Out Glass Door
Baby Eating Yogurt
Toddler on Dad's Lap
Mother and Toddler Reading
Airport Baggage Area
Airport Baggage Claim Area
Airport Baggage Claim Area
Airport Escalator and Waiting Area
Airport Baggage Claim Area
TTY Telephone Facility at Public Airport
Electronic Arrival Board at Local Airport
Black-Eyed Susans With Monarch Butterfly
Concept: 'Stop to Smell the Roses'
Peek-A-Boo Baby
Silly Alpaca With Toothy Smile Surrounded by Flowers...
Silly Alpaca With Toothy Smile Surrounded by Flowers...
Silly Alpaca: Cutout
God's Creation in Glorious Color
Geese in Shower of Colorful Blossoms
God's Lovely Creation in Glorious Color
Symbols of New England
Black-eyed Susan Blossoms Cutout
Monarch Butterfly Cutout
Monarch Butterfly on Small Thistle Blossoms
Monarch Butterfly Cutout
Monarch Butterfly on Chinese Privet Blossom
Monarch Butterfly Cutout
Portland Head Lighthouse
Pemaquid Point Light
Pemaquid Lighthouse
Antique Rocking Horse
Antique Rocking Horse
Filtered Chinese Fish Sculpture: Appears Wet
Antique Enameled Coffee Pot Cutout
American Folk Art: Cutout of Wooden Gulls
Concept: Beacon of Freedom
Basset Hound Cutout
HMS Bounty in Drydock
Blueberry Plant
Black-eyed Susan on Greenery Background
Monarch Butterfly on Orange Flower
Purple-Pink Coleus Leaves
Coastal Field of Black-Eyed Susans
Yellow Foxglove Flower Patterns
Yellow Foxglove Flowers
Yellow Foxglove Flowers
Red Dahlias and Black-Eyed Susans
Cutout of Blueberry Plant on Blue Background
Black-Eyed Susans
Yellow Dahlias on Red Background
Yellow Dahlias on Green Background
Businessman on Vacation
Concept: Stopping to Smell the 'Roses'
Mother Takes Toddler to Bedroom
Mother and Toddler at Beach
Monarch Butterfly in Flight
Monarch Butterfly on Flower
White Hydrangea Bush
Write a Sign
Mother Carrying Toddler
Reading News Under Tree From Park Bench
Black Great Pyrenees Dog in Car
Mammography Machine
Beautician's Tools
Refrigerated Truck W/ Vapor Flowing From Open Door
Female House Painter
Rear Running Light on Square Rigger
Worksite Hardhat and Ear Protectors
Shipbuilder Lifts Oak Beam
Boatbuilder Planing Large Block of Oak
Grover's Hardware Store Front in Boothbay Harbor, Maine...
Summer Sidewalk Sale
Utility Worker Standing Over Man Hole
Couple in Sea Kayak
Couple Sea Kayaking
Woman in Sea Kayak
Man on Vacation Staying in Touch W/ Work From Cellphone...
Vacationer on Cell Phone
Man on Vacation Calling in on Cell Phone
Boy on Beach Dries W/ American Flag Towel
Businessman on Vacation
Cutout of Soft Alpaca
Seaside Garden
Ocean Point Adirondacks
East Boothbay, Maine
Boat Launch Area
Young Boatman Lounging on Deck in Marina
Flower Deck Overlooking Marina
Peppers in Baskets for Sale
Bank Vault Door; Locking Wheels
Schooner Stern and Flag
Schooner Docked at Wharf
Schooner Helm
Schooner, American Eagle in Black and White
Schooner, American Eagle
Blowing Hot and Cold
Electric Fans
Cluttered Coastal Shed W/ Dinghy Hanging From Rafters...
Patriotic Market Bouquets
Lawn Mowers at Recycling Center
Toilets are Recycling Center
Electric Fans
Schooner Returns to Rockland Harbor, Maine, USA
Schooner Captain
Gas Furnace on Old Sailing Vessel
Nautical Flag & Tender
Tool Bench
Recycling Composite
Collection of Kayak and Canoe Paddles
Gardener Adds Potting Soil to Deck Garden
Serving Tray Filled With Drinks
Boiled Lobster and Corn on the Cob Feast
Marshall Point Lighthouse and Old Orchard Pier, Maine...
Composite of Boiled Lobsters
Composite of Sailing Vessels On Maine Coast
Couple Birdwatching
Birdwatcher Gazes Into Trees W/ Binoculars
Quilt in Grandmother's Flower Pattern
Old Fashioned Hayrake in Spring Field
Ladyslipper Orchid Growing in Wild
Dinghy On Maine Coast
Man Voting At Polling Station
Polling Stations
Colorful Seakayaks
Surrounded By Kayaks
Water Pollution
Potter Applying Glaze To Bowl
Potter's Paint Pots
Pottery Artist Glazing Bowl
Pottery Artist Glazing Bowl
Pottery Artist Applying Glaze
Potter's Paint Pots
Bird Parked On 1 Hour Parking Sign
Fuel Pipes and Brick Wall
Railroad Tracks Through Wooded Glade
Moving Groceries From Cart To Van
Man Grocery Shopping
Separation of Church and State
Separation of Church and State
Separation of Church and State
Separation of Church and State
Patriotic Church
Swing Bridge
Swing Bridge
Boats in Coastal Channel
Father and Son
Maine Maritime Museum Grounds; Water View
Tourboat Sagadahoc On Kennebec River, Maine
Cabin Cruiser
Coast Guard Station At Popham Beach, Maine, USA
Sunset Over Boothbay Harbor, Maine
Sunset Over Boothbay Harbor, Maine, USA
Sunset on Boothbay Harbor, Maine, USA
Inner Harbor, Boothbay Harbor, Maine, USA
Boothbay Harbor, Maine, USA
Boothbay Harbor in Reflection
Kayak Rental, Boothbay Harbor, Maine, USA
Shop Windows
Sail Lines and Schooner Fittings
Schooner in Boothbay Harbor, Maine, USA
America's Cup Replica, Ranger, Docked in Boothbay Harbor Mai...
America's Cup Replica; Ranger, Docked in Boothbay Harbor Mai...
Devoured Lobster; Shells Remaining
American Flag Displayed on Door
Church Steeple Framed By Green Tree Branches.
Lobster on Plate w/ Corn on the Cob
Little Boy Watches Young Man Playing Guitar
Dark Interior of Old New England Church
Crumbling Interior of Historic Church
Mother and Toddler on Hot Summer's Day
Carnival Game
Ferris Wheel
Carnival Prize
Dad and Toddler Investigating Carnival Game
Young Family Plays Carnival Games
Colorful Candied Apples
Merry-go-round Canopy & Ferris Wheel
Boy Jumps to Flip Skateboard
Hurdy Gurdy Machine Plays Music on Street
Classic Car: Fleetline 48 Chevrolet
Bounty in Drydock for Repairs
Tender Moment Between Father and Son
Bird and Human Fishermen
Speedboat with Water Spraying from Bow
Security at Bath Iron Works, Bath, Maine, USA
Bath Iron Works, Bath, Maine, USA
Wyoming Sculpture on Grounds of Maine Maritime Museum...
Squirrel Point Lighthouse on the Kennebec River, Maine, USA...
Cuckolds Lighthouse off Southport, Maine, USA
Friendship Sloop Sails Boothbay Harbor, Maine, USA
Sailboats at Boothbay Harbor, Maine, USA
Utility Alley Behind Building
Roadside Wreck
Colorful Bikes Hanging on Bike Shop Wall
Public Anniversary Gift
Maine Dinner
Pink Dahlia on Summer Deck
Coastal Kayak Rentals
Windjammer Days, 2006
Windjammer Days, 2006
Windjammer Days, 2006
Windjammer Days, 2006
Windjammer Days, 2006
Windjammer Days, 2006
Foggy Morning
Boothbay Footbridge
Morning Lights
Schooner, Lewis R. French
Schooner, Lewis R. French
Schooner Heritage
Boat Sails Across Boothbay Harbor, Maine, USA
Sailboat Sails Across Boothbay Harbor, Maine, USA
Flag Raising
Boat Races
Friendship Sloop Sails Boothbay Harbor, Maine, USA
Man Sits with Dog in Lap
Homemade Bread Cools On Rack
Rising Bread Dough
Family Outting
Industrial Lift
Streets of Portland, Maine, USA
Laundry Day
Ice Breaker, Thunder Bay
Truck Transporting Fishing Equipment
Commercial Waterfront Dock
Boat Fender
Working Farmer's Tractor at Rest
Coastal Home on Laundry Monday
Flower Garden w/ Harbor View Behind
Coastal Work Sheds
Wooden Dinghy
Tanker Bow w/ Draft Numbering
Working Waterfront, Maine
Main Street America, Thomaston, Maine
Tracks on Sandy Beach
Couple Walking on Private Beach
Couple Embraces on Coastal Ledges
Soldier/Father Holding Infant
Cutout of Soldier Standing at Attention
Soldier Standing at Attention
Tender Moment Between Father and Daughter
Little Girl Snuggling Against Father
Holding Hands
Father & Daughter at Mobilization Ceremony
Injured Soldier
Civilian and Soldier Shaking Hands
Handshake Between Civilian and Soldier
Little Boy Stands With Father Soldier
Military Man Buys Breakfast at Fastfood Restaurant
Whitetail Buck w/ Velvet Antlers
Boy Crossed Road in Front of Stopped School Bus
Maine Coastal Scene
Osprey in Flight
Osprey in Flight
Osprey Flies With Fish in Talons
Wildflowers of Maine: Purple Lupine
Wild Blackberry Blossoms
Ladybirds in Love
Toddler Sneaking Frosting From Birthday Cake
Toddler Sneaking Frosting from Birthday Cake
Pink Ladyslipper Orchid
Maine State Capitol Building
Waiting Area in State Office Building
Spring at the Maine State Capitol Building
Lighting: Flourescent and Incandescent
Bee Collecting Pollen on Rhododendron Blossom
Man Selects Music
Man Shops for CD Music
Pink Ladyslipper
Pink Ladyslipper
Ladyslipper Orchid in Pink
Old Town Mill From Indian Island
Pink Ladyslipper Orchid
Maple Tree Over River
Governor Baldacci, Maine Democrat Convention
Governor Baldacci At Maine Democrat Convention
State Democrat Convention, Maine, June 2006
Maine State Democrat Convention
Family At Memorial Day Parade
Veterans Marching in Memorial Day Parade
First Responder Marching in Memorial Day Parade
Marine Honor Guard At Memorial Day Ceremonies
Marine Honor Guard at Memorial Day Ceremonies
Memorial Day
Flag in Front of Boy Waiting for Memorial Day Parade...
Girl Scouts Form Up for Memorial Day Parade
POW-MIA Display at Memorial Day Parade
POW-MIA Display at Memorial Day Parade
Memorial Day Parade Marchers
Band Members Prepare for Memorial Day Parade
Musicians Form Up for Memorial Day Parade
Brother and Sister Waiting for the Parade
Brother and Sister Waiting for the Parade
Flag Waving: Memorial Day
Boothbay, Maine, Town Hall
Scheneley Fountain on University of Pittsburgh Campus...
Pennsylvania Station, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Meat Counter in Grocerystore
Tyranosaurus Rex in Scrubs
Tyranosaurus Rex in Scrubs
Tyranosaurus Rex Decorated in Medical Garb
View From Market Square to Fifth Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA...
Churchyard Tree in Full Fall Foliage
Newspaper Kiosk
Lobster Traps on Maine Wharf
Man and His Dog
Norweigan Elkhound Relaxes on Deck
Elkhound Relaxes on His Deck: Favorite Spot to Sniff the Win...
Elkhound Stretches After Awaking
Old Fishing Creels and Baskets
Apple Baskets
Old Fashioned Iron Woodstove
Colonial Era Trencher Bowl
Old New England Mansion W/ Cupola
Mirror Image of 48-State American Flag
Chestnut Tree
Main Street American, Wiscasset, Maine, USA
Wiscasset Bridge & Village
Bronze Lion Hitching Post
Fern Leaf Buds
Elkhound Resting in His Favorite Spot; Outdoor Deck...
Spring Bluet Blossoms
Artistic Image of Flourescent Bulb
Abstract of Mum Blossoms
Filtered Image of Mum Blossom
Spring on Exchange Street, Portland, Maine
Ripples in River w/ Vegetation Visible on Bottom
Lighted NightLite
Meredith Community Park, Winnipesaukee, NH, Birch Tree Predo...
Starfish Lying on Back Under Water
Yellow Dahlia in the Rain
Ruby Throated Hummingbird Hovers Over Feeder
Female Hummingbird Rests on Tree Branch
Turtles on a Log
Gardening - Potted Begonias
Quaint New England Street
Ruby Throated Hummingbird Hovers Over Feeder
Coastal Doorway
Spring on the Coast of Maine, USA
Adirondack Chairs
Ram Island Lighthouse in Beautiful Evening Light
Camera Phone in Woman's Hand
Alpaca w/ Shearing Tracks in Fur
Woman Takes Photo of Alpaca w/ Camera Phone
Classic Ford Pickup Truck
Yellow School Bus at Children's Museum
Spring in Maine
Boy Enjoying Spring Outdoors
Children Frog Hunting in Spring
Birds - Warblers - Common Yellow Throat
Early Maple Leaves and Seeds - Spring
Great Cormorant Resting on Log in Pond
Cutout of Goose Head and Neck; Closeup
Duck of Mixed Parentage
Goose At Rest
Workers Confer Over Construction at Work Site
Extra Large Tires on Landmover at Construction Site...
Dockside at the Portland Ferry Terminal
Petunias and Tulip in Rain
Spring Tulips
Spring Pansies in the Rain
Red Dahlia in the Rain
Pink Dahlia in the Rain
Pink Dahlia in the Rain
Pink Tulip in the Rain
Spring Rain on Varigated Leaves
Daffodil in the Rain
Grape Hyacinth in the Rain
Grape Hyacinth in the Rain
Toothbrush and Paste Cutout Filter
Apple Slice in Black and White
Apple Slice Background
Toothbrush and Paste Tube
Toothbrush with Toothpaste
Dog Biscuits
Eaten Orange Wedges
Chewed Orange Wedge
Orange Wedges
Orange Slices
Fork & Reflection
Fork Prongs and Reflections
Kitchen Fork Sticking From Orange Rind
UPC Code
UPC Code on Colorful Package
Gemstone Necklace: Bicolor Tourmaline
Closeup of Scottsman Playing Bagpipes
Energysaving Flourescent Bulb
High Pass Flourescent Bulb
Flourescent Bulb
Cutout Filter on Flourescent Bulb
Spring Pussy Willows
Spring Pussy Willows
Spring Pussy Willows
Spring Pussy Willows
Flourescent Bulb
Bite Out of Apple
Flourescent Bulb
Pie Baking Paraphenalia
Apple Slices
Apple Slices
Oven keypad and Door Handle of Microwave Oven
Microwave Oven; Door Opened
Lobsterboat Sails Into Harbor Through Narrow Channel...
Square Rigger, Bounty, in Drydock in Boothbay Harbor, Maine,...
Painting Road Lane Lines
Bowdoin Chapel Interior
Interior of Bowdoin Chapel
Classic New England Architecture
Classic New England Home
Old Underwood on Desk (BW Version)
Broken Taillight; Scraped Fender
Key In Ignition
Ms Piggy Mailhandler Dressed for Spring Watersports...
Spring Character Mailbox
Elderly Gentleman on Laptop
Elderly Gentleman on Laptop
Jukebox Cutout
Man Buries Face in Dog Hug
Sleeping Baby: Feet
Full-Body Shot of Sleeping Baby in Bassinette
Sleeping Baby
Sleeping Baby
Sleeping Baby
Baby Sleeping
Exchange Street, Portland, Maine, USA
Recycling on the Waterfront
Condos on Waterfront in Portland, Maine, USA
Portion of Berlin Wall on Display
Spring Trees on Exchange Street, Portland, Maine, USA...
Fiddlehead Ferns
Fiddlehead Ferns
FiddleHead Ferns
Strawberry Plants Growing in the Wild
Cherry Blossom Closeup
Mother Pulls Baby to Sitting; Baby Delighted
Pile of Photo Albums
Stack of Photo Albums
Photo Albums w/ Images of Baby
Ant-Eye View of Park Lawn and Dandelions
Spring Fiddleheads
Mom Helping Baby to Sit up
Bird's Nest
Lighted Window
Nude Baby in Sitting Position
Baby Lifts Head, Chest and Legs from Surface
"Bear Rug" Baby Shot
Child Development: Baby Lifts Head and Chest
Baby's Foot in Mom's Hand
Mom Caresses Baby
Mother Massaging Baby; Tender Moment
Baby Being Massaged by Mother
Mom Holds Baby's Hands Ready to Lift to Sitting
Baby Laughs As Mom Tickles Neck
Baby Massaged By Mother
Mom Massages Baby's Face and Ears
Baby Being Massaged by Mom
Baby; Mom's Hands
Bronze Lion Hitching Post
Lion Hitching Post
Bronze Hitching Post; Lion
Flowering Magnolia Tree
Blossoming Magnolia Tree
Magnolia Blossoms
Portable Solar Panels on Display
Drums on Outdoor Stage
Bank of Windows in Romaneque Building
Wholesome Whole Wheat Bread Slices
Wholesome Whole Wheat Bread Slices
Mother's Hands, Baby's Foot
Mother's Hands and Baby's Feet
Baby's Foot and Mother's Hand Playing Toe Games
Dog in the Driver's Seat
New Forest in Burned Out Wetland
Spring at Winnipesaukee, NH
Indian Island, Meredith, NH, on an Overcast Spring Day...
Indian Island, Meredith, NH, on an Overcast Spring Day...
Trellis on Lake Winnipesaukee, NH
River Scene, New Hampshire
New Hampshire River Scene
Religious Backdrop to Commercial Fishing Operation, Boothbay...
Coast Guard Cruiser
Unique Wedding
Blessing of the Fleet at Fisherman's Festival, Boothbay Harb...
Blessing of the Fleet at Fisherman's Festival, Boothbay Harb...
Lobsterboats Line up for Blessing of the Fleet in Boothbay H...
Bagpiper Plays at Public Event
Craftsperson Making Beaded Necklace
Alternative Fuel Runs Metro Bus, Portland, Maine, USA...
Front of Red Fire Engine
Boy Reaching into Water From Side of Dock; Spring Longing fo...
Dachsund Dog in Girl's Arms
Boat Cleaning
Coast Guard Demonstrates Lighting Flares
Maine's State Bird, Chickadee
Junco Perched on Branch
Songbirds - Spring Junco
Songbirds - Junco Perched on Birch Log
Coastal Inlet Along Maine Seashore
Man Rows Rowboat Through Quiet Inlet on Coastal Maine...
Man Rows Row Boat Through Quiet Inlet in Maine
Peaceful Inlet on Maine Coast
Children Race Each Other on a Footbridge, Boothbay Harbor, M...
Local Landmark Church in Boothbay Harbor, Maine USA...
Rusty Block & Tackle in Sepia Tone
Rusty Block & Tackle in Black and White
Rusty Block & Tackle
Lobster Traps Stacked on Wharf Ready to Be Put Back into Sum...
Our Lady of Peace, Boothbay Harbor, Maine USA
Fishing Boats Docked in Boothbay Harbor, Maine, USA...
Boothbay Harbor Waterfront, Maine, USA
Harbor Scene, Boothbay Harbor, Maine, USA
Boothbay Harbor Waterfront Wharf and Lobsterboat
Harbor Footbridge, Boothbay Harbor, Maine
Seafarers' Memorial, Boothbay, Maine, USA
Spring at the Sailors' Memorial in Boothbay, Maine, USA...
Quilted Bed Pillows
Dry, Clean Comforter
Comforter/Quilt On Bed
Inviting Bed With Colourful Comforter
Colorful, Inviting Bed W/ Blue/Yellow Comforter
Worn Wood Grain
Young Woman Shopping at Museum Shop
Tulip on Cafe Table
Pier at Old Orchard Beach, Maine, USA
Golden Labs Greet Visitor
Golden Lab Tries to be a Guard Dog
Construction Equipment Loads Refuse into Dumptruck
Industrial Crane
Spring Ornamental Cherry Trees in Bloom
Spring Magnolia Blossoms
Senior Citizen Eating Breakfast
Bowl of Breakast Cereal; Spoon on Way to Mouth
Old Sailing Vessel in for Refitting, Boothbay Harbor, Maine,...
Old Sailing Vessel, Bounty, in for Refitting
Vessel Bounty in Drydock in Boothbay Harbor, Maine, USA...
Vessel, Bounty, in Drydock in Boothbay Harbor, Maine...
Bounty in Drydock in Boothbay Harbor, Maine
Bounty in Drydock
Boatyard Workshop w/ Boats in Various Stages of Repair...
Old Sailing Vessel in for Refitting
Man & Dog Hugging
Market Basket with Spring Flowers
Street Signs and Bicycles
Street Musician Plays Accordian
Street Musician Plays Accordian
Little Girl Lies On Sidewalk After Taking a Fall
Taking a Fall
Entertainment Pier at Old Orchard Beach, Maine, USA...
Girl, Bicycle, Reflection and Beach, Old Orchard, Maine, USA...
Girl Walks Beach with Biycycle; Reflections
Perkins Cover, Ogunquit, Maine,USA
Wide View of Nubble Lighthouse and Environs
Nubble Lighthouse, York, Maine, USA
Spring Flowers
Ground Cover w/ Blue Blossoms and Twisted Trunks
New England Cemetery
Interior of House Built in 1799
Wooden Lobster Traps
Man Making Copies at Copy Machine
Gentleman Making Copies At Copy Machine
Lobster Keeper Crates
Swimming Hole and Dam at Bristol Mills, Maine
Lobster Crates on Dock in Maine
Lobster Crates on Maine Lobster Dock
Common Eider Duck: Somateria mollissima borealis
Heron Fishing
Old Snowplow
Antique Snowplow at Maine Boatyard
Rusted Mack Truck in Boatyard
Composite of Dune Grass Warning Sign
Railroad Crossing Sign, Station and Tracks
Baby Lies on Sofa with Cat
New England House
Fort Edgecomb, Edgecomb, Maine
Railroad Crossing
Village Green, Wiscasset, Maine
New England Church-Steeple
Ye Olde First Parish Church, 1773
Outdoor Furniture; Many Adirondack Chairs
Maine Lobster Buoys & Wooden Traps
Baby 'Talking' with Mother (Mother out of frame)....
Baby Lies with Cat Happily
Mother Cradles Infant in Her Lap in a Tender Moment...
Baby Lies on Sofa 'Talking' with Her Mother
Mother Holds Baby to Stand
Mother Feeds Baby; Breastfed
Mother and Baby Playing
Closeup of Mother and Baby; Hands
Mother Cradles Infant's Feet in her Hands
The kiss
Baby Girl Cries With Distress
Baby Girl Resting with Cat
Baby Takes His Hat Off
Toddler Snacks Outdoors on Crackers
Toddler Boy Tries of Open Snack Container
Pitt Bull Dog Jumps for Floating Bubbles
Woman Blows Bubbles for Her Pitt Bull who Tries to Catch The...
Pitt Bull Dog Jumps for Floating Bubbles
Toddler Boy Grabs Dad's Baseball Cap
Dad Plants Kiss on Toddler Son's Face
Mother Supports Toddler in Standing Position
Mother Envelopes Toddler in Big Bear Hug!
Little Boy with Sun Hat; Mom Tweaks His Nose
Baby Grabs the Visor of Dad's Cap
Mom Blows Bubbles for Toddler Son
Toddler Holding Socker Ball
Little Boy Greets Dad by Steadying Himself on Dad's Hat...
Coastal Ferry Boarding Gate
Beehive Oven; Chef Removing Pizza
Portland Public Market Sign
Painting Woodwork
Shops in Portland, Maine
Scandanavian Flags Outside Store in Portland, Maine...
Fire Hose on Fireboat in Portland Harbor, Maine
Fire Boat Moored in Portland Harbor, Maine
Street Vendor Just Off Monument Square, Portland, Maine...
Spring Flowers
Tire changes with Automobiles on Garage Lifts
Emu Farm
White Llama
Emu Farm
Comical Llama
White Llama Peers from Behind a Friend.
Closeup of Emu Head and Neck
Large American Flag Flies from Pole
Closeup of Purple Blossom
Man Walking on Sparkling Spring Beach
Horse Team Waits Patiently Outside Sugar House
Steam Vent in Roof of Maple Sugar Shed
Farmer Collecting Sap from Maple Trees
Emptying Maple Sap Into Bucket
Farmer Collects Maple Sap from Buckets Hanging on Trees...
Maine Maple Syrup Farmer Collecting Sap
Horse Team Gathering Maple Sap During Sugaring Season...
Farmer Harnesses Team of Horses
Farmer Drives Team of Horses
Horse Barn
Sled Used to Collect Maple Sap at Sugaring Time in Maine...
Cupola on Maine Barn
Wide View of Rocky Coastal Maine
Cove Near Spruce Head, Maine, USA
Wooden Fire Escape
Fishing Dory Sits on Shore at Low Tide
Red Amarillis Blossoms
Spring Sunflower Rows
Classic Lobster Dock in Maine
Amarillis Blossoms
Recycled Tires
Winter Boatyard
No Trespassing Sign on Rail Fence
What Appears to be an Outhouse on Dock in Maine
Old Boat w/ Fishing Village in Background
Lobsterfishing on Maine Coast
Lobsterman Hangs Lobstering Buoys From Canopy Over Doorway...
Lineman Works on Pole at Intersection
Causeway to Private Island
Lovely Ledges
Homemade Bridge
Homemade Bridge
Rusting Anchors
Rusting Anchors
Beached Dories in Maine, USA
St. Patrick's Day Parade Crowd
Nicobar Pigeon (Caloenas Nicobarica)
Man Getting Hair Styled
Small Foot Getting Toenails Enameled
Small Child Gets Toes Painted
Man At Hairstylist's Salon
Rainbow Array of Craypas Pastels
Roadway Leading To Bath Bridge, Bath, Maine, USA
Sheets of Childrens' Stickers
Cross Wind Illusion
Sunshine Face in Optical Illusion: Digital Processing...
Sunshine Face in Optical Illusion
Unitarian-Universalist Church, Portland, Maine
Reflection in PO Square Windows
Old Fashioned Coffee Grinder
Feminine Corner
Woolen Fleece
Sheep Fleece Close-up
Sheep Companions
Sheep Feeding On Hay
Yawning Boar
Large Boar With Mouth Open in Yawn
Large Black Pig
Large, Black Boar
'The Grass Is Always Greener?'
Chicken Exits Coop
Chicken On Dark Background
Country Farm W/ Red Barns, Maine, USA
City Hall, Hallowell, Maine
Barber Cuts Hair in Old Fashioned Barber Shop
The Haircut
Game of Checkers
Old Fashioned Barber Shop
New England Church Architecture
Victorian Detail
Quilts Hanging Over Railing
Potters' Classroom
Potters' Wheels in Classroom
Close-up of Alpaca Face
Close-up of Alpaca Face
Alpaca Greeting
Full-Body Shot of Young Alpaca
Blue Skies As Seen From Wiscasset Bridge, Maine, USA...
Town of Wiscasset, Maine, and Bridge
"Share The Road" Bicycling Safety Sign
Cut-Out of Bath Bridge, Bath, Maine, USA
Pemaquid Lighthouse - Posterized
Businessman Walking To Work: Find Edges Processing
Half-tone of Carriage House Cupola
School Children On Field Trip
Posterized Red Holiday Candle Bulbs
Posterized Version of Imported Cheeses
School Children On Field Trip
School Children On Field Trip
Outhouse With Patriotic Trappings
Nest in Early Spring Branches
Bath Iron Works Shipbuilding Facility
Tray of Chocolate Truffles in Candystore Display
Chocolate Candies On Display in Candystore
Crossing The Bridge - Dusk in Maine
Leafless Branches of Winter Maple Tree in Black & White...
Bare, Leafless Branches of Winter Maple Tree
Coastal Cottage in Bayside, Maine, USA
Name 'Sly' Carved in Wood - Black & White
Young Lovers Steal a Kiss On The Waterfront
Lighthouse Keeper's House in Black & White
Lighthouse Keeper's House, Marshall Point, Maine
Marshall Point Lighthouse On Clear, Crisp Day in Maine...
Marshall Point Lighthouse On Clear, Crisp Day in Maine...
Spring Garden
Lighted Glass Lampshade
Man Walking Through Seafoam On Stormy Beach
Tail Light and Breast Cancer Support Bow
Daisy Bouquet in Morning Light
Lighted Window in Old Brick Building
Workmen Work From Boom At Warehouse
Museums, Portland, Maine
Battenburg Lace & Yellow Rose
Man Locks Bicycle At Curbside
Boy Uses Computerized GPS
Fancy Cornice of New England House Entry
Fancy Cornice of New England House Entry
Candy Sales Counter
Ice Skates
Glasses of Ice Water W/ Twist of Lemon On Sides
Candy for Sale
Colorful Button Display
Schooners Wintering Over in Camden, Maine
Typical New England Community Civil War Remembrance...
Downhill Snowboarder
Snow Tubing in Maine
Tube Sliders Walking Uphill To Slide Down Again
Closeup of Woman's Hands Knitting
Woman in Muckluck Boots Knits in Doorway
Black and White Pennsylvania Barn in Winter
Empty Pizza Delivery Boxes
78 Rpm Recording Playing On Old Jukebox
Roll of Old Fashioned Theatre Tickets
Fog Hangs Over Damariscotta
Battenberg Lace Tablecloth and Yellow Rose
Battenburg Lace & Rose
Canal in Center of Chicago
Yellow Maples and Stone Wall, New England, USA
Child Development - Rolling Over
Concert Hall
Street Musician Playing Banjo
Wireless Cafe
Backgrounds - Mosaic Tiles
Couple Walking in Neighborhood
Old New England Architecture
Tracks Diverging in Black & White
New England Architecture; Brunswick, Maine - USA
New England Residence
Residential New England Neighborhood
New England Architecture At Bowdoin College, Maine, USA...
Birch Branches Coated With New Fallen Snow
Bath Bridge From Route 1, Maine
Promenade and Portland Harbor
Munjoy Hill, Portland, Maine
Time To Study!
Winter Bicycle
Businessman Walking To Work
Businessman Walks On Streets of Portland, Maine
McClellan House, Portland, Maine
Closeup of Dog's Paw
Phipps Conservatory, Pittsburgh
Phipps Conservatory, Pittsburgh
Carnegie Mellon University Landmark
School Buses & Cathedral of Learning, Pittsburgh
Collapsing Shed
Fog Rolls In
East Boothbay Coastal Reflections
Kaleidoscope Window
Removing Hook From Tail of Mackerel
Upsidedown Binoculars - So Far Away!
Busy Harbor, Boothbay
Windjammer Days in Boothbay Harbor, Maine
Coastal Vacationer
Lighthouse Window, Fence & Atlantic Ocean
Seabird - Greater Shearwater
Amundsen Crew
Pemaquid Light in Full Patriotic Gear!
Pug in Black and White
Lovely Colors in Caladium Leaf
Vine-Covered Upscale Birdhouse
No Tresspassing!
Rocking Chair and Barrels At Antique Shop
Wish You Were Here!
Beacon At Bass Head Lighthouse, Acadia Natnl Park, Maine...
Ledges Above Anemonie Cave, Acadia Natl Park
Mt. Cadillac Views: Acadia National Park
Avian Flu Warning
Avian Flu Warning!
Digital Rendition of First Congregational Church, Belfast, M...
New England Church
Rockland, Maine, Breakwater and Lighthouse
Birdhouse Tenemant
New England Farm
New England Porch
Hanging Plant W/ American Flag Backdrop
Pink Granite
Peruvian Street Musician
Entrance To Woodpecker Nest
Motorcycle Front Fork & Headlights
Blues Brothers Police Cruiser
Pampered Pooch
Petunias for Sale
Young Man Gobbling Hot Dog
Lace Curtain Valance
Motorcycle Headlights and Fork
Camden Harbor, Maine
Seagull Fishing
Dogs - Golden Retriever
Camden Harbor, Maine
Peruvian Street Musician
Small Town USA
Small Airplane Flying Through Blue Skies
Job Applicants Sign
View From Mt. Battie in Camden, Maine Being Photographed...
Tidal Pool
Civil War Statue On New England Common
American Flag Flying On Custom's Building, Portland, Maine...
Wild Turkey Helping Herself To Birdseed
Close-up of a Wild Turkey
Wild Turkey Tracks in The Snow
Wild Turkey Close-up, Head and Neck
Wild Turkey in Yard
Pony Nose
Curious Pony
Wintercoated Pony Walking Toward Camera
Lupine Field & Lobster Wharf On Coast of Maine in June...
Seaside Daydreamer
Man Walks Stormy Beach
Measuring a Bubble in a Contest
Measuring Bubble in Contest
Warm Light in Lighthouse in Ughly Weather
Storm At Pemaquid Point
Woman Flying Kite
Boy Flies Kite
Notebook Mouse & USB Plug
Rural Country Lane in Winter in Maine
Framed Reflection in Ice
Wild Turkey On Porch
Shaggy Ponies in Wintercoats
Silly Alpaca
Winter On Wildcat Creek, Maine
Lupine Field
Winter Marsh, Boothbay, Maine
Alpacas in Barnyard
Close-up of Soft Alpaca's Face
Spring Shadows On Bright, Blue, Wooden Door
Soft Alpace Face Close-up
Winter Marsh
Red Winter Barn
Dedges & Sea in Storm
Ducks - Mergansers in Winter Pond
Tidal Marsh Encased in Winter Ice
Winter 'Sleeping' Goldenrod
Lobster Dock in Boothbay Harbor, Maine
The Sun Sets Over Linekin Bay, Boothbay, Maine
Talking Baby
Baby Girl and Elderly Woman
Purple Lilacs; Spring Flowers
Coastal Wildflower Field, Maine
Motor Yacht Docked At Wharf
Lupine Blossoms
Man Buffing Hull of Sailboat
Old Fashioned Fuel Pump
Ribbon Valentine Heart
Red Ribbon Heart Shape
Match Standing Out of Its Matchbook
Mini-mouse and USB Plug
Single Match Standing Up in Package
Red Holiday Bulbs
USB Cable With USB Symbol
USB Cable Connected To Digital Camera
Nutritional Info Panel From Cereal Box
Nutritional Info On Cereal Box Panel
Ingredients Panel From Cereal Box
Black Bass On Ice
Score Sheet for Scrabble Game
Gambling & Drug Use
Gambling & Drug Use
Sailboat in Drydock
Gambling & Drug Use
Drug Use & Gambline
Program Guide & TV Remote
Holiday Window Candle
Christmas Tree Light
Battery Charger
Tube of Used Lipstick
Closeup of Apple Pie
Holiday Cookies
Close-up of Apple Pie Being Eaten
Mini-Wheat Biscuit Cereal On Spoon
Mini-Wheat Biscuits in Spoon
Gambling With Drug Use
Posterization of Thistle Photo
Concept of Assembly Required
West Highland Terrier W/ Friend
Man Reaches for His Wallet
Banners and Flags
Graffiti Artists
Swimming Mallards
Man Reading Newspaper
Man Does Holiday Shopping
Imported Cheese for Sale
Black Bass On Ice
Portland Lobster Company
Baby Playing With Feet
Stairs, Windows and Shadows
Library Reading Room
Old Book Collection At Patten Public Library
Carriage House Cupola
Curved Stairway and Window; Architectural Detail
Sea Captain's House in Old New England Grandeur
Bed and Breakfast Decked Out for Christmas
Baseball Stands; Behind Home Plate
Female Police Officer Smiling With Child
Christmas Chair
Wrapped Candy & Gift Boxes
Bin of Wrapped Candy and Scale
Sun Sets in Damariscotta, Maine
Wurlitzer Jukebox Circa 1945
Pet Dog Gravestone
Orange in The Afternoon
Goverment Bond Advertisement; Textile Mill in Background...
Textile Mill & Immigrant Workers
Government Bond Advertisement
Pine Needles Lie in Thatched Pattern On Ground
Man Walks From Marshall Point Lighthouse in Spring Rain...
Seagull Feeds On Crab
Ram Island Lighthouse and Shore
Couple Bicycles in Coastal Maine
Motorboat On Summer's Afternoon
White Pine Needles in Thaw Freeze Cycle
Riverlets in Beach Sand
Wetsuited Surfer Walking Out of Winter Surf
Pet Owner Adjusts Dog's Goggles
West Highland Terrier in Goggles
Don't Get Sand in Your Eyes!
Woman Adjusts Dog's Goggles
People Walking On Winter Beach in Maine
Woman Adjusts Dog's Doggles
Pittsburgh From Northshore W/ Bridges
Baby On Blanket
Immigrants and Textile Mill
Lupine Field Through Wide Angle Lens
New England Textile Mill
Grandmother's Love
Grandmother Snuggling With Baby
Lupine Field W/ Dark Forest Background
Orange Crab Legs
Juvenile Cormorant Sits On Rock in Marsh Area
Spring Robin
Songbirds - Scarlet Tananger
Lupine Close-up
Autumn Kayaks
Colorful Sky Over Boothbay Harbor
Warm Embers and Burning Wood in Fireplace
Our Lady of Peace Across Boothbay Harbor
Our Lady of Peace Church in Black & White
Tiffany Style Lamp in Lighted Window
Our Lady of Peace Across Boothbay Harbor
Lighted Clock; Local Boothbay Harbor Landmark
Band Plays Christmas Carols
Holiday Band
Band Members Play Christmas Carols
Santa and Elf
Man in Santa Suit
Curled Birchbark: Black & White
Sailboat Near Sample Boatyard Launch Ramp
Pittsburgh Skyline From Penn Station
Gentleman in Leather Jacket and Shades
Empty Milk of Magnesia Bottles
Autumn Settles On Boothbay Harbor, Maine
Background: Pine Needle Patterns
Sand Textures: Dry and Underwater
Pittsburgh Cityscape From Parkway
New York State Vineyard
Pineneedle Pattern On Ground
Farm Equipment Junkyard
10th Street Bridge and The Bluff, Pittsburgh, PA
Autumn Cove, Maine
Courthouse Bridge, Pittsburgh, PA
Autumn On The Damariscotta River, Maine
Smokestacks At Factory
Autumn in Concord, Massachusetts
Dry and Underwater Sands On Banks of Androscoggin River, Mai...
Curled Bark On Birch Tree
Autumn Through Treecover in Maine
Pine Needle Patterns
Texture in Wet Sand and Underwater Sand Ripples
Partially Filled Grocery Cart
Exit Sign At End of Tunnel
Stadium Lights At PNC Park, Pittsburgh
Banks of Androscoggin River in Winter
Footbridge Over Androscoggin River, Maine
ATM Machine
Roebling Footbridge Over Androscoggin River
Winter On The Androscoggin River
Sheepscott River in Wiscasset, Maine
Sheepscott River On Calm Morning
Baby Strapped Into Cowhide Motif Carseat
Rowhouses On Pittsburgh's Southside
Everything Goes Into The Mouth!
Rail and Opening To State House Dome
Ethernet Workgroup Hub
Lobsterboat Docked On Foggy Day
Old Tractor; Country Fair Amusement
Lobsterboat Docked On Foggy Day
New England Village Street Scene
Mallards and Great Blue Heron Feeding
Mallard Ducks and Great Blue Heron
Great Blue Heron & Ducks Share Shallows To Feed
Coastal Shoreline, Ocean Point, Maine.
Wrought Iron Fence & Church Steeple
Lightpole and Buildings On Streets of New England Village...
Money On Top of Doggie Bag Box; Restaurant Tab Beneath...
Panorama of Great Blue Heron Fishing Action Sequence...
Heron and Ducks Share Feeding Shallows
Heron Walks Away From Mallards Feeding in Shallows
Great Blue Heron W/ Neck Extended; Fishing
Combination of Two Shots of Heron Fishing
Juvenile Great Blue Heron
New England Neighborhood
Burnt Island Lighthouse Through Masts of Sailboat
Coastal Cottage On Island in Maine
Fall Maple Leaves; Varigated
Pink Apple Blossoms
Bridge Superstructure
Front Facade of Unitarian Church in New England
Classic New England Church
Anchor and Bowsprit of Sailing Vessel
Cleat and Nautical Rope
Box Car On Siding; Waterfront
Contradiction Embodied in Sign and Site
Birds - Female Cardinal
Highmark Building and Market Square, Pittsburgh, PA...
Piscataqua River Bridge As Seen From Car
Coal Bin; Old Fashioned Fuel
Scarecrow Found On Industrial Site
Family Worship
Making a Phonecall
Digital Art of Pittsburgh's Convention Center and Skyline...
Bridge Construction in Coastal Town
City Street W/ Small Shops
Wooden Masts Against Blue Sky
Baby Playing With Toothbrush
Teething Baby
Father Feeding Baby; Immitation
Pittsburgh Skyline With Bridges
Baby Eating Bagel
Baby Playing
Baby Sleeping in Back Carrier
Toddler Eating Cracker
Mother and Baby Playing Together
New England Church Front
Pittsburgh's Convention Center and Skyline
Birdhouse On Maple Tree
Mother Smiles At Baby With Love
Baby Pulls Mom's Hair
Mural of The 'Two Andy's' On a Pittsburgh Building
Man Reads Headlines At Newpaper Vending Machines On City Str...
Autumn Countryside
Tree Fungi Growing On Birch Tree Trunk
New England Stonewall
Camp Sits On Edge of Coastal Marsh
Sailing Boats in Winter Drydock
19th Century One-Room Schoolhouse
Worm Trails Through Tree Bark
Colorful Fire Hydrant
Hands Flipping Pages Book
Library Research
Autumn Yellow Maple
Classic Car: Chrysler Woodie
Front Grill of Chrysler Woodie
Chrysler Classic Car: Woodie
Man Shops for Greeting Card
Man Makes Deposit At Bank
Man Drops Mail Into USPS Box
Red Dahlia Blossom W/ Bee in Center
Judge's Gavel
Carousel Horse
Llamas in Barn Stall
Grandfather Playing With Grandson
Orange Harvest Squash
Rusted Anchor At Marshall Point Lighthouse
Parsley Sprigs
Pathway To Truck Through Fall Foliage
Pumpkins On Display At Farmstand
Fresh Carrots
Powerboat On Kennebec River, Maine
High Tension Wires Along Transmission Path
Fall Foliage Frames Country Trail
Thank God It's Friday
Fall Hosta Leaves in Black & White
Church Spires Through Autumn Leaves
Damariscotta River Views
Jewelry - Red Spinel Ring
Jewelry - Red Spinel Ring
Autumn in New England Cemetery
Fall Color in Maple Tree
Scraps From Whittling Site
The Lookouts
Garden Slug
Autumn New England Cemetery
Halloween Scarecrows
Fall Maine Lake
Autumn Maine Marshlands
Maine Wetlands
Golf Cart On Golf Course
Autumn Countryside W/ Farm Fence in Foreground
Pink Columbine
Coastal Wetlands in Fall
Autumn Yellows On Fields and Trees
Lichen Growing On Downed Birch Log
Old Wooden Dinghy Rowboat
Small Mushroom in Front of Larger Group
Mushroom Growing in Grass
Mushroom Caps W/ Curled Edges
Fungi Pushing Through Dead Leaves
Concept: Pushing
Mushrooms Growing Among Dead Leaves
Digital Art: Graceful Fern
Filtered Version of Graceful Fern
Graceful Fern in Black & White
Fern Turns Brown in Fall
Pair of Fungi
Red New England Barn
Autumn Road Through The Countryside; Maine
Juvenile Cormorant Perched on Marsh Rock
Maple Foliage Reflected in Marsh Stream
Mushroom Pushes Fall Leaf As It Pushes Through The Earth...
Maple Trees in Shades of Red and Yellow
Fall Maple Leaves: Watercolor Treatment in PhotoShop...
Sun Reflected in Marsh Water: Autumn Leaves
Sun Shines On Small Mushroom
Sun Shines On Small Mushroom
Bicycle Front Wheels W/ Blue Neon Glow
Bicycle Pedal Assembly: Color Halftone
Closeup of Bicycle Pedal Assembly
Bicycle Pedal Assembly: Filtered
Closeup of Bicycle Pedal Assembly
House With Interesting Roof Gables
New England Cemetery; Early Fall
Brick Walkway Surrounded by Fall Foliage
Halloween & Patriotism Displayed
Autumn Foliage in New England
Bush Family Vacation Home
People Wave for TV Camera On Morning News Show
Bush Family Retreat
Religious Education: School
Varigated Fall Maple Leaf in Midst of Color Change
Autumn Varigated Maple Leaf
Garden Trellis
Ornamental Fence and Fall Foliage
Yellow Fall Daisies
Residential Street On New England Fall Day
Couple Works Together On Computer
Man Reads in Library
Boothbay Harbor in The Rain and Fog
Couple Braces Against The Rain
New Architecture in Black & White
Palm Cradle, Stylus and USB Plug
Baby's Attention is Glued
Fareway of Country Fair
Fall Rain in Boothbay Harbor
Classic Sea Captain's Home, Maine
Boy Drives Nail Into Boards for Fun
Lantern Light Pole
Pink Mum Blossom in Morning Dew
Foggy Boothbay Harbor, Maine
Oxen in Yoke
Macro of Garden Spider
Woman Grooming Sheep for Agricultural Fair
Second in Series on Clean Energy
Tour Bus; Door Opened
Monarch and a Painted Lady Butterfly
Autumn Storefront
Sugar Shack
Clean Energy Generation Via Windmill
Ferns on Border of Forest
Sailing Vessel; Boom, Sail & Flag
Fishing Boat in Dry Dock
Cup, Saucer and Teapot
Bull Mastiff Face
Shovel of Bucket Loader
Edgecomb & Damariscotta River
Construction Equipment
Old New England Home
Business Women
Autumn's Colorful Foliage in Maine
Autumn Maple Leaf on Auto Window
Bags of Woolen Fiber
Two Businesswomen Meet
Wagon Wheel and Seat
Marina at Brown's Wharf, Boothbay Harbor, Maine
Dinghy Calmly at Dock
The Old Port; Commercial Street
Barrel Cacti
Classic New England Church
Classic Car: Chrysler
Monarch Butterfly on Flower Blossom
Digitally Manipulated View of New England Residence...
Old Custom House, Portland, Maine
Cobblestones & Brick
Commercial Street Scene, Portland, Maine
Outdoor Business Meeting
Business Women; Outdoor Meeting
Bull Mastiff Face On White Background
Businesswomen Hold Meeting on Park Bench
Businesswomen Meet Outdoors
Zinnia Blossom Gone to Seed
Square Rigger's Masts in Black and White
Small Boy Plays On Tractor
Old Farm Equipment: Steel Wheel
Stagecoach On Display At Country Fair
Petting a Soft Nose At a Country Fair
Drydock for Square Rigger, Gazela
Two Women and Their Mules
Juggler Entertains Children
Wool in Basket; Knitting Supplies
Old Fashioned Blacksmithing
Fire Pit for Beanhole Beans
Garden Row of Sunflowers
Harvest Vegetables
Fall Harvest Vegetables
Large, Sweet Onions in Net Bag
Learning To Change Bike Tires
Concept Photo: Teamwork
Concept Photo: Teamwork
Waterfront in Portland, Maine
Bicycle Tire Change
Grandmother Protects Grandchildren
Impressionist View of Damariscotta River
Damariscotta River in Impressionistic Fog
Street Construction Equipment
Defoliating Worm
Shoe on Edge of Waste Bin
Grasses and Weeds Making Wild Designs
Rows of Cabbage in Fall Garden
Yellow Catepillar
Yellow Catepillar
Forestry Equipment: Wood Chipper
Ferns and Shadows of Ferns
Hydrangea Blossom
Teapot and Plate With Bagels: Breakfast
Classic New England Residence
Yellow Catepillar
Pink Chrysanthemum
Cobbled Street, Portland, Maine
McClellan House, Portland, Maine
Spring Apple Blossoms
Scarecrow Couple
East Boothbay Dock
Sample Boatyard Dock
Lighthouse Bell at Marshall Point Light, Maine
Friendship Sloop Bay Lady
Toothless Baby Smiling
Pair of Chairs
Classic Architecture in Westbrook Public Library
Rose Hips; Beach Plums
Birdhouse With Flower Background
Masts of Square Rigger Docked at Boothbay Harbor, Maine...
Yellow Sunflowers
Sailboat at Boothbay Harbor, Maine
Baby Talks To Book
Tugboats in Portland Harbor, Maine
Garden Sign Welcomes People
Chair and Signs
Man Painting House
Waterfront Home
Commercial Divers
Ford Mustang Classic Car
Portland Waterfront With Fireboat
Opened Flip Phone - Cellphone
Snaggle-Toothed Bull Mastiff Dog
Eastern Orthodox Church
Doors & Windows
Coastal Kayaker, Maine
Coastal Maine
City Hall, Bath, Maine
View of Linekin Bay, Boothbay, Maine
Flowers on Cottage Steps, Maine
Summer Cottage, Maine
Relaxation On Coastal Maine
Rollerblading Couple
Dragonfly on Screen; B & W
Dragonfly on Screen
Closeup of Cute Infant
Bath Town Square W/ Signs, Clock and Maine Street
Bath City Hall, Davenport Memorial Building
City Hall, Bath, Maine
Small Town Construction Project
Small Town Construction Project
Small Town Construction Project
Small Town Construction Site
Kennebec River
Construction Crew
Lighted Tea Candle
Construction Crew
Ring Setting & Pink Tourmaline Trillion
Ring Setting & Pink Tourmaline Trillion
Teacup Held by Handle
Tootsie Roll Pop
Hor Doeurve Sticks in Abstract
Wild Turkey
Sunset Over Linekin Bay, Boothbay, Maine
Eighteen Wheeler's Tire Treads
Truck Grill W/ Dead Butterfly; Roadkill
Ship's Bell on Maine Schooner
Dock Through Anchor Rope Guide
Marine Diesel Engine
Fern Leaf in Black & White
Flash Attachment
City of Portland Through Porthole Window
Worn Garage; Weathered
Nautical Lanterns
Floods on The Penobscot River in Maine
Adventurine Mineral Slice
Knitting Needles and Yarn
John Ford Memorial, Portland, Maine
Wine Bottle Cork Replacement
Off Camera Flash Attachment
Knitting Needles and Yarn
Strawberry Growing on Plant
Blister Pack With Pills Inside
Cat Catches a Fly
Abstract of Plastic Hor Doeuvre Picks
Cell Phone Being Charged
Camera Phone With Photos
Camera Phone
Customs House, Portland Maine
Trolley on Streets of Portland, Maine
Yarn and Needles - Knitting
Startled Baby in Funny Hat
Woman Pushing Wheelchair
Man Walking Down Outdoor Stairs
Heinz Stadium Upper Deck
Heinz Stadium Towers Over Woman Resting On Bench
Cottage on Vermont Pond
Grazing Sheep
Coaster at Amusement Park
Reminiscent of 911, Airplane and Building
Shady Character
Sleeping Cat
Dormer and Slate Shingles of Roof
Historic Pittsburgh Building, Old Post Office
Array of Inkjet Prints
View of Southside & 10th Street Bridge, Pittsburgh
Roberto Clemente Bridge and Steeler's Fans
Towboat on Ohio River in Pittsburgh
Elevated View of Street Leading To Roberto Clemente Bridge...
Fire Escape in Tall Building
Reading Room and Computer Lab At Carnegie Library
Electricity Generation Via Windmill
Ship's Bell on Maine Schooner
Electricity Generation Via Windmill
Rope Boat Bumper
Dinosaur Bone Shadows on Floor
Boom, Mast, Ropes & Pulleys of Schooner
Dock on Overcast Day
Man Sitting on Dock
White Cosmos Snuggled in Leaves
Painted Tongue; Salpiglossis Sinuata
Bathrobe Baby
Orange Cone Flowers
Classic Antique Ford
Maine Lobsterboat
Lobsterboats Docked in Boothbay Harbor, Maine
In a Hurry
Boat Moored in Picturesque Scene
Sidewalk Sales
Cobblestone Streets & City Block, Portland, Maine
Man Looks at Mural
Boy Fishes From Dock in Portland Harbor, Maine
Water Taxi Stand in Portland, Maine
Ferries At Dock in Portland Harbor, Maine
Waterfront, Portland Maine
Marina, Portland, Maine
Urban Marina, Portland, Maine
Marina, Portland, Maine
Portland, Maine Waterfront
Lunch Break on The Portland, Maine, Waterfront
LIttle Girl Fishes From Dock
Community Green in Camden, Maine
Pemaquid Lighthouse on an Overcast Day
Nautical Ropes & Chains
Classic Friendship Sloop
Man Gathers Logs From Woodpile
Grandfather and Grandson Playing
Rope Coiled on Deck of Vessel
Beach Rose W/ Japanese Beetle
Woman Pushing Wheelchair
Logs in Woodpile
Pile of Firewood
Wood Keeper
Friendship Sloop Sails Boothbay Harbor, Maine
Friendship Sloop Sailing Boothbay Harbor
Fishermen Unload Lobster Bait in a Maine Harbor
Trays of Steams at Picnic Table
Corn on The Cob With a Row Eaten
Lobster Bake is Enjoyed at Picnic
Lobsterboats Docked in Boothbay Harbor, Maine
Community Center in Bath, Maine, W/ Town Hall and Signature ...
Classic New England City Hall
Old Fashioned Country General Store, Maine
Composite of Beach Surf and Fencing
Summer Cottages On Coast of Maine
Adirondack Chairs Overlooking Ocean
Our Lady of Peace
Cat Sits On Coastal Doorstep
Sails On Horizon At Ocean Point, Maine
Garden Trellis Bordered by Yellow Coneflowers
Fishing Gear On Lawn
Man Stuffs Car With Vacation Paraphenalia
Maine Vacationers Sit in Their Beach Chairs Overlooking Line...
Shore Garden on Ocean Point, Maine
New England Porch at Linekin Bay B&B
Seagull Lives Up To His Reputation
Tourists Gaze at Boothbay Harbor, Maine
Woodlands: Tree Trunk & Black-eyed Susans
Maine Lobsterboat From The Water
Father Walks On Beach W/ Baby On Shoulders
Excursion Helicopter
Cut Glass Sign in Front of Linekin Bay B&B
Linekin Bay B&B Backyard Faces The Water
Linekin Bay B&B On Coast of Maine
Linekin Bay B&B On Coast of Maine
New England Porch At Linekin Bay B&B
Wagon in Front of Maine B&B
Marshall Point Lighthouse From Ledges Below
Marshall Point Keeper's House From Lighthouse Walkway...
White Cosmos Blossoms
Patriotic Bunting and Stars
Old Fashioned General Store
Classic Wooden Lobster Trap
Jordan Pond
Sailboat on Horizon; Hazy Summer's Day in Maine
Pemaquid Lighthouse and Surrounding Fence
Marshall Point Lighthouse As Seen From Keeper's House...
Village Park, Bar Harbor, Maine
Chickens Feeding At Trough
Artist Paints Evergreen
Maine Fishing Shack
Walk on Beach, Reid State Park, Maine
Evening At Waterfront Park, Bar Harbor, Maine
Wildflowers and Lighthouse
Marshall Point Lighthouse Framed by Porch Pillars
Woman Gleefully Points To Her Favorite Food
Underside of Bridge
Main Street, Camden, Maine
Falls in Camden, Maine
Patriotic Wishing Well
Jet Trails Over Maine Cove
Cape Cod Architecture, New England
Wild Turkey
Wild Turkey
Gardens at Pemaquid Lighthouse
Periwinkle Colored Seed Pods
Artist Paints on Canvas
Wharf Pilings on Sheepscot River
Jet Trails Over Maine Cove
Schooner Moored in Harbor at Bar Harbor, Maine
Scenic View of Jordan Pond
Thunder Hole at Acadia National Park, Maine
Classic New England Protestant Church
Plant Seed Pods
Warning Sign at Pemaquid Lighthouse
Thistle Plant With Bee
People Enjoy Sea Air At Wells Beach, Maine
Seawall At Wells Beach
Chickens Feeding at Trough
Farm Chicken
Close-up of Rooster
Brown Lamb Standing in Pasture
Fog Hangs Over Maine Marsh
Wooden Boats for Sale
Tarp is Removed After Rainstorm at Ballpark
Flower Filled Meadow On The Maine Coast
Coastal Wedding Canopies
Whale Watching Cruise Boat in Boothbay Harbor, Maine...
Schooner East Wind At Dock
Lobsterman Drags Keeper On Dock
Motorbike Helmet
Two Men Browse a Craft Show Looking At Paintings
Boothbay Harbor, Maine
Inner Harbor, Boothbay Harbor, Maine
Harbor Seakayakers
Posterized Motorbike Wheel
Window Washer
Maine Sailing Vessel
Woman Daydreams As She Gazes Out Over Harbor
Bicycle Dreams
Fuled Jib/Genoa
Wicker Rocking Chairs
Cherries in Scoop
Rock Garden Fountain
High Key Closeup of Lupine Blossom
People Walking On Beach Covered in Sea Foam
Flowers: Petunias
Public Dock On a Foggy Maine Day
Cottages Along Coast in Maine
Flowered Meadow With Coastal Backdrop
Adirondack Chairs At Ocean Point, Maine
Man Pays for Concession Foods At Baseball Game.
Concessioneer At Baseball Game Makes Change
Little Drip
Dinghies With Cute Names
Maine Wharf With Umbrellas
Garbage Dumped by Railroad Tracks
Umbrella Come Out in a Shower At The Baseball Game
Fountain and Gazebo, Bath, Maine
Couple Kayaks On Maine Coast
Marina in Boothbay Harbor, Maine
Kayakers Make Their Way Into Cozy Harbor, Maine
Yachts Docked At Marina in Boothbay Harbor, Maine
Blue Heron Inn Porch, Boothbay Harbor, Maine
Porch At Blue Heron Inn
Making Waves At The Baseball Game
Stadium Lighting
A-1 Diner in Gardner, Maine.
Porch, Blue Heron Inn
Bush League
Airport Unloading Zone
Fast Food At The Ballgame
Pleading for Relief From This Indignation!
Composite of Baby Faces
Moose Warning
Forlorn Baby
Baby Girl Drooling
Beach Rose
Sunset Over Boothbay Harbor in Fog
Owl Decoy on Wharf in Boothbay, Maine
Zigzag of Wharves in Foggy Maine
Woman Flying Kite On Beach
Ripe Banana Slices
Sliced Bananas
Baby Feet
Baby Pulls Pacifier To Her Mouth
Baby With Surprised Expression (BW Version)...
Piping Plover At The Seashore
Baby in Towel At Beach
Baby 'Reads' Cloth Book
Smiling Baby; Drooling Mouth
Baby Looks Up To Mother
Dimpled Infant's Hand
Baby Appears To Be a Voracious Reader!
Baby Chews Toes
Baby Sleeps On Dad's Shoulder
Baby Waves and Smiles
Smiling Baby; Hands at Mouth
Big-Eyed Baby Smiling; Hands At Mouth
Cute Baby in Knit Cap
Baby Being Fed From Bottle
Seagull Steps Onto Picnic Table At Seaside
Doorstep To Summer Porch
Baby W/ Surprised Expression
Baby in Sunglasses
Coastal Maine in The Fog
Lupine Flowers With Coastal Backdrop (Maine)...
Wildflower Meadow With Harbor Background
Maine Harbor in Early Evening Fog
Norweigan Elkhound Closeup
Little Boy Dressed As Spiderman Held by Grandfather...
Bright Yellow Garden Spider in Lupine Blossoms
Bright Yellow Garden Spider in Lupine Blossoms
Coastal Maine Fog
Work Cubicles With Men On Computers
Hosta Leaves Covered in Rain Drops
Orange Kitten in Portrait Frame
Spring Launching of Sailboat
Trains: Old Fashioned Passenger Car and Caboose
Lily With Soft Flower Background
Gerber Daisies
White Lilac Blossom
Green Hosta
Monotone of Lupine Bud Among Leaves
Digital Enhancement of Lupine Bud and Leaves
Lupine Bud Among Green Lupine Leaves
Lupine Wildflowers Blooming in Spring Meadow
Field of Wildflowers (Lupine & Buttercup)
Field of Lupine Spikes
Small Flags Ready for July Celebrations
Direct Front View of Seagull on Wharf
Vehicles Lined up at Dealership
Lupine Jungle in Black & White
Theater Popcorn Dispenser
Lupine Field Against Dark Background
Pink & Blue/Purple Lupine Spike Blossoms
Lupine Bud and Green Leaves
Classic Old Wurlitzer Jukebox
Fog On Sheepscott River At Dawn
Flag Banners Decorate Brown's Wharf Marine in Boothbay Harbo...
Lobsterboats in Boothbay Harbor, Maine in Late Day Sun...
Spring Colors Liven up a Scene of a Rural New England Road...
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's Family Home in Portland, Maine...
Red Lobsterboat Docked in Maine Waters
Docked Sailboat w/ Reflections in Calm Water; Marina...
Boat Tied up at Dock; Reflected in Calm Water
Close-up of Boat Bow and Rope; Boat Tied to Dock
Sign Giving Directions for What to Do if Whales are Sited on...
Purple Rhododendron Blossoms
Boothbay Harbor, Maine
Fog Creeps up Damariscotta River Around Docked Tugboat....
Wharf in Boothbay Harbor, Maine, Shrouded in Fog
Fog Descends on Boothbay Harbor
Blurred Bouquet of Flowers
Fog on the Damariscotta River, Maine
Church Steeple Under Scaffolding - Black & White
Bright Green and Pink Blossoms of Spring Trees
Fancy Picket Fence
Sidewalk with Old Fashioned Street Lamp and Rail Fence...
Woman Lays Stone for Wall
Woman Lays Stone for Wall
Public Chalkboard
Mailbox in Middle of Summer Garden
Elderly Man Mows Lawn
Sea Tow Boat Docked on Kennebec River in Bath, Maine...
Woman Bricklayer Laying Stone for Wall
Apple Blossoms on Village Green
Yellow Frescia Bouquet
Tank Truck Delivers Gasoline To Station
Connections Between Truck Cab and Tanker Trailor
Man Delivers Geraniums
Old Cannon Among Spring Apple Blossoms
Farm Ducks Swim in Pond
Kites in Blue Sky
Female Red Start Warbler on Branch
Wild Violets Through Bicycle Wheel
New England Village Square With Spring Flowers
Angelique Pink Tulips
Yellow/Purple Pansies
Stairwell in Maine State Capitol
Black and White Daisy
Nautical Wreath on Maine Schooner
Symbol for 'No' or 'Not'
Background Image of American Flag
Close-up of White Daisy, Yellow Center
Yellow Spring Tulip
Songbird - Scarlet Tanager
Fieldstone House
Wooden Flower Cart
Spring Rain
Coastal Cottages, Maine
Old Fashioned Red Caboose
Chipmunk Close-up
Red Squirrel
Red Squirrel Plays Peek-A-Boo
Close-Up of Yellow Tulip Blossoms
Cans of Colorful Crayons
Jukebox Close-up
Little Girl Plays in Mirror While Mom Shops
Raindrops on Water - Blue/Green Background
Raindrops on Water; Blue Background
Red Background; Raindrops on Water
Raindrops on Water - Black & White
Spring in the Rain
Bird Pulls Hair from Feeder for Nestbuilding
Digital Rendition of Porch Bench and Front Door
Man Pours Seed into Birdfeeder
Man Placing Suet in Birdfeeder
Chickadee Perched on White Pine Branch
Reading About Social Responsibility
Coffee Shop w/ Window on the World
One Less SUV
American Flag Tree Ornament
Game of Hacky Sack
Birds - Chipping Sparrow
Mackerel Clouds
Plate of Tomatoes on Summer Table
Underside of Pink Carnation Blossom
Pink Carnation Blossom
Lobster Traps Stacked on Coastal Dock in Maine
Close-up of White Carnation
Lobster Boat in the Fog
White Farm Ducks Waddle Toward Pond
Women Watch Birds
Naturalized Spring Daffodils
Black-Throated Blue Warbler
Birdwatcher Photographs Spring Migrations
Rocky Maine Coast
Rocky Maine Coast
New England Street Bordering Cemetery and Neighborhood...
Spring Daffodil
Spring Tulips
Lobster Boat in Harbor
American Bittern Camouflaged in Alders
White Daisy Close-up
Delicate Spring Lily
Farm Geese with Pond Reflections
Purple and White Pansy Blossoms
Pink Apple Blossoms
Puppy Pitbull on Owner's Lap
Swirled Candy Background
Spring Pansies
Decorative Light Outside Office Building
Bluets in Rock Garden
Pansies in Homemade Pots
Birds - Black-Masked Warbler
East Boothbay Harbor, Maine
Bridge Superstructure
Birds - Scarlet Tananger
Birds - Baltimore Oriole
Birds - Baltimore Oriole
Birds - Scarlet Tananger
Birds - Black-Masked Warbler
Colorful Doorway to Antique Shop
Daisy w/ Blue/Green Tint
White Daisy w/ Petal Falling
Barn in Late Stages of Decay
Green Parsley Stalk
Woman Approaches Emergency Entrance of Hospital
Red Squirrel
Marshall Point Lighthouse, Maine
Steeples of Church and County Building in Wiscasset, Maine....
Railroad Crossing Signs
Perscription Medication
Sign in Antique Store Window
Raw Salmon Fillet on Ice
Teaball with Dry Tea at Base
Teaball Sits with Tea on Lighted Surface
Teaball Sits with Tea on Lighted Surface
Tea Ball w/ Tea
Traffic Back-up in Wiscasset, Maine
Work Horse
Business Signs on New England Street
Sign Warns of Poison Ivy
Old Fashioned Fire Engine
Gauges on Fire Truck
Old Fashioned Fire Engine
Lettering on Side of a Fire Engine
Pomeranian Dog
New England Homestead
Little Boy Plays Star Wars w/ Light Sabor
Blue Skies and Clouds
Fishermen's Boots and Slickers Stand at Curb
Old Fashioned Spinning Wheel
Young Woman Spins Yarn on Spinning Wheel
Surf Crashes off Granite Ledges at Reid State Park, Maine...
Bird House in Spring Blossoming Fruit Tree
Oxen Napping
Oxen Napping
Little Girl Blows a BIG Bubble in a Contest
White Birch Tree on Banks of Penobscot River, Maine....
Birch Tree on Banks of Penobscot River, Maine
Church on Village Green in Wiscasset, Maine
Spring Forsythias
Child's Yard Swing on Flowering Fruit Trees
Yard w/ Flowering Pink Crabapple Tree
Bird House Outside Old Victorian House
Spring Sky
Schooner Fleet on Spring Day
View of Pittsburgh from Gateway Clipper Fleet Docks...
Deck and Harbor on Rainy Spring Day, Maine
Colorful Feather Background
Duquesne Incline, Pittsburgh
Marshall Point Lighthouse, Maine
Pittsburgh & Bridges Over Allegheny River
Marshall Point Lighthouse Grounds
Marshall Point Lighthouse Side View
Marshall Point Lighthouse, Maine
Close-up of Barrel of Daffodil Blossom
Osprey Soars in Sky
Osprey Returns to Nest
Osprey Returns to Nest
Portland Head Lighthouse Gets a Spring Paint Job
Old Chairs & Colorful Seltzer Bottles
Pegleg Pete
Coastal Tidal Pool Algae
Green Algae Growing in Coastal Tidal Pool
New England Storm Door
Blue Storm Door w/ Shadowed Wreath
Rock Cairn Balances on Shore
Cat Sleeps on Patchwork Quilt
Cat Sleeps on Patchwork Quilt
Woman Flies Kite on Beautiful Spring Day
Woman Flies Kite on Beautiful Spring Day
Chipmunk Grooms His Face
Chipmunk Cleans His Tail
Portland Head Lighthouse Gets a Spring Paint Job
Portland Head Lighthouse Gets a Spring Paint Job
Portland Head Lighthouse Gets a Spring Paint Job
Portland Head Lighthouse Gets a Paint Job
Spring Kite Flying
Surf Crashes Against Granite Ledges on Maine Beach
Beach at Reid State Park on Cool, Early Spring Day
Hot Air Balloon Races at Pittsburgh
Bank Buildings on Liberty Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA
Allegheny County Courthouse Courtyard
Swallowtail Butterfly on Flower
Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh, PA
Pig Pens
Pie Case in a Classic Old Roadside Diner
McDonald Lodge at Glacier National Park
Colorful Row Boat Docked in Camden Harbor, Maine
Sailor Gets Schooner Ready for Summer Tourist Trade...
Camden Harbor, Maine in early spring
Farmer Brings Cows in For Milking
Detail Around Windows in Bank Building in Coastal Maine....
Launching of Lobsterboat in Maine
Old Fishing Vessel
Caulking on Boat Hull in Boatyard
Wooden Masts of Sailboat Against Clear, Blue Sky w/ Moon...
Sailboats Ready for Launch
Lobster Boat is Launched into Rockland Harbor, Maine...
Lobsterboat Tied up at Granite Dock, Maine (Black & Whit...
Coastal Dock Sits on Shore Waiting for Summer Boating Season...
Buoys Rest on Dock Pre-Season
Channel Markers Sit at Rest on Dock
Close-up of Keel of Old Fishing Vessel
Old Fishing Vessel Prop & Keel
Coastal Docks Before the Season
Two Tugs Docking
Tugboat Tied Up to Dock
Regatta Balloon Races
Allegheny County Courthouse Interior
Maine Schooner at Anchor
Man Stops at Light on Motorcycle
Close-up of Pitbull Pup
Snake-Like Cactus Plant
Man Motors to Boat Anchored in Harbor
Air Inversion over the Monongahela River in Pittsburgh, PA...
Large Workhorse
People Cue up for the Bathrooms
Daffodils in the Snow
Allegheny River, Pittsburgh, PA
Summer Weather Air Inversion Over Pittsburgh, PA
Bank Vault Door
Helm of Schooner in Maine
Seagull Balances in the Wind on Top of Schooner Mast...
Eastern European Cathedral in Pittsburgh, PA
Young Man Eats Lunch From a Can
Colorful Dinghy Tied Up at Dock
Gateway Center Glows in Background (Pittsburgh, PA)...
Jet Trails in Blue Sky
Pitbull Pup with Soft Sunny Background
Pitbull Pup Naps in Owner's Lap
Pitbull Pup With Soft Sunrise Background
Cute Pitbull Pup Sits in Friend's Lap
Motorcycle Rider at Stop Sign
Photographer Shoots From Ledges in Maine
Tomatoes and Pineapple Side-by-side
Bills Signed By the Governor are Posted Here
Interior of Maine State Capitol Under Dome
Exterior Elevation of Maine State Capitol in Early Spring...
House of Representatives Interior, Maine
Lobster Boats, Traps and Sales
Flood Waters Thunder Through Dam on Penobscot River in Maine...
Wine Bottles in Various Display Modes
Classic Ford Pick-up Truck Parked in Front of New England Ho...
Close-up of Wrought Iron Fence Around Stephen King's Home in...
Close-up of Wrought Iron Fence Around Stephen King's Home...
Motorcycle Rider at Stop Sign
Stephen King's Home in Bangor, Maine
Politician Tom Allen of Maine Shakes Hands
Author Stephen King's Home in Bangor, Maine
Stephen King's Home in Bangor, Maine
Burlap Bag of Costa Rican Coffee
Swirl of Colorful Candy
Signs Warns of Damage to Dunes
Hall of Flags
West Highland Terrier on Beach by Dunes
View of State House Dome Through Skylite
State Capitol from Front Steps
Through the Doorway of Legislative Law Library
Interior View of Maine State Capitol Dome
Coastal Scene in Maine
Reserved Parking Sign
Bale of Recycled Food Cans in Reclamation Dump
Frontal View of Maine Capitol Building
Digital Enhancement of Pink Lilies
Lights Glow Yellow and Pink in Urban Doorway at Dusk...
Soft Light Floods Canopied Doorway at Dusk
Boys Playing Uno Card Game
Boys Playing Uno Card Game
Close-up of Pink Lily
Summer Squash
White Roses Falling in Profusion on Rose Bush
Red Squirrel Freezes in Fright on Deck
Wooden Sailboat is Rigged for Sail
Pidgeons Sit on Dormers of Urban Building
Brownstone Residence Detail
New England Brownstones
New England Architecture and Fall Foliage
Cans Compacted for Recycling
Close-up of Pink Lily Blossom
Farm Fence Reflected in Pond Surface
Spring Magnolias
Calla Lily in Soft Focus
Arena Seating
Oars and Oar Locks
Colorful Dog Treats
Bank Vault Door
Satellite Dish on Roof
Infant & Cat Getting Acquainted
Black Rooster
Western Saddles
Equestrian Tack Hangs in Tack Room
Spark Plugs in Marine Engine
Pollution in the Snow
Japanese Maple Leaf Background
Technology is Sexy!
Calla Lily
Man Dreams of Bigger Toys!
Man Reads Newspaper in the Park
Ice Fishing Camps in Storage
Ice Fishing Camps in Storage
Japanese Maple Leaf Canopy
Handheld Docked w/ Stylus
Victorian Birdhouse
New England Yard w/ Stockade Fence & Birdhouse
Flames and Embers Glow from Woodstove
Spring Tulips
Golden Sunlight Casts a Yellow Light at Pemaquid
Three Snowmen Stand in a Front Yard in Maine
Handheld Device and Docking Station; Stylus
American Flag Checkmark
Tourmaline Ring on Bed of Pearls and lace
Hazardous Winter Road
Snowman w/ Bright Spring Light Glowing on Him
Sunflower Bud
Framed Snow Shadows
Spring Flowers in Floral Frame
Photographer 'Shoots' Pemaquid Light
Photographer 'Shoots' Pemaquid Light
Daisy Fading to Yellow Leaves
Old Architecture Dwarfed by New
Marble Staircase At Allegheny Community College
Skaters Enjoy City Skating Rink (Pittsburgh)...
Pit Bull Curls Up on Sofa
Singular Gaze of a Pit Bull
Couple Eats Lunch on Stairs Among Fall Foliage
Rusting Tractor Steering Wheel as Seen in Junkyard
Tractor Wheel Lies Among Fall Vegetation at Junkyard...
Colorful Ferns and Trees Border Pond in Fall
Amtrak at Train Stop
Glass and Angles of a Modern Structure
Trees Stand Against a Gray Ski in a Winter Field
Windmills Generate Electicity on the Hillsides of Pennsylvan...
Well Pumps and Soft Drink Boxes at Junkyard
Fifth Avenue is the Main Artery of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania...
Close-up of a Farm Pig
Spring Apple Blossoms
Aggressive Canadian Geese
Rooster Crowing His Morning Wake-up Call
Two Geese Stand in Warning
White Farm Geese Mirror Each Other's Movements
Free Range Chicken
Wading Birds - Great Blue Heron
Fall Foliage Provides Colorful Canopy
Expanse of Fall Foliage
Woman Walks Her Dog
Fall Leaves and Sky Reflected in Stream
Ornamental Cherry Trees in Full Fall Foliage
Birds: Great Blue Heron
Pet Pillows
Colorful Birdhouses
Wet, Dirty Cobbles on City Street
Man Reads Newspaper in Coffee Shop
Icy Boothbay Harbor, Maine in Winter
Lobster Boats on Winter Harbor
Reflection of Barn in Water
Schooners at Anchor in Camden Harbor, Maine
Eagle Mast Head in Black and White
Close-up of Poppy Bud
Classic New England Farm
Four Masted Schooner at Bar Harbor, Maine
Kitten in Hand
Infant Studies Mother's Face
Pink Tulip w/ White Opaque Overlay
Yellow Daffodils
Digital Art - Daffodils
Norweigan Elkhound Enjoys Winter's Snow
Norweigan Elkhound Enjoys Winter's Snow
Adirondack Chairs Overlooking Jordan Pond, Arcadia National ...
Mt. Cadillac Walking Trails
Pink Tulip w/ Sun Shining Through Opaque Petals
Rigging Schooners in Spring
Bird Box in Summer Field with Tree Swallow Perched
Boats Moored Along Dock in Portland, Maine
Ropes and Dolly
Boy and His Dog Rest Near Shore on a Foggy Summer Day...
View of Pittsburgh from Mt. Washington at Night
Falling Structure
Winter Farm and fallow field in Winter
Winter in a Thomaston, Maine cemetery.
Decorative Snowman
Wild Turkey W/ Colorful Feathers
Black & White of Poinsettia
Dump Truck and Shovel At Construction Site
Lighted Christmas Windows In Shops In Small Maine Town...
Typical New England Town At Dusk In Winter
Buying New Winter Boots
Woman Photographs Family
Heavy Equipment At Construction Site
John Deere Shovel At Construction Site
Scallop Shell Hangs On Evergreen Tree At Christmas
Gold Ornament On Christmas Tree
Holiday Ornament Hangs On Tree
Workman's Tools
Community Building Clock Steeple
Sand On Dunes Bury Storm Fence
Sprawling New England Farmstead
Hosta Leaves Bitten By Frost In Fall
Hosta Leaves Killed By Frostbite
Colorful Bouquet (Pinks, Yellows & Oranges)...
Old Billboard W/ Ripped Paper
Winter In the Park (Benches In Black & White)...
Holiday Ornaments Hang In Store Window
Pennsylvania Barn In Winter
Ornamental Oranges On Tree
Outdoor Park Seating In the Snow - Winter
Sample Frames Provide an Interesting Background
Wild Turkey Mother and Her Brood
Wild Turkeys Feed Under Yard Birdfeeders
Boothbay Harbor, Maine, On a Winter Night
Ornaments On Christmas Tree - Pine Cone
Snow Plow In Snowstorm
Forest At Night
Night Sky, Moon, Clouds and Evergreens (Horizontal)...
Pemaquid Lighthouse By Moonlight/Cloud Cover
Pemaquid Lighthouse By Moonlight
Scissors, Coupons, Grocery List
Gilkey Harbor Lighthouse, Maine
Glkey Harbor Lighthouse, Maine
The Cuckolds Lighthouse Sits On a Rock Protuberance Off Sout...
Bouquet of Grecian Windflowers and Mums
Mother Buries Son In Sand At Beach Much To His Glee!...
Lovely Street Musician Plays Violin
Boston Terrier Gets Piggyback Ride and Loves It!
Safety Fan Boat Makes a Quick Trip Through the Marshes of Wo...
Sheep Outside Barn In Farmyard
Cuckolds Lighthouse W/ Sailboat Sailing By
Red Squirrel Freezes On Branch of Tree
Early Red Leaves On Fall Maple
Yellow Warbler Sits On Tree Branch
Black & White of Ornamental Cabbage
Purple & Green Ornamental Cabbate Close-up
Close-up of Daisy In Bouquet
Adirondack Chairs In Garden By Ocean
Hairy Woodpecker On Tree
Birds - Bushtit
Chickadee At Feeder - Sunflower Seed In Bill
Hairy Woodpecker On Suet Feeder
Birds - Hairy Woodpecker
Songbird - Bushtit
Bluejay On Tree Branch
Tufted Titmouse Sits On Feeder Pole
Coastal Maine On Raw Fall Day
Little Girl Runs To Catch Up W/ Family At Beach
Large Family In Too Small Boat
Barber Pole
Long, Tall Glass of Iced Tea
Close-Up of Pink Blossom
Colorful Sunset On Thompson's Gut, Boothbay, Maine
Woman Reads Book By the Sea
Father & Daugher Together At the Ocean
Young Woman Raises The Genoa of Old Fashioned Friendship Slo...
Sailboat W/ Colorful Jib
Group of Young People Tie Up Kayaks After Excursion...
Seagull W/ Eyes Shaded By Wing
Ships Wheel Isolated From Background
Decorative Display of Peppers At Market
Decorative Flower Border W/ Fence
Fall In New England
Country Road In New England W/ Colorful Fall Foliage...
Circular Staircase In Black and White
Arching Marble Staircase - Portland City Hall
Dog Waits For MIstress Outside Small Boutique
Post Office Boxes
New England Church W/ Clock Tower and Steeple
Container Trailor On Highway
Black/White Image of Face of Great Pyrenees Dog
Statue of Buddha; Neutral Background
Rusted Anchor Chain Among Sea Weed
Boater Gets Ready For Winter By Removing Dinghy From Water...
Fuel House of Pemaquid Light From Inside Lighthouse Fence En...
Carved Halloween Pumpkins On Doorstep
Dried Apricots
Fall Leaves On Cobblestone Street
Man Takes Photograph W/ Digital Camera
Close-Up of Pencil Tip W/ Sticknotes In Background
Close-Up of Pencil Tip W/ Sticknotes In Background
Digital Camera - Close Up of Shutter Release and Zoom Lever...
Digital Camera - Close-Up View of LCD Screen and Camera Cont...
Campaign Buttons On Jacket Collar
Close-Up View of LCD Screen and Camera Controls
A Lovely Day To Kabitz In The Park
Concept: Government - Prediction - Unknown - Future...
Grandfather W/ Child On Lap In Park
Lounge Chairs On Deck
Woman Takes Coffee Break
Lobsterman Scarecrow - A Maine Idea!
Woman Takes Coffee Break
New England Home W/ Fallen Leaves and Pumpkins
Marsh On Clear Fall Day
Leaves & Other Debris Float On Surface of Pond
Fall Foliage Reflected In Calm Pond Waters
Wooden Wheels Spin To Power Machinery In Old Saw Mill...
Dome of Maine State Capitol, Augusta
Dome and Facade of Maine State House
Governor's Mansion In Full Fall Foliage, Maine
Autumn Colors Along Kennebec River
Close-up of Bright Yellow Maple Leaf
New England Home In Deep Fall W/ Halloween Decorations...
Stairs, Door, Entry To Blain House, Governor's Mansion, Main...
Rocky Shore of Small Pond With Colorful Foliage In Backgroun...
Fall At Togue Lake In Baxter State Park In Late Afternoon...
People View Exhibit In City Hall, Portland, Maine
Aging Mushrooms Growing Wild
Wheels & Belts - Mechanisms of Old Wood Sawmill
Flowers - Pink Cosmos
Dome of State Capitol, Maine
Seasons - Cherry Trees In Fall Foliage
Colorful Glass Hangings In Foyer of Library
Maine State House - Front View
State Capitol Surrounded In Fall Foliage
State House, Maine - Fall Foliage
Togue Lake In Baxter State Park In Late Afternoon
Streambed At Baxter State Park, Maine
Fallen Leaves In Mud Puddle, B&W
Dead Leaves In Muddy Water
Wilderness At Baxter State Park, Maine
Pond Vegetation
Pond Reflections From Baxter State Park, Maine
Pond Scene From Baxter State Park, Maine
Yellow Fall Maple Leaves W/ Birch Backdrop
Fall Maple Leaf Rests On Evergreen Boughs
Pond, Forest & Mountain In Background, Baxter State Park, Ma...
Top of Mt. Katahdin Shrouded In Clouds
Mt. Katahdin, Maine
Cow Moose Checks Us Out!
Cow Moose Knee Deep In Pond Water
Female Moose Feeding At Pond's Edge (Northern Maine)...
Red Peppers
Dead Wood and Debris On Forest Floor In B&W
Decaying Vegetation On Forest Floor
Old Lobsterboat In Decay In Someone's Yard
Variety of Lichen Growth On Old Gravestone
Ferry, Island Holiday, Out of Portland, Maine
Yellow & Orange Peppers
This Headstone Tells a Story of Sadness & Hardship In Early ...
Classic New England Headstone W/ Skull & Angel Wings...
Old Cemeteries Dot the Landscape of New England and Tell Sad...
Coastal Scene W/ Lovely Fall Foliage
New England Cemetery Stonewall & Iron Gate
Fall Maple In Full Fall Foliage
Part of Fishing Fleet In Bristol, Maine
Lovely Fall Tree In Various Stages of Leaf Color Change...
Old Bicycle Used As Plant Pot and Garden Decoration...
Kayak, Dock and Boat House On Maine Coast
Farmer's Market Sells Fall Food Fare In Autumn Setting...
Maple Tree In Various Stages of Leaf Color Change
Seagulls Line Up On Roof Sign
The Dead and The Living On the Forest Floor In Fall...
Background - Fall Leaves and Lichen On Forest Floor...
Colorful Maple Trees On Fenceline
New England Meeting House In Fall Foliage
Fall Foliage Reflected In Calm Surface of Maine Pond...
Foliage Reflected On Mirror Surface of Pond
Small Boat Transports Boaters From Sailboat To Shore...
Coast Maine Harbor Scene
Fall Foliage In a New England Cemetery
Seagull Sitting In Old Dinghy
Remote Clutter
Sunset Across Boothbay Harbor, Maine
Colorful Felled Fall Leaves
Sailing Yacht In Drydock For Repairs
Old Fashioned Woodstove
Lobster Boats Parade Across the Harbor - Boothbay Harbor, Ma...
Yellow Dahlias With Bumblebees
Boat Docked In Boothbay Harbor W/ Colorful Foliage Backgroun...
Fall Pumpkins For Sale For As Far As the Camera Can See!...
Pumpkins For Sale; Fall Foliage In Background
Pumpkins For Sale; Fall Foliage In Background
Close-up of Red Maple Leaves On Tree
Maple Tree Branch W/ Changing Color (Red & Yellow)...
Maple Tree In Living, Glorious Fall Color
New England Graveyard In Full Fall Color
Glorious Red Maple In Full Fall Color
New England Graveyard Overlooking Bay W/ Fall Leaves...
Fall Foliage Lights Forest Behind Evergreen Trees
Base of Pemaquid Point Lighthouse, Fence and Ocean Beyond...
Two Women At Pemaquid Point Lighthouse
Pemaquid Point Lighthouse
Fall Foliage Reflected In Quiet Pond
Fall Pond Reflections
Classic 1934 Ford Coupe Grill and Lights
Patriotic Lobster Boat W/ Flag Motif
Mini Pinscher W/ Ball In Mouth
Coastal Church W/ Water Reflections At Dusk, Maine
Touchpad On Laptop Computer
Close-Up of Bark On Birch Tree
Real Estate Ads and Cell Phone
Hood Ornament On Classic 1934 Ford
Fall Scene Around Round Pond, Maine
Macintosh Apples On Display At Apple Farm
Flaming Fall Foliage - Orange Maple
Great Pyrenees Dog With Large White Space For Text
New England Steeple Among Fall Foliage
Concept - One Among Many
Dinghy On Wharf At Camden, Maine
Old Wooden Tender Docked At Wharf
Stern of Old Sailing Vessel (Camden, Maine)...
Pink Mums
Red Maple In Fall Red Stage
Island In Fog On Maine Coast
Fall Foliage On Maine Coast
Smalls Falls Near Rangely, Maine
Mooselookmegunticook Lake In Rangely Area of Maine
Colorful Leaf, Pine Cone and Needles On Forest Floor...
Mooselookmegunticook Lake In Rangely Area of Maine
Streambed With Fall Foliage (Rangely, Maine)...
Rocky Streambed W/ Fall Foliage
Red Leaf In Stream Bed
Sandy River Near Rangely, Maine
Fall Scene W/ Colorful Leaves and Reflections
Bellfry In Old School, Maine
Coos Canyon, Maine
Harvest Pumpkins
Fall Pumpkins
White Dahlia (Digital Manipulation)
White Dahlia
Dusk & Fog Descend On Boothbay Harbor, Maine
Classic Car - Door Knobs & Windows
Sunrise On Sheepscott River, Maine
John Edwards Speaks At Political Rally
People In Crowd Applauding
John Edwards Speaks At Political Rally
People Raise Placards At Kerry.Edwards Rally
Crowd Gathers At Kerry/Edwards Rally
Politics - People Carry Placards At Rally
Man Wears His Political Views
The Opposition Shows Up At Kerry.Edwards Rally
People In Line To Enter Edwards/Kerry Rally
Fall Color In Early Morning Light - Marsh
Early Morning Fall Foliage - Maine
Autumn Foliage and Color In Maine Marsh
Early Fall Foliage In Maine Marsh
Sunrise On Sheepscott River, Maine
Classic Car - Full Side View
Classic Car - Front End W/ Grill, Lights and Fenders...
Classic Car - Engine Close-Up
Classic Car - Full Front View (Grill, Headlights, Fender...
Classic Car - Fall Foliage and Blue Sky Background
Classic Car - Grill and Headlights
New England Steeple Surrounded By Trees
Colorful Doorway - Red Door & Balloons
Father W/ Sleeping Son In Back Pack
Pets- Dogs - Great Pyrenees At Car Window
Garden Tomatoes Ripening On Kitchen Window Sill
Sea Jet Ferry Leaves New London, Connecticut
Bow of Sea Jet Ferry - Orient Point To New London
Large Sailboat On Sparkling Seas
Loading Platform of Railroad Station - New London, Connectic...
Sailboat Sailing Through Rough Seas (Long Island Sound&#...
Refinery Near New London, Connecticut
Lighthouse In Long Island Sound On a Windy Day
Man Looks At Scenery From Ferry Deck
Ornamental Grass
Tools of the Archeologist's Trade
Archeologist Takes Field Notes At Dig Site (Popham Colon...
Archeologist Holds Pipe Bowl In Hand From Popham Colony Dig...
Shards of Glass From Excavated 400 Year Old Bottle Found At ...
Archeologist Holds Up Neck of 400 Year Old Bottle Found At S...
Archeologist Digs Soil From Earth At Site That Was Once Poph...
Man Digs For Artifacts of Popham Colony, Maine
Digger Sifts Excavated Dirt From Site
Sifting Frames At Archeological Dig Site In Maine
Storm Fence Buried In Sand At Fire Island, NY
Reid State Park Beach, Maine
Man Rides Wave In Kayak As It Crashes Around Him
Man Kayaks Crest of Wave In Beach Surf
Surfing a Wave In a Sea Kayak
Wipe Out! Kayak Capsizes In Surf
Man Gets a Push From A Friend To Get His Kayak Into the Surf...
Young Man Paddles Through Surf At Beach
Young Man Paddles Kayak Into Surf
Man Enters Surf W/ Kayak
Father & Toddler At Water's Edge On Beach
Colorful Licorice Candy On White Background
These Little Devils (Seagulls) Raid Picnics At the B...
Seagull Lands On Tipsy Umbrella
Boy Plays In Surf At Beach
New England Steeple - Protestant Church
Sunrise On Sheepscott River Through Fog, Maine
Toddler & Mom Play In Sand on a Beach
Sunset Over Thompson's Gut, Boothbay, Maine
Father and Son Playing in the Surf
Rock Outcropping Along Maine Coast Are Bird Nesting Areas...
Sanderling Runs At Water's Edge - Reflection
Railroad Crossing In the Fog; Car Passing
Salt Shaker and Corked Bottle
Single Potato Chip
Ferries Lined Up At Portland Terminal
Friendship Sloop Sailing At Sunset
Salsa On Corn Chip
Pill Box & Ice Water
Goldfinch and Nuthatch Share Feeder
Classic New England Architecture
Colorful Sidewalk Cafe In Portland, Maine
Memorial To Rescuers of 911
Young Seagull Implore Momma To Feed Him!
Closeup of Seagull Knees and Feet Standing On Beached Seawee...
Sea Kayakers Narrowly Miss Each Other In The Surf
Black-Eyed Susans W/ Strong Diagonal Orientation
Sea Kayaking In Beach Surf
Elderly Couple In Rocking Chair On Harbor Deck
Kayaking Through Surf
Lighthouse Behind Beach Roses
Surf Kayaking - Man Carries Kayak To Surf
Maine Harbor Bordered W/ Black-Eyed Susans
Close-Up of Handcream In Palm of Hand
Young Woman Plays Frisbee On Beach
Close-up of Bee On Mum Blossom
Close-up of Castor Bean Leaf
Maine Character Prepares To Board Boat
Warbler Visits Yard Feeder
Beach Scene of a Family Building Sand Castles
Barn Raising In the Fog
LargeCruise Ship Docked In Maine
Sailboat W/ Sail Down; Flag At End of Boom
Cruise Ship Docked In Port
Sailboats Off Ram Island, Maine
Cruise Ship Docked In Port
Colorful Dory Moored In Boothbay Harbor, Maine
Large Cruise Ship Tied To Dock; People Talking In Foreground...
Rich Coffee & Cookies
Early Morning Fog Shrouds Boats As Cell Tower Peeks From Fog...
Coffee Beans & Almonds
Maine Lobster Boat In the Fog
Small Town American - Street W/ Old Fashioned Light Poles an...
Apple Orchard In Late Summer
Wiscasset Bridge On Foggy Morning - Maine
Apple Orchard With Ripe Apples On Branches of Trees...
Muslim Woman Walking Down a Street in America
Wild Turkey
Seagull Raids Picnic
Two Girls Running Through The Surf At The Beach
Machine Blows Snow At Recreation Area
Little Boy Writes W/ Stick On Beach Near Surf
View of Building Through Glass Roof of Portico
Gateway To the City - Pittsburgh
Old Pennsylvaina Barn In Black & White
Leisure - Man Flies Kite On Beach
Three Women Enjoy The Sea Air As They Sit Together On The Be...
Surf Crashes On Ledges Around the Beach At Reid State Park, ...
Cirque Du Soleil Tent W/ Pittsburgh Skyline In Background...
Young Couple Sings Christmas Carols On Streets of Pittsburgh...
Shot From the Deck of the 14 Street Bridge, Pittsburgh...
Woman Sights Shore Birds Through Binoculars
Woman Sights Birds Through Binoculars
Fisherman Reels In Fish From Shore of Reid State Park, Maine...
Bass Fishing On the Beach of Reid State Park, Maine...
Reflections of Bridge In Skyscraper Windows - Sculpture...
Reflections In Window of Large Yacht
Boy Jumps Through Large Surf
Seagull Snatches Sandwich From Beach Picnic
Seagull Grabs Sandwich From Picnic At Beach
Boy Boogie Boards Ahead of Wave At Beach
Little Boy Running From Waves
Little Girl Throws Stick Into Surf
Boy Plays In Surf W/ Boogie Board
Young Girls Romp In Ocean Surf
New England Home W/ Large Porch and Rocking Chairs
Woman Strolls On Beach (Hat & Boogie Board)...
Store Window Full of Christmas Decorations
Old Wharf Pilings In the Fog - Seagull Perching
Pets - Shaved Pomeranian
Man Solicits Donations To Salvation Army On City Street At H...
Nuthatch In Signature Stance On Tree
Coastal Marsh In Morning Light - Maine
Lobsterman Waits For Boat On a Cold Morning
Great Blue Heron Stands on Old Piling in River
Closeup of Young Seagull
Female Goldfinch At Yard Feeder
Farmstead In Early Morning Fog (Layered On Hills & Field...
Old Wharf Pilings In the Fog
Man Scans Beach W/ Metal Detector - Rear View
Woman Sips Coffee On the Beach - Maine
Sifting Sand After Detecting Metal On Beach
Man Scans Beach W/ Metal Detector
Father Lifts Son From the Surf At the Beach
Field of Corn In Maine Fog
Seagulls Battle Over Pirated Picnic Sandwich!
Old Fashioned Store Selling Coffees and Teas
Lobster Boat On River In the Fog - Maine
Lobster Boat In the Fog - Maine
Little Boy Chases Seagull On Beach - Maine
Bearded Boater Drives Motor Boat
Rosy Apple Growing On Apple Tree In Orchard
Old Fashioned Woody Station Wagon
Black-Eyed Susans W/ Soft Background
Yellow Daisy, Soft Daisies In Background
Closeup of Yellow Daisy
Close-up of Half a Sunflower
Close-up of Daddy Long Legs Spider
Close-up of Pink Rose Blossom
Close-Up of White Rose Blossom
Rose Blossom - Deep Pink
Apple Trees In Apple Orchard
Light Pole W/ Built-in Planter
Window W/ Colorful Kayak Reflections On Maine Coast....
Bumblebee Collects Pollen From Flower
Close-up of Yellow Dahlia
Bucolic Scene of Countryside In Fog; Railroad Tracks In Fore...
White Rumped Sandpipers On Beach
Young Man Carries His Boogie Board Ashore
Spider's Web W/ Soft Background
Spider's Web In Early Morning Light
Mom Takes Toddler For Walk on a Beach
Seagull Claims Territory Around Beach Find
Mother Pulls Son Through Surf On Boogie Board
Woman and Girls Jump Through Waves At Beach
Woman and Girls Jump Through Waves At Beach
Sunrise On Sheepscott River Through Fog, Maine
Father Playing With Toddler On Beach
Little Girl Digs In Sand At Beach
Elderly Couple Rests In Each Other's Arms On Summer Beach...
Compass On Nautical Map
Evening Band Concert On Lawn of Public Library
Lemons and Limes In Diagonal Arrangement
Father Helps Son Jump Down From Ledge
Great Blue Heron Stands on Old Piling in River With Reflecti...
Child's Handprints In Beach Sand
Slickers For Sale At Marine Supply Store
Seagull Scolds To Keep Others Away From Food Found On the Be...
Young Kids Play Frisbee On The Beach
Close-Up of White Daisy With Petals Falling
Boy Performs Trick Catch (under Leg) of Frisbee On B...
Boy Performs Trick Catch of Frisbee On Beach
Young Man Sits On Dock Fishing
Elderly Gentleman Walks On Beach W/ Cane
Classic Sailing Schooner Under Full Sail - Maine
Two Little Boys Digging In The Sand
Crystal Balls Foretell the Future
Sunrise Through Fog Over Island In River
Sunrise On Sheepscott River Through Fog, Maine
Sunrise Through Fog and Vegetation On Sheepscott River, Main...
Family Playing On Beach
Woman Bogie Boards In Maine Surf
Mom & Brother Bury Boy In Sand At Reid State Park Beach, Mai...
Elderly Couple Take a Break On Their Bicycles
Boy Balances As He Walks a Large Piece of Driftwood On the B...
Dad Lifts Toddler Above Head - Beach
Sunrise Through Fog On Sheepscott River, Maine
Dream Chase - Boy Chases Pidgeon
Wilson's Warbler With an Insect in It's Beak
Animals - Goldfinch - Neutral Background
Couple Walks Dogs Along Coast of Maine
Sun Shines From the Water During Foggy Evening Sunset...
Maine Sunset
Sunflower In Full Blossom (Neutral Background)...
Sailboat Under Full Sails
Children Climbing Ledges Around Pemaquid Lighthouse, Maine...
Vacationing In Maine, Woman Reads On Rocky Shore
Pond Life - Weeds Growing In Pond (Blue Background)...
Brick Aisle and Pews In B&W In Stone Church On Ocean Point, ...
Kayak Paddle On Background of Colorful Kayaks
Natural Materials (Crab Shell, Rocks and Pine Cone)...
Lobster Boat Fishes From Boothbay Harbor, Maine
Immense Ledges At Pemaquid Point, Maine
Couple Reads In Beach Chairs Near Ocean, Boothbay, Maine...
Sprigs of White Pine W/ One Needle Hanging By Spider's Web...
Woman Uses Wheeled Device To Remove Kayak From Sea
Sea Kayak Is Carried To the Water's Edge
Leisure - Hammock Strung Between Two Trees In Garden...
Seagull Perched On Chimney
First Red of Fall Appears In Maple Leaves
Chipmunk With Cheeks Full of Seed
Birdwatcher Views Through Scope At Ocean Scene
View of Pemaquid Light Fuel House From Window of Bell House...
Mast and Sail of Friendship Sloop Getting Under Way...
Bowsprit and Jib of Friendship Sloop Under Sail
Man Ties Boat At Dock - Rope In Hands
American Flag On Rigging of Friendship Sloop, Maine...
Ledges and Fuel House At Pemaquid Point Lighthouse, Maine...
Apple Orchard On New England Farm
Goldfinch At Feeder (Back View)
Nuthatch Perches In 'Y' Between Two Branches
Red Squirrel Peers From Tree Looking Down At Photographer...
Motion Blur As Chickadee Launches Himself From Yard Feeder...
Tugboat Tied To Dock In Maine
A Simply Beautiful Country Church In Maine
Chipmunk With Full Cheeks
Statue of Buddha (Face Only)
Bow of Tugboat With Protective Tires
Young Father Holding Hands of Two Little Girls On Ocean Crui...
Typical New England Arichitecture
Fresh Orange and Yellow Peppers In Baskets
Three Sea Kayaks Tied Up To Dock
Two Sea Kayaks Tied To a Dock
Young People Tie Up Their Kayaks After an Afternoon On the O...
Young Man Ties Up Sea Kayaks To Dock
Flowr Gardens
Pink and Purple Flowers In Flower Garden
Garden - Flowers
Musical Instruments Used By Inca Musician
Flutes Used By Inca Street Musician
Drum and Flutes of Inca Street Musicians
Excursion Boat Takes Vacationers Onto Ocean
Pink/Red Dahlias
Pink/Red Dahlias
Cove Surrounded With Flowers, Maine
Schooner and Motel, Boothbay Harbor,Maine
Sumac Blossom
Couple Kayaks In Inflatable Kayak
Man Sleeping With His Chin In His Hand
Man Sleeping Sitting Up (Horizontal)
Coastal Scene - Church, Boothbay Harbor, Maine
Plant With Ripe, Red Summer Berries (vertical)...
Lobsterman Removes Lobsters From Boat's Keeper (Horizont...
Lobster Picnic On Trays At Outdoor Wharf (horizontal)...
Colorful Kayak Tied To Dock
Seagull Perched On Lobster Trap (vertical)
Seagull Perched On Ship's Rope
Flower Box On Dock Rail Overlooking Harbor
Stack of Multi-Colored Dice (vertical)
Yellow & White Dahlias
Pink Dahlia Photographed From Stem End
Seagull Perched On Fisherman's Winch
Wildflowers - Hare's Tail Growing Among Other Yellow Flower ...
Toy Boat Half Submerged In Tidal Pool
Concept - Hot, Stock Photo, Photos, Pictures, PHotographs...
Lobster Boat Fishing Between Ram Island and Ocean Point, Mai...
Lobster Boat Fishes Off Ram Island, Maine (Horizontal...
Lobster Boat In Dry Dock - Maine (horizontal)...
Wild Clover Blossom
Chinese Privet Grows Wild In Maine (vertical)...
Blueberries Growing On Bushes (Horizontal)
Wild Blueberries Growing On Bushes In Maine
Close-up of Wild Maine Blueberries (vertical)...
Worker Winnows Leaves and Twigs From Blueberries
Blueberries Growing On Bush (vertical)
Blueberry Harvest - Sorting Fruit
Traffic Jam Rural Maine(Vertical)
Summer Heat Reflected In a Thermometer
Periwinkle Shells (Horizontal)
Rice & Macaroni
Pastel Periwinkle Shells (Horizontal)
Close-up of Ripe Plum; Stem End (Horizontal)...
Composite of Pemaquid Point Lighthouse and Tourists...
Records On Shelf In Office
Medical Records (Vertical)
Decorative Shelf For Medical Records In Dr's. Office...
Close Up of Daisy W/ Petal Falling - Concept He Loves Me; Lo...
Petals Falling Off a White Daisy
Evergreen Sprouting From a Rock Face
Flowers - Summer Lily Bud
3 1/2 Inch Floppy Disk
Motorcycle Engine
NIMH Batteries In Charger - Side View (Horizontal)...
NIMH Batteries In Charger (Horizontal)
Fair Trade Sticker On Ripe Banana (Horizontal)...
NIMH Batteries In Charger (Horizontal)
Computer Peripherals - 3.5 Inch Floppy Disk (Horizontal&...
Umbrella Stands With Sign
Weathervane (polar Bear) At Bowdoin College (ver...
Wild Turkey With Chicks
Children Play Ball Games At Summer Camp (vertical)...
Old Fashioned Shuttered Window From Inside (vertical)...
Seagull Eating
Roses On Bush - Soft Background (Horizontal)...
Children Sit Watching a Puppet Show On the Lawn
Boats Docked On a Rainy Day
Seagull In Flight Over Tidal Marsh (Horizontal)...
Gathering Up the Kayaks; Woman Rows a Bunch To Shore (Ho...
Man Prepares To Board Inflatable Kayak (Horizontal)...
Little Blond Boy Eating Softserve Ice Cream
Little Blond Boy Eating Softserve Ice Cream
Legs/Knees of Obese Woman (Horizontal)
Life Jackets Hanging To Dry Near Kayaking Rental, (horiz...
Garden Beside Lighthouse Was the Keeper's Wife's Garden, ...
Worn Sandals and Foot Prints On Beach (Vertical)...
Seagull Flies Over Tidal Marsh - Maine (horizontal)...
Sparrow Lifts Its Head In Song, (horizontal)...
Sign Warning What To Do W/ Seals On Shore (vertical)...
Close-Up of Seagull (horizontal)
Man Meditating Quietly by The Sea
Kayak and Gear On Bank of River (Vertical)
Blue Heron Stands on Rock in River
Sea Birds, Seagull Landing, (Horizontal)
Grape Leaves and Vine Tendrils (Horizontal)...
Grape Leaf With Early Morning Dew Dripping From Leaves...
Fuel House At Pemaquid Light, Maine
Inside of a Wooden Canoe
Tractor Combs Beach In Prep For a Busy Summer Day (Horiz...
Chairs Welcome Tourists On Sidewalks of Boothbay Harbor, Mai...
Scolding Seagull
Seagulls; One 'Yelling' (horizontal)
Our Lady of Peace Across Boothbay Harbor, Maine.
Boothbay Harbor, Maine In the Fog (vertical)...
Man Napping Under An Apple Tree
Man Napping Under Tree On Summer Afternoon
Laughing Gull in Flight
Man Launches Sea Kayak (Horizontal)
Sea Kayaker Approaches Rock Outcropping W/ Seagulls...
Great Blue Heron Crouched To Fly, (Vertical)...
Great Blue Heron Peering Over Shore Vegetation (Vertical...
Great Blue Heron on a Rock
Great Blue Heron at River's Edge
Seagull In Flight (closeup) Horizontal
Been Fishing, Boy Carrying Fishing Rods Across Footbridge &#...
Channel Marker In Boothbay Harbor, Maine
Old New England Graveyard In the Fog
Canoe, Kayak and Picnic Supplies On Bank of River (Horiz...
Tidal Marsh In the Fog - Maine (horizontal)...
Seagull Flying From Piling With Docks and Reflections In Bac...
Fog Gives This Whimsical Scene of Seagull On Piling Characte...
Old Beds Are Sold By the Roadside In Maine (Horizontal&#...
Old Brass Beds Lined Up For Sale (Iron Garden Chair In F...
Fire Prevention - Colorful Fire Hydrant Surrounded By Flower...
Sailing & Motor Boat Moored In Quiet, Peaceful, Ghostly Fog ...
Small Boats Tied At Dock In Maine
Boat Tied To Dock In Early Morning Fog, Maine (Vertical&...
Small Boats Tied To Dock In Quiet of Morning Fog - Maine ...
Fog In a New England Cemetery
Fishermen Launching Fishing Boats In Maine Fog
Launching Boat In Maine Fog (Horizontal)
Boat Launch In Fog, Maine (Horizontal)
Birdhouse In New England Garden (Vertical)
Lobsterboat Motors Into the Fog - Maine (Horizontal)...
Cottage Bathed In Fog On Maine Coast
Older Couple Snuggles As They Look At Ocean Scene
Village Green In New England W/ Civil War Statue (Vertic...
Sea Foam In Wake of Boat (Green Tint)
Beach Scene - Boy W/ Watering Can On Beach (vertical)...
Lobster Boat Weathervane Found In Maine (Horizontal)...
Patriotic New England House Entryway
Wooden Dinghies Tied Up At Dock (Horizontal)...
Rear Wheel of Motorcycle With Flames and Fancy Chrome Work...
Signs - Signal Light On Boat (Vertical)
Man Tying His Shoe Lace
Flower - Seeds - Black-eyed Susan, (horizontal)...
Sea of Gravestones In a City Cemetery
Leaf Entrapped By Spider's Web (Horizontal)...
Cars On Busy Interstate (Horizontal)
Summer Fog In Boothbay Harbor, Maine
Summer Field W/ Shed In Foreground
Black & White Texture Shot of Ferns (Horizontal)...
Ferns (Background) Horizontal
Riot of Ferns On Edge of Evergreen Forest (Horizontal...
Close Up of Red/Yellow Daisy
Cupola of Church Building In Quincy, Massachusetts (Vert...
Grain & Flour Bins At Food Coop Store (Vertical)...
Wet Ferns and Blue Berries On a Forest Floor
Red Cabbage and Leeks Surrounded By Other Veggies, Horizonta...
Colorful Children's Bicycles Hanging In Storage
Black-Eyed Susan Blossom With Buds In Background
Wild Greenery; Red Berries
Scenic New England - Summer Fields (vertical)...
Intricate Sand Castles (Vertical)
Sand Castles W/ Colorful Digging Toys In Background...
Child Building a Sand Castle
Small Sailboats Used By Sailing School At Cosy Harbor, Maine...
Sailing School Boats Stored In a Line - Maine (Vertical&...
Mother Soothes Crying Child On Beach
Girl Prepares To Fly The Maine Flag On an Old Wooden Schoone...
Tourism: Woman Selecting Post Card (Vertical)...
Pink Sailboat At Anchor On Coast of Maine
Child Playing; Boy Flies Like Bird
Home Maintenance - Man Paints Deck Rails (Horizontal)...
Hand Holding a Wet Paintbrush
Sand Castle Dissolving In Tidal Water, (Horizontal)...
Windjammer Mary Day At Dock In Camden, Maine
Lupine Blossom
Lobsterman In Open Lobsterboat (Horizontal)...
Little Girl Holds Kite String From Beach Chair, (Horizon...
View From Above; Small Boats Tied Up At Dock, Horizontal...
Small Boats Tied Up At Dock In Maine (Horizontal)...
Photo of Wild Iris Digitally Rendered (space For Text; H...
Iris Plant Growing Among Grasses (Horizontal)...
Custom-made Motorcycle With Scads of Chrome
Harley-Davidson Motorcycle W/ Helmet On Saddle (Horizont...
New England Gazebo in Town Square
Sailboat In Foggy Weather
Sailboat In Foggy Weather
Sailboat In Foggy Weather
Small Boats Tied At Dock In Maine (Horizontal)...
Two Little Girls Digging In the Sand
Coffee Mug In Young Man's Hands
People Lounging On Beach Under Colorful Umbrellas
Beach Roses Growing Through Beach Fence, Maine, (Vertica...
Family Stands At Ocean's Edge At Beach (Horizontal)...
Wooden Rockers Lined Up On Patio
Small Dog Stands In Boat Over Name
Stem of Buttercup Blossoms In Afternoon Light
Coastal Scene - Vacation Yard In Maine
Gardening - Doorway Draped In Wisteria
Tender Tied To Stern of Large Sailing Vessel - Maine...
Seagull In Flight - Dark Blue Background
Seagull In Flight - Blue Sky Background (horizontal)...
Digital Rendition of Seagull In Flight - Blue Background ...
Couple Sits On Ledges Watching Sailboat Pass
Fringed Saddle of Harley-Davidson Motorcycle
Little Girl Carries Heavy Rock At Shore
Little Girl Braves Rocky Shore In Bare Feet
Mother and Child Reading Together Outdoors
Sailboats Sailing by Ram Island Light in Maine
Close-up of Pug Face (Horizontal)
Porch Decked Out W/ 4th July Flags - Coastal Maine, (Hor...
Schooners In Camden Harbor, Maine
Couple Sits On Ledges Watching Colorful Sailboat Pass (H...
Elderly Couple Kayaks
Woman Prepares To Go Out In Kayak (horizontal)...
Musician - Inca Flute Player
Musician - Inca Flute Player (vertical)
People Peer Over Parapet of Stone Fort, Flag Background...
Stern of Schooner Appledore and Flag, Camden, Maine, (Ve...
Close-up of Oars and Side of Dinghy
Deck Over Water
Colorful Sails Near Maine's Coastal Islands
Tall, Puffy Ceres Clouds (Horizontal)
Nautical Bulldog In Life Preserver (vertical)...
Pollution - Environment, Floating Beer Bottle (Vertical&...
Boat House and Kayaks Reflected In Harbor, Maine
American Flag Hangs From Bowsprit of Schooner (Vertical&...
Daisies Grow In a Field
Schooner Sails On Sparkling Sea On Coast of Maine
Schooner Sails On Sparkling Sea
Early Morning Coastal Marsh
Pug on a Halter Leash
Lavendar Petunias
Petunias In Shades of Pink
Petunias (lavendar) Horizontal
Early Summer in an Apple Orchard
Early Summer Apple Orchard - Roofs In Distance
Bowsprit of Schooner Olad W/ Lowered Sails
Moose Weathervane
Bowsprit of Victory Chimes W/ Eagle - Schooner (Horizont...
Bowsprit of Victory Chimes With Eagle - Schooner (Horizo...
Overhead View of a Male Mallard Duck
Fuel Tankers Stored On Hillside In Maine
Pink Hibiscus Plant - Blossoms & Buds
Fishing From The Rockland Breakwater
Ferns On Edge of Evergreen Forest
Ferns On the Edge of a Forest
Boy Rows Dinghy
Curtis Island Lighthouse, Camden, Maine
Threatening Clouds Over Coastal Maine Village (Vertical&...
Rockport Maine From Across Harbor
Bowsprit of Victory Chimes - Schooner (Horizontal)...
Stethiscope & Protective Glasses Hang In Examining Room (...
Ghost-Like Schooner Sailing Through Fog
Classic Schooner Sails Through Fog
A Classic Schooner Sails Through Maine Fog After Windjammer ...
Shipyard Worker Surveys Large Schooner Mast (Horizontal&...
Woman Operates Remote Box For Remote Control Sailboat (V...
Schooners At Anchor, Boothbay Harbor, Maine
Boothbay Harbor, Maine, Early Morning Overcast (Horizont...
Display of Fuzzy Dice For Sale
Maine Artist Paints Coastal Scene With Schooners
Shiny Old Fashioned Carriage Lamp
Boatyard Dog - Poodle
Man Launches Remote Control Sailboat - Wider View (Verti...
Old Birdhouse W/ Vines Growing Around (Vertical)...
Classic Triumph Motorcycle (Tank and Handlebar) Hori...
Classic Old Indian Motorcycle (View of Tank W/ Logo, Fri...
Classic Old Indian Motorcycle (View of Tank W/ Logo, Fri...
Classic Old Indian Motorcycle
Indian Motorcycle - Black
Motorcycle - Old Red Indian, (Horizontal)
Front Fork & Headlights of Motorcycle, Horizontal
Front Wheel and Headlights of a Line of Motorcycles...
Directional Arrow and Bullhorn On Top of Police Car (Hor...
Close-up of a Small Airplane Engine
Lobster Traps On Dock Reflected In Ocean
Little Girl Sits Under Umbrella On Rainy Day (vertical&#...
Dinghies Tied Up At Wharf; Low Tide (horizontal)...
Schooner Rounds Burnt Island; Lobsterboats In Foreground...
Schooners and Lobsterboats
Sailboats and Schooners In Maine Fog
New England Architecture In Bright Colors
People Dressed In Slickers With Umbrella
Close-up of Teepee and Lodge Poles
Men Demonstrating Tai Chi
Men At a Tai Chi Demonstration
Golden Retriever Shakes Water From Coat At Shore(Horizon...
Purple/Pink Sunrise Over Popham Beach, Maine (Horizontal...
Geranium Hangs In Front of American Flag (Horizontal)...
Two Men Raise Sails On Small Daysailer Sailboat - Maine (...
Health & Safety, Spring Pollen Floats In Water
Hanging Planters With Red Flowers
Little Boy Blows Pinwheel (Vertical)
Church Steeple and a Park Bench in a Park
American Flag Flies From Bow of Schooner, Maine, (Vertic...
Early Morning Mist Hovers Over the Water In Wetland (Hor...
Early Morning Mist Hovers Over the Water In Wetland (Hor...
Early Morning Mist Hovers Over the Water In Wetland...
Man Launches Remote Control Sailboat (Horizontal)...
Field of Blue, Pink, White and Purple Lupine Blossoms (H...
Lupine Bud Among Lupine Blossoms (Blue/Purple) Verti...
Purple/Blue Lupine Among Green Ferns (Vertical)...
Sea Kelp W/ Blue/Green Water Background
Family Kayaks In Waters of Maine Coast (Vertical)...
Woman Coasts In Sea Kayak
Tank & Motor of Shiny Motorcycle (Vertical)...
Man And Child In a Sea Kayak
Fuscia Blossoms
Fuscia Blossoms;Space For Text To Left; Horizontal
Black Cat Rests His Head On a Blue Catnip Pillow (Horizo...
Fishing From a Boat on a Tranquil Lake
Couple Fishes From Aluminium Boat On Mirrored Lake, Vertical...
Sailboat In Dry Dock On Rockport, Maine Waterfront (Vert...
Fire Escapes & Their Shadows - Pittsburgh, PA, (Vertical...
Little Boy Crossing The Street With His Puppy
Clock Tower and Weathervane At Town Hall
Homemade Birdhouse With a Soft Background
Yellow Begonia Blossoms
Schooner Angelique Moored In Camden Harbor, Maine (Verti...
Peach Begonia Blossom
Fish Weathervane
Native American Totem Pole
Ropes Exposed By Tide
American Indian Teepee
Summer Meadow With an Ocean Background
Irises In Morning Light; Soft Background
Man Sands Paint With Breathing Apparatus On Face (Vertic...
Colorful Reflections In Coastal Harbor Water
Osprey Lands At Nest
Close-Up of Arm and Head of Bearded Mennonite Scarecrow (...
Top Half of a Mennonite Scarecrow
Scarecrow in a Garden
Boat That Takes Tourists Out To Haul Lobsters, Maine (Ho...
Sea Kayaks At Rest On Water Mirroring Sky and Shore (ver...
Floating Sea Kayaks
Sea Kayaks On Wharf
Compass On Sea Kayak
Church Window With Interesting Reflections
Colorful Lobster Buoy Floating On Gentle Ocean
Line of Rental Bicycles - Front Wheels, Horizontal
Bass Head Light Lighthouse
Thunder Hole Ledges & Loop Road Beyond, Arcadia National Par...
Mountain and Sea From The Top of Mt. Cadillac
View of Coastal Scene From Stree Mirror
View of Mountains At Arcadia National Park From Southwest Ha...
View of Mountains At Arcadia National Park From Southwest Ha...
Screen Doors W/ Summer Light Streaming Through (Vertical...
Sailboats In Shore Storage
People Sit At the Top of Granite Ledges In Arcadia National ...
Topography - Granite Ledges Arcadia National Park, Maine, St...
Pink Granite Ledges In Arcadia National Park, Maine...
Porch Overlooking Ocean - Maine
Typical New England House
Pink Seed Pods On Maple Tree
Ledges From Park Loop Road, Arcadia National Park, Maine...
Jordan Pond View From Visitor's Center
View From Park Loop Road, Arcadia National Park, Maine (...
Large Hour Glass - Colorful Background
Gardeniere On Porch Full of Pansies
Black & White View From Window At Fort Knox, Maine
Sun Shines On Fern On Forest Floor
Weathervane (Flying Duck)
Ring of Dahlias
Boulders Piled On the Shore At Arcadia National Park (Oc...
Unusual View of Bass Head Light, Maine - Includes More of th...
Architectural Detail Including The Head of a Corinthian Colu...
Tall Ship Weathervane and Cupola
Barn Door and Blue Heron Weathervane
Whimsical Angel Weathervane (Vertical)
Vegetables On Grill
Close Up of Musician's Hand Tuning Guitar; Open Fingers(...
Close Up of Musician's Hand Tuning Guitar
Street Theatre Puppet (Digitally Manipulated Background&...
Church Steeple and Fire Station Bell Tower, New England Arch...
Boy Climbs On Statue and Appears To Be Hugging It
Summer Porch, New England
Summer In New England (Wicker Furniture On Porch) Ve...
Cultures - Peruvian Flutist At Street Fair
Cultures - Peruvian Musician At Street Fair
Peruvian Flute Player In Colorful Native Costume
Summer Grasses
Field of Spring Lupine Blossoms
Park Bench In Disrepair
Little Boy Eats Hot Dog; Dog In Death Grip!
Small Ginger Kitten In Hand of Owner
Fisherman Sits On Beach Waiting For Fish To Bite
Boston Terrier Riding In a Grocery Cart
Old Barn & Damaged Cupola Being Repaired (Ladder) Ve...
Colorful Legs and Feet of Toddler In Stroller
Man Overboard Rescue Drill
Orange Poppies Bowing In the Rain
Purple Blossom
Two Pomeranians Greet As They Pass Each Other On the Street,...
Seagulls Ignoring the No Trespassing Signs
Humor; Seagulls Trespass Beyond No Trespassing Signs (Ho...
New England Home Doorstep
Lupine Leaves Bordered With Jewels of Morning Dew
Silly Bull Mastiff 'Smiles' In Submission Pose
Lupine Bud Among Dewy Leaves
Purple Lupine Spikes Among Green Lupine Leaves (Horizont...
Single Lupine Spike Among Green Lupine Leaves
Lupine Bud Among Dewy Leaves (Horizontal)
New Lupine Blossoms In Early June
Ketch At Anchor On Mirrored Water
Keep Off Grass Sign (No Grass - Humor)
Kayaker Paddling Through Pier Pilings
Electric Company Installing New Lights On a Footbridge...
Dinghies At Rest On Mirror-Like Water, Maine
Eagle Weathervane
New England Cemetery In Spring Greenery
Hand-Dipped Candles Hanging From Wooden Pegs
Butterfly Nets From Store Display (vertical)...
Butterfly Nets From Store Display
Antique Weathervane Sits On Porch of Antique Shop, Maine...
Young Man Rigs Ropes On Friendship Sloop In Prep For Summer ...
Young Man Rigs Ropes On Friendship Sloop In Prep For Summer ...
Young Man Rigs Ropes On Friendship Sloop In Prep For Summer ...
Young Man Rigs Ropes On Friendship Sloop In Prep For Summer ...
Rigging Sailboat In Boothbay Harbor, Maine
Young Man Rigs Ropes On Friendship Sloop In Prep For Summer ...
B&B In Boothbay Harbor Maine - Old Fashioned Porch and Pick-...
Woman Sits On Ledges Overlooking Crashing Surf - Maine (...
Street Signs
Little Boy Walks Near Water, Large Hand Holds His (verti...
Man Sculls On the Androscoggin River In the Early Morning In...
Erly Morning Mist On the Androscoggin River, Fall In Maine &...
Young People Preparing To Rig a Coastal Schooner
Sun Glistens From the Water Around an Island Off Ocean Point...
Young Man Climbs Mast of Tall Ship Preparing To Set the Sail...
Yellow Maple Leaf On Stream Bed, Fall Foliage, Maine...
Sailing Vessel Sails By Islands On Penobscot Bay, Maine...
Macaw At National Aviary (Behind Bars)
Couple Sits Overlooking Gorgeous Coastal View From Mountain ...
Camden Harbor As Seen From Mt. Battie, Maine
Woman Stands On Mountain Overlooking Penobscot Bay, Maine...
Couple Sits Overlooking Gorgeous Coastal View From Mountain ...
New England Street Scene - Light Pole & Church Steeple...
Cupola On Public Library, Camden, Maine (Vertical)...
Golden Lab Sitting in it's Owner's Lap
Wild White Lady's Slipper Orchids
Pink Lady's Slipper Close-up of Blossom (vertical)...
Pink Lady's Slipper Plant
Wild Orchid, Pink Lady's Slipper (vertical)...
Cypripedium Acaule, Pink Lady's Slipper Orchid (Vertical...
Front Fork and Fender of Harley-Davidson Motorcycle (Rol...
Seagull Fishing For Food In Small Tidal Area (Horizontal...
Seagull Prepares To Dive For Food (Vertical)...
Fall Foliage Reflected In Maine Coastal Inlet
Heron Perches On Log Surrounded With Golden Fall Maine Folia...
Curtis Island and Lighthouse, Camden, Maine (Horizontal&...
Christmas At PPG Place, Pittsburgh, PA (Horizontal)...
Roberto Clemente Bridge & Downtown Pittsburgh From Northside...
Butterfly On Pink Zinnia Blossom (Horizontal)...
Sun Dappled Bridle Path In Western Pennsylvania (vertica...
The Brig the Bounty Being Overhauled In Boothbay Harbor, Mai...
Birch Tree Catkin
Hole In Tree Made By a Woodpecker
Gardening Flower Box With Pansies
Stack of Lobster Traps Ready For Laying, Maine (Vertical...
Pirate Ship Weathervane
Stacked Lobster Traps
Young Man Jumps W/ His Skateboard (vertical)...
Sweatshirts Rolled Up; Diagonal Pattern; Colorful For Backgr...
Seagulls Perched On Rock At Shore (Horizontal)...
Shadows On Water
Ripples and Diagonal Shadows On Water
'Private' Sign On Gate, Coastal Maine
Line of Boats At Dock In Portland Harbor, Maine (Horizon...
Supply of Pencils W/ Colorful Erasers (Horizontal)...
Man Uses His Laptop Outdoors In a Park (Vertical)...
Old Railroad Steam Engine (Horizontal)
Coastal Maine Scene - Lobster Traps On Shore; Boats and Harb...
Lobsterman Maneuvers Boat Into Dock, Maine
Lobsterman Transfers Lobsters From Trap To Keeper (Verti...
Lobsterman Transfers Lobsters From Trap To Keeper (Verti...
Apple Orchard In the Fog (Vertical)
Apple Orchard In the Fog
Old Gnarled Apple Trees Through Maine Fog (Horizontal...
Small Boats Tied Up To Dock In Maine Harbor (vertical...
Colorful Dinghies At Dock - Maine, Horizontal
Dinghies At Dock In Maine (Horizontal)
Cupola On City Hall, Lewiston, Maine (vertical)...
Rock Weed Grows Up Around Marine Chain (Horizontal)...
Unique Birdhouse With Out of Focus Flowers In Background ...
Collection of Balls (Baseball, Basketball, Soccer)...
Horse Drawn Wagon On City Street - Portland, Maine (Vert...
Man In Wheelchair Helps Woman W/ American Flag (vertical...
Veteran In a Wheelchair With American Flags
Colorful Lobster Traps Rigged To Go Back Into the Water In S...
Colorful Lobster Traps Rigged To Go Back Into the Water...
Motor Boats Docked In Calm Harbor, Maine, (horizontal...
Old Port Portland, Maine In the Rain
Lobster Trap Ropes Coiled On Old Rusty Cart (vertical...
Raindrops Dancing On Gray Water
Fishermen Empty Crabs From Lobster Traps (horizontal)...
Lobster Buoys Lie On Dock - Maine (Horizontal)...
Dinghy Upended To Paint
Decorative Lighthouse In Downtown Portland, Maine (verti...
Ram Island Light From Mainland On Foggy Day - Horizontal...
Coast Guard Sailor Refuels Honda Motors On Coast Guard Launc...
Fish Fixture on a Yacht
Two Soldiers Stand At Attention In Color Guard, Vertical...
Empty City Street On Rainy Day (Blue Neon) Horizonta...
Young Soldier Standing At Attention In Color Guard (Vert...
Kevlar and Helium Balloons Floating On Blue Sky Background &...
Fish In Netted Bags In Prep For Lobster Fishing (Horizon...
Holding Hands (Adult & Toddler)
Adult Hand & Toddler Arm/Hand, Holding Hands (Vertical&#...
Vining Plant With Yellow Blossoms
New England Weathervane - Lobster(vertical)...
New England Weathervane - Trotting Horse
New England Weathervane - Eagle (vertical)
Sailing Schooners At Anchor
Tools On Wooden Deck (Horizontal)
Attractive Elderly Woman In Wicker Chair Reading (Vertic...
Black & White Version of Rope On Stake In Water W/ Reflectio...
Rope Twined On Stake In Water With Reflections
Wooden Mast of Friendship Sloop In Prep For Installation On ...
Island Residents Prepare For Summer In Maine
Hairy Woodpecker Watches For Danger
Hairy Woodpecker Inspects a Tree Trunk For Telltale Signs of...
Male Goldfinch Sits On Feeder Pole (Vertical)...
Female Gold Finch On Forest Branch (Horizontal)...
Man & His Son Playing Bagpipes In a Parade
Apple Tree Blooms In Spring Backyard, New England (Horiz...
Ambulance On City Street (Horizontal)
Schooner Weather Vane Atop Church Steeple, New England (...
Asian Umbrella Stand Holds American Flag
Red Tulip W/ Serrated Petals (vertical)
Violet Tulip Blossoms (Vertical)
Single Pink Tulip Blossom (others In Background Out of F...
Spring Flowerbed (Vertical)
Pile of Firewood
Bag of Impatiens Hag By Door of Candy Shop, Boothbay Harbor,...
Seagulls Perched On Coastal Roof
Two Seagulls Perched on a Roof
Purple/Blue Pansies With Raindrops On Petals
Yellow & Blue Pansies In the Rain
Purple Pansies In the Rain (Horizontal)
Yellow & Purple Pansies In the Rain
Classic New England Scene; Porch, Hammock, American Flag!! &...
Hammock Outside B&B In Boothbay Harbor, Maine (Horizonta...
Hardware Store In Small Town, Maine
Wet Green Grass On Foggy Day
Symbol of Boothbay Harbor and Brown's Wharf In Boothbay Main...
Basket of Daisies In the Rain (Horizontal)
Colorful Storefronts In Tourist Town (Boothbay Harbor, M...
Typical Village Street, Boothbay Harbor, Maine
Coastal Buoy Chimes Hang On Porch, Maine (Vertical)...
Sailboat Launch On Foggy Day, Boothbay Harbor, Maine...
Old Birdhouse & Stockade Fence Facing Harbor (Vertical&#...
Second Level Hatch Door of a New Barn, New England
New Spring Leaves On Trees (Horizontal)
Rain Gear - Brightly Colored Open Umbrellas
Tulip Blossoms - Blurred (Vertical)
Close-up of Tulip Blossom - Red & Yellow (Vertical)...
Ground Feeding Sparrow
Sparrow Perched On Tree Branch W/ New Leaves
Common Sparrow Feeds On Seed Under Birdfeeders (Horizont...
Cormorant Swimming In a Channel of a Tidal Marsh
Caught In the Act, This Red Squirrel Hopes He Hasn't Been Se...
Red Squirrel Prepares To Raid a Bird Feeder
Red Squirrel Climbing Birdfeeder Post
Red Squirrel Watches From Trunk of Tree
Red Squirrel
Red Squirrel Pausing on a Rock
Pine Needles (White Pine) Horizontal
Redbreasted Nuthatch On Forest Branch (Vertical)...
Pine Needles (White Pine) Horizontal
Magnolia Blossom (Horizontal)
Magnolia Blossom (Horizontal)
Leaf Buds On Spring Trees
Lime Green New Leaves On Spring Tree
Great Blue Heron Steps Into Marsh Pool to Fish
Great Blue Heron Prepares To Strike Fish (Horizontal)...
Great Blue Heron Preening
Great Blue Heron Feeding in Marsh
Egret and Heron Avoid Collision In Marsh (Horizontal)...
Egret and Heron Almost Colliding In a Marsh
Great Blue Heron Feeding in Marsh
Greater Yellow Legs, Shore Bird Fishing In Marsh (Horizo...
Greater Yellow Legs Shore Bird Fishing In a Marsh
Young Woman Smiles Happily Dressed In Cap and Gown For Gradu...
Crowd of Graduates Stand To At Graduation Ceremony (Hori...
A Fern Grows Between Two Pine Sprigs
Young Woman Marches At Her Graduation (Cap & Gown, Verti...
Female Gold Finch On Forest Branch (Vertical)...
Downy Woodpecker Feeding on a Suet
Downy Woodpecker Ignores Suet Feeder In Favor of Insects...
A Typical Maine (New England) Backyard In Spring...
Blue Jay Perched On a Forest Branch
Blue Jay Perched W/ Soft Forest Foliage Surrounding (Hor...
Blue Jay Perched On Forest Branch
Fiddlehead Ferns In Bud Stage
Blue Jay Ground Feeding
Sunrise Over Sheepscott River, Maine
Storefronts On City Street in The Rain - Pittsburgh...
View of Pittsburgh from Underneath Fort Pitt Bridge (Hor...
Goldfish Looks Directly at Camera - Foo Man Chu Appearance...
Highway Maintenance - Street Line Painting Truck
Wet Street Grate on Rainy Day - Abstract (Horizontal)...
Heinz Stadium, Pittsburgh, PA
Leaf Buds and Flowers on an Early Spring Tree
Leaf Buds and Flowers on Early Spring Tree
Intricate Leaf Buds in Early Spring
Red Squirrel Freezes on Tree Trunk Hoping Not to Be Seen...
Pile of Lobster Buoys - Horizontal
Littel Girls Holds Balloon Watching Fountain and Rainbow ...
Wetlands in Early Morning Light, Maine (Horizontal)...
Wetlands in Early Morning Fog
Mourning Dove Looks Straight at Camera (Horizontal)...
American Flag at War Memorial to WW I
Little Girl Searches Pocket for Lost Item
Man Paddling a Kayak
Heinz Plant in Pittsburgh at Dusk
Graffiti of Smiley Face Painted on Bridge Abuttment...
Dusk Skyline of Pittsburgh, PA from Northside
Interior of Noteworthy Example of Richardson Architecture &#...
Footprints in the Mud of Coastal Clam Flats
New England Farm Reflected in Mill Stream
Beaver Hutch and Reflections in Wetlands
Downy Woodpecker on Tree Trunk
Downy Woodpecker on Tree Trunk
Looking Toward Pittsburgh from a Bridge Over the Allegheny R...
Two Bridge Deck Converge Above this Road
Pine Siskin
Statue Outside Carnegie Museum, Pittsburgh
Pine Siskin
Red Squirrel Standing on a Branch of an Evergreen Tree...
Red Breasted Nuthatch on Branch (Horizontal)...
The Point in Pittsburgh from Mt. Washington
A Spider Web Trailing From Pine Sprigs
Pennsylvania Barn
Winter Farm, Pennsylvania
Barn With Mail Pouch Sign
Night Scene on Moonlit Night at the Mall
Scarlet Macaw
Man and Woman At Microscopes in a Lab
Gas Tank of Purple Motorcycle
Tropical Birds - Flamingo
Downy Woodpecker on Tree Near Feeder (Vertical)...
Bubbling Coffee in a Paper Cup
Bright Pink Lobster Buoys
Bird Impression on Window From Crashing Bird
Handlebars and Mirror on a Motorcycle
Man Looking Through Binoculars
Helmeted Rider on Red Motorcycle (Vertical)...
Colorful Wheels and Belts on Old Machine
Sunrise Over Sheepscott River, Maine
Wetlands in Early Morning Light, Maine
Food Warmer Keeps Restaurant Food Heated (Vertical)...
Man Walking With a Walking Stick
Tulip Bouquet
Pile of Rings & Pearl Necklace (Horizontal)...
Classic Yellow & Blue Sunoco Gas Pump
Old Steam Engine
Raindrops on the Branches of a Bare Spring Tree (Horizon...
Boy Practices Flipping Skateboard on Safety of Grass...
Yellow Sapphire Ring in Bed of Candy
Sapphire Ring on a Bed of Candy (Eye Candy)...
Sapphire Ring on a Bed of Candy (Eye Candy)...
Pile of jewelry w/ Ruby Ring as Central Focus (horizonta...
Railroad Crossing
Putting the Boat in; Spring in Maine
Red Lobsterboat Plies Waters of Maine Coast (Horizontal&...
Ram Island at Dusk on Brisk Spring Evening
Brushes and Paraphenalia at a Potter's Work Bench
Tools at Potter's Work Bench
Painted Pottery at a Potter's Workbench
Potters Bench With Bowl, Brushes and Plant
Hood Ornament of Classic Packard Car
Front End of an Old Packard
Kayaker Paddles/Corners his Kayak
Boys Stand by the Railroad Tracks
Young Boys Throw Stones Into River
Boys Throwing Stones Into River (Vertical)
Lichen Encrusted Child's Gravestone
Collection of Colorful Gemstones w/ Space for Text (Hori...
Collection of Colorful Gemstones w/ Space for Text (Hori...
Sunsplashed Ferns in Uniform Pattern
US Flag Reflection in River
Ferret Getting Kissed By Young Woman (Vertical)...
Albino Ferret in the Grass (Horizontal)
Two Rings (Emerald & Spinel) Backlighted
Ring and Pearl Necklace
Norweigan Elkhound With Toy; Mischievous
Dinghy Tied Up at Dock; Reflections (Vertical)...
Magazines at Grocery Store Check-out
Woman Talking On a Cell Phone White Sitting On The Ground in...
Blood Pressure Cuff on Wood Surface (Horizontal)...
Blue and Purple Ribbons Make Good Background (Horizontal...
Early Morning Bridge and Quaint New England Village...
Colorful Toy Whistles
Steeple of New England Through Early Spring Trees
Pine Cones on Dead Branches of Evergreen
Osprey Nest in Wetlands
Colorful Orbs on Straws
Colorful Rabbits Feet Keychains
Great Blue Heron Takes Off in Flight (Horizontal)...
Great Blue Heron in Marsh
Great Blue Heron Takes Off in Flight
Rusted Metal Buoy
Pile of Colorful Metallic Baskets
Framed Balls
Toys - Balls; Many Blue, One White
Pop-up Post It Dispenser (Hand Removing Note)...
Close-Up of Hyacinth Blossom
Backlighted Pink Hyacinth Blossom
Pink Hyacinth - Spring Flowers
Close-up of Flashlight w/ Light On - Front View (Horizon...
Close-up of Flashlight w/ Light On (Horizontal)...
Ladder Against Wall by Window - Spring Cleaning
Concept - Elections - Campaign Finance - Voting
Boy Practices Flipping Skateboard
Elderly Gentleman Talking On Cell Phone On Park Bench...
Coastal Wetlands With Bridge and Blue Heron
Great Blue Heron Flies W/ Evergreen Background
Great Blue Heron Landing in Wetlands
Great Blue Heron Landing
Gemstones Reflected in Side of Jeweler's Loupe
Concept - Elections - Campaign Finance
Old Fuel Station Converted To Stores
Elderly Couple Sits in Lawn Chairs at Public Park
Ambulance at Event Scene, Maine
Fixing The Harrow To Till The Field W/ Tractor
Woman Tilling a Field With a Tractor
Teddy Bears on Rocking Chair
Maine Lobster Boats in Calm Cove
Bucolic Scene on Maine Coast, Blue Sky, Puffy Clouds and Oce...
Man Painting Keel of Sailboat
Hanging Umbrellas
Children Dig in The Beach Sand, Early Spring
Children Dig in The Sand At The Beach, Early Spring...
Little Girl Holds Spool & String To Kite On Beach
Dances With Waves (Grandmother and Child)
Dances With Waves!!
Assortment of Kites in Flight (Blue Sky)
Assortment of Kites in Flight
Kite Flier Launches Kite on Windy Beach, Maine
Kite Flier on Windy Beach, Maine
Man Flies Kite on Cool Day at the Beach, Maine
Flagman Stands Holding Stop Sign at Construction Site (V...
Flagman at Road Construction Site (Horizontal Orientatio...
Fishing Creel, Rods and Paddles
Purple Finch Sitting in Center of Twig Wreath
Texas Dragons
Person Fills In Crossword Puzzle (Horizontal Orientation...
Person Fills In Crossword Puzzle (Vertical Orientation&#...
One of a Kind Cribstone Bridge, Orr's Island, Maine...
Gasoline Grade Signs on Fuel Pump
Keypad of Gasoline Pump - Gas Station
Gasoline Grade Sign on Fuel Pump
Man Fuels Vehicle at Gasoline Pump/Station
Self-Service Gas - Paying w/ Credit Card
Grandmother Drags Child Away From Water's Edge at the Shore ...
Bi-Plane Kite (Fills Frame) Poster Edges Digital Art...
Bi-Plane Kite (Fills Frame)
Dory on Shore in Early Spring
Old Door Hinge - Interesting Detail, Color, Texture...
Kelp in Moving Green Water
Kelp in Moving Water (Background)
Antique Kettle & Coffee Pot
Limestone Seeping Through Old Wall Produces Patterns (Go...
Limestone Produces Patterns on Old Wall (Background)...
Nuthatch on Suet Feeder
Portland Head Lighthouse and Ledges (Vertical Orientatio...
Portland Head Lighthouse, Distant View (Vertical Orienta...
Portland Head Lighthouse - Distant View (Horizontal Orie...
Portland Head Lighthouse, Vertical Orientation
Portland Head Lighthouse on Partly Cloudy Day (Horizonta...
Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse, So. Portland, Maine (Tank...
Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse, So. Portland, Maine
Early Spring at Pond; Field & Fence Beyond
Chickadee Flies from Birdfeeder
Cupped in Woman's Hands, Teddy Bear Hamster Peeks Out...
Teddy Bear Hamster in Woman's Hand
Teddy Bear Hamster Nestles in Woman's Hand
Teddy Bear Hamster Nestled into Hand
Military Transport - Air National Guard
Lizards for Sale
Background - Water - Ocean Life
Peony Blossom & Buds (Close View; Leafy Background)...
Macro of Peony Blossom (Pink Petals)
Peony Blossom and Buds
Signs - Will Return - Swirl - Dizzy
Signs - Will Return - Motion Blur
New England Door/Entrance w/ Wreath, Bell and Old Fashioned ...
Scarecrow in Spring Garden (Tilled Soil; Spring Greenery...
Portland Head Lighthouse, Maine
Front Perspective on Portland Head Lighthouse, Maine...
Lobster Boat Chased by Seagulls, Maine
Red Leaves of Japanese Maple Tree
Gates to City Hall, Portland, Maine
Delicate Goldfish w/ Bright Colors
Motion Blur of Goldfish
Cuckolds Lighthouse, Boothbay, Maine
Man Prepares Taxes - Computer Nearby
'Will Return' Sign from Door of Business
Beach Plum - Rose Hips - Roses
Beaded Purse and Pearls (Denim Shirt Background)...
Beaded Purse and Pearls (Denim Background)
Lovely Classic Building W/ Pink Tones
Denim Shirt and Pearls
Pearls & Denim (Shirt w/ pearls in pocket)
Mark the Day on Your Calendar! Fourth of July - Flag...
Glass Awning Over City Doorway - Portland, Maine
Fourth of July Picnic Supplies
Portland City Hall, Portland, Maine
Gates to City Hall - Chained Closed
Tax Preparer Adds 'Damages' on Calculator
Coastal Sunset Along Maine Coast w/ Sailboat in Sunbeam...
Pemaquid Lighthouse and Reflection in Pool in Ledges...
Orchid Blossoms - Orchidaceae
Typical Lobsterman's Shack, Maine
Furled Sails on Schooner, Maine
Man Fishing on Mirrored Pond w/ Dog
Man Photographs His Family On Ledges of Pemaquid, Maine...
Dinghies Tied Up at Dock (Colorful)
Bicycles Parked in Limited Parking Zone
Artist Paints at Pemaquid Point, Maine
Artist Paints Pemaquid Lighthouse
Vending Machine for Laundry Products at Laundramat (Wide...
Vending Machine for Laundry Products at Laundramat
Woman Watches as Dog Swims at Ocean
Digital Art Background - Pastel Curly Ribbons
Man Looks Out Over Ocean from Ledges Near Surf
Line of Machines at Laundramat
Golf Carts Parked in Neat Pattern
Two Fortune Cookies, One Open w/ Fortune
Bill Changing Machine
Three Dimensional Alphabet Letters Spelling
Three Dimensional Alphabet Letters Spelling
Three Dimensional Alphabet Letters Spelling
Three Dimensional Alphabet Letters Spelling
Three Dimensional Letters Spelling
Colorful Three Dimensional Letters From Child's Alphabet Set...
Colorful Three Dimensional Letters From Child's Alphabet Set...
Numbers From Child's Alphabet Set (1, 2, &3)...
Internet Shorthand (4U) For You
'Computerese' Shortened Spelling, 4 GO
Traffic Jam on Wiscasset Bridge, Maine on Typical Summer Day...
Quaint Village Square, New England (Horizontal)...
Town Square, Wiscasset, Maine (horizontal)
Girl & Her Dad Peek in Candystore Window At Taffy Being Pull...
Snowman Stands on Spring Lawn Melting in Sun
Signs for Community Businesses, Maine
Heavy Shovel Clears Trees from Land
Pair of Mallard Ducks
Male Mallard Looks Out Over Water
Gull Footprints in Mud Flats
Typical New England Fence With a Flag
Double Pine Doors and Brass Door Knobs
Coffee Grounds and Filter in Basket
Clock Tower At Portland City Hall, Portland, Maine
Buoy hangs from tree at antique shop, Wiscasset, Maine....
Little Girl Running At The Beach, Maine
Eaves of Building and Sliver Moon
Rusty Car Sits Among Trees in JunkYard
Signs - Truck Route - Farm Salvage Yard
Old Train Station, Homestead, PA, Black & White
'Street Ends' Sign Rests in Farm Salvage Yard
Old Reaper and Wagon Wheel at Farm Salvage Yard
Man Wrapped in Blanket Lives On The Streets
Grill & Headlights of Old Truck in Junkyard
Fall Foliage is Backdrop to Marine Full of Sailboats...
American Flag Crushed in Sails of Old Sailing Vessel...
Bittersweet Nightshade Plant w/ Green and Red Berries...
Row of Corn Left After Fall Harvest on PA Farm
Swallowtail Butterfly on Pink Blossom (Full View of Body...
Zebra Longwing Butterfly (Greenery Background)...
Basset Hound at the Shore
Man Pours Tea from Pot to Cup (Close View)
Man Pours Tea from Pot to Cup
Sunrise Over John's Bay, Maine
Summer Lady's Straw Hats
Snowman Melting in Spring Warmth
Seagull in Flight - Blue Sky Background - Horizontal...
Phipps Conservatory & Greenhouses in Pittsburgh, PA...
Digital Art of Lily Bouquet
Periwinkle Snails Make Trails in Wet Sand at Beach....
Pink Geranium Blossoms - Greenery in Background - Vertical...
Hot Air Balloons, Pittsburgh Regatta
Gas Burner Fires To Blow Up Hot Air Balloon
Colorful Easter Baskets Stacked
Large Dead Crab on Beach - Belly Up
Table Set w/ Coffee in Mug
Hot Air Balloons, Pittsburgh Regatta
Ram Island Lighthouse and Out-Buildings
Tugboat Moored on Kennebec River in Bath, Maine
Fall Foliage (Tree Trunk) Along the Androscoggin Riv...
Fall Foliage Along the Androscoggin River, Maine
Young Family Flies Kite On Beach On Windy Spring Day...
Young Family Flies Kite On Beach On Cool Spring Day...
Young Couple Jogs On Beach On Cool Winter Day
Young Couple Plays in Tidal Pool At Beach, Pregnant Mom...
Digital Art of Borage Plant - Greens and Purple/Blues...
Borage Blossom
People and Dog Walk on Cold, Winter Beach, Maine
Colorful, Plastic Monster Toys (Backgrounds)...
Colorful, Plastic Airplane Toys w/ US Emblems
Morning Lights Reflected on Linekin Bay, Maine.
Eagle Masthead on Maine Schooner
Female Mallard Duck Swims Among Lily Pads and Blossoms...
Pemaquid Light at Sunset w/ Light Functioning
Pemaquid Light from Ledges - Fog
View of Ledges and Coastline, Pemaquid Lighthouse, Maine...
View From Ledges in Front of Lighthouse - Pemaquid, Maine....
Mother Helps Child Maneuver on Ledges, Maine.
Dennis Kucinuch (Politician) Speaks To Crowd in Prim...
Crystal Balls on Display in 'Angel' Store
Marble Staircase
Corn silk and Stalks w/ Blue Sky Background
Views from Farm in Vermont (Pond, Mountains)...
Leaves and Grasses in Pond
Schooner Sailing into Harbor Under Full Sail, Maine...
Schooner Sailing into Harbor Under Full Sail, Maine...
Windows (One Seen Through the Other) Pemaquid Lighth...
Colorful Meat Case Display in Restaurant
Seagulls Sit on Dock w/ Lobsterboat in Background
Macro of Center of Lily - Intense Color and Texture!...
Lily Blossom w/ Pistols in Focus (Side View)...
Hendrick's Head Lighthouse
Macro of Comfrey stem and blossom
Seagulls Sit on Rail w/ Lighthouse in Background
Seagull Sits on Rail w/ Lighthouse in Background
Seagull Sits on Rail w/ Lighthouse in Background
Flower Lighted by Translucent Bird Bath
Old Sailing Schooner Sails Into Harbor, Boothbay Harbor, Mai...
Fall Foliage in New England Around Mirror-like River...
Swallowtail Butterfly on Lavendar-Colored Flower
Bunch of Delicious Apples Hanging from Apple Tree
Delicious Apple Hanging From Apple Tree Branch
Close - up of Bronze Sundial
Seagulls Fly By Other Gulls Resting on Ice Flow
Riverlets in Fine Sand of Ocean Beach
Seagulls Fly By Other Gulls Resting on Ice Flow
Seagulls Resting on Ice Flow
Flock of Seagulls Take Off on Foggy Winter Day
Classic Horse Drawn Carriage - Garden Setting
Classic Pick-Up Truck in Garden Scene
Rocky Coast of Maine on Winter Afternoon
Lobsterman's Winch and Rope
Squirrel Looks Around Edge of Telephone Pole on Boot Cleat...
New England Church Steeple and Weather Vane
Lobstermens' Rope
Early Fall Foliage - One Red Maple Leaf on Green Branch...
Pair of Mallard Ducks Rest on Shore
Lobsterman Unloads Buoys Onto Dock from Lobster Boat...
Working Lobster Boats, Boothbay, Maine
Hendrick's Head Lighthouse, Boothbay, Maine (Winter - la...
Hendricks Head Lighthouse, Boothbay, Maine (Winter - Por...
Female Mallard Duck Lands W/ a Splash
Summer Flowers (Pink) and Bumble Bee
Bumble Bee Buzzes Around Pink Flower
Determined Little Boy Concentrates As He Tries To Blow Bubbl...
Birdhouses on a Pole in Water
Sailboat Docked w/ Bicycle Transporation on Board
New England Church in Fall Foliage
Christmas Cactus Flowers on Plant
Coastal Scene - Maine Golden Sunrise
Coastal Scene - Maine Sunrise
Rock Weed (Sea Weed) Growing on Rocks, Maine...
Sea Gull Picnics at Wharf Restaurant
Pamphlets Strewn on Table
Coastal Scene - Maine Sunset
Close-up of Orange Lily Blossoms
New England Coastal Scene, Window and Wrought Iron Gate...
Male Mallards Face Off (Water Background)
White Buds of Lily Blossoms
Lily Flower Blossom (Pink w/ Black Background)...
Girl Decorates Egg Carton for Flower Shop Easter Display...
Bouquet of Pink Daisies (Variety of shades)...
Blue Lupine Flower Blossom
Female Mallard Duck Close Up
Coastal Scene from Ocean Point, Maine - (Portrait Orient...
Coastal Scene from Ocean Point, Maine - (Landscape Orien...
Coastal Scene on Ocean Point, Maine, Horizonless Perspective...
Maine Cottages Reflected in Calm Harbor Water
Gone Fishing Sign on Door (Humorous)
Surf Casting Near Beach, Coastal Maine
Sea Gull Scavenges Lobster
Coastal Scene - Early Morning Reflections
Coastal Scene - Early Morning Reflections
Ducks Take Off in Coastal Scene of Maine Sunrise
Industrial - Chain on a Rail
Buoys on Fence in Coastal Scene from Maine
Buoys on Fence in Coastal Scene from Maine
Beached Dories Upended in the Snow, Coastal Maine
Artists Paint Coastal Scenes, Ocean Point, Maine
Adirondack Chairs & Flower Garden in Coastal Fog
Sunrise, Ocean Point, Maine
Snow-Covered Trees in Winter, Maine (Blue Sky Background...
Owl's Head Lighthouse and Stairs, Maine
Winter Scene of Ocean Inlet Bordered by Evergreens, Maine...
Winter Sunlight Glints Off the Ocean at Boothbay, Maine....
Books About Tax Preparation
Snow-Covered Branches on Tree in Winter, Maine
Coastal Winter Scene, Ram Island Lighthouse, Boothbay, Maine...
Home Redecorating Paint Swatches, Blues, Greens, Yellows ...
Sparkling, Mid-Day Winter Ocean & Islands, Ocean Point, Main...
Coastal Scene, Marsh Grass, Maine
Signs Pointing Way to Specific Food Items, Portland Market, ...
Fuel House & Atlantic Ocean, Owl's Head Lighthouse, Maine...
Cupola on Owl's Head Lighthouse Fuel House, Maine
Store Display of Winter Vegetables ( Squash, Cabbage, Ru...
Side View of Clementine Section w/ Kiwi in Background...
Foods - Fruits - Pineapple - Bananas
Foods - Vegetables - Peppers (Red, Orange & Green),...
Colorful Mouse (Computer)
Lily Bouquet (Black Background)
Foods - Fruits - Citrus - Clementines - Kiwi (Sections &...
Broken Egg Shell (Space for Text)
Daisy & Rose Bouquets
Coffee Grinder and Teapot, Jars in Background
Foods - Fruits - Citrus - Clementines - Kiwi (Sections &...
Foods - Fruits - Citrus - Clementines (Top Macro View...
Foods - Fruits - Citrus - Clementine Oranges
Foods - Fruits - Citrus - Clementines
Food - Legumes - Chili Mix
Food - Vegetables - Squash - Summer & zucchini
Pink Roses - Flowers - - Grocery Checkout Counter
Food - Vegetables - Squash
Slopes, 7-Springs Mountain Resort, Pennsylvania
People on Slopes of Ski Area
Red Rooster, Free Range
Food - Vegetables - Red Peppers
Farm Animals - Horses - Grazing
Eggs in Cartons in Store Display
Grocery Store Checkout Counter Flowers
Spindle of CD's
Grocery Store Bananas and Pineapples
Grocery Store Bananas
Food - Fruit - Bushels of Apples
Animals - Birds - Snowy Owl
Literature - Shakespeare Books (Standing w/ Spines Out, ...
Stack of Shakespeare Books (Bright Colors, Space for Tex...
Stack of Shakespeare Books (Bright Colors and Space for ...
Woman Holds Flag in Support of America Leading Up To Iraq Wa...
Paint Swatches in Rainbow Colors at Hardware Store. (lan...
Pink/Purple Orchid Blossom
Camera Lens - Photographer in Background
Technology - Computer - CD Writer - Drawer & Power Button...
Technology - Computer - CD Writer (Open Drawer, CD in Pl...
Technology - Computer - CD Writer - Drawer Emerging from Wri...
Technology - Computer - CD Writer - USB 2.0 Sign Visible...
Winter Scene of Frozen River in Maine
Backgrounds, Swirl of Mosaic Pin
Food - Navel Orange Slices, Photo, Photos, Pictures, Photogr...
Lighthouses - Owl's Head, Maine
Lighthouse, Owl's Head, Maine
Toy School Bus on Calendar Opened to June. (Space for Te...
Toy School Bus on June Calendar
Red Carbonated Beverage in Tall Stemmed Glass w/ Flower Garn...
Red Carbonated Drink in Long Stemmed Glass
Red Carbonated Drink in tall stemware glass.
Foods - Beverages - Carbonated Drink (Red)
Macro of Hair Brush - Flower
Maine Beach on Bright Winter Day
People Walk Dog on Winter Beach, Maine
Coastal Scene - Hurricane Fence, Marsh Grass & Shadows...
Back to School - Toy School Bus Sitting on Notebook...
Jewelry - Watch (Winter Theme)
Road Signs on a Country Winter Road
Food - Snacks - Orange - Candy (Healthy vs. Unhealthy...
New England Stone Wall in Winter (Snow Covered)...
Food - Fruit - Sliced Navel Orange
Silk Roses, Flowers,
Food - Fried Egg - Sunnyside Up in Pan (Larger View of Y...
Food - Fried Egg - Sunnyside Up in Pan
Large Mum (Pink/Purple) Macro Image,
Eggs in Basket ( One Broken)
Eggs in Basket (One 'sleeping')
Grocery Shopping Preparation - Coupons, List, Scissors...
Primary Caucus, Maine
Variety of Sizes and Tree Species in Winter
Artist Paints Border on Wall
Man Paints Decorative Border on Wall
Man Paints Mural on Wall
Food - Fruit (Orange) and Candy; Opposite Ends of He...
Ladies Pocket Watches - Small to Large
Store Display of Patriotic Greeting Cards
Pink Mum Photographed from the Back, Macro
Cooked Lobster (Bright Red)
Lobster Holding Strawberries in Claws
Red Lobster Ready to Eat (Or Be Eaten!)
Food, Eggs in Carton, Sleeping to Awake
Bush Administration Cards on Cribbage Board
How to Treat a Cold (Cup of Tea, Tissues, Thermometer an...
Cell Phone Resting on Top of Phone Book
Cards of Influential Members of Bush Team - Republican Eleph...
Elephant and Cards from Bush Administration
Slicing Bread
Valentines in Store Display
Sea Gull Investigates Beach Paraphenalia - Thief!
Insects, Swallowtail Butterfly
Red Fence w/ Black Background
Fence with Nautical Theme - Whales & Trees
Greeting Cards - Birthday - Store Display
Cribbage Board and Cards
Shopping List, Scissors, Coupons
Shopping - Eyeglasses - Coupons
Office Supplies - Colored Paper
Concepts - Illness - Thermometer, Tylenol, Tissues
Concept - Budget - Calculator - Pen - Pad of Paper
Birthday Greeting Cards - Display
Greeting Cards on Display - Anniversary
Four Children Digging in The Sand At The Beach
Yellow and Blue/Purple Pansies - Macro
Young Man Fishes from Dock, Boothbay Harbor, Maine
Sea Kayaks Tied Up in Harbor (Colorful Line of Kayaks...
Man Paddles Sea Kayak Through Coastal Waters, Maine...
Man Kayaks with His Daughter
Hendricks Head Lighthouse, Southport Island, Maine
Lobster Boats at Dock in Late Afternoon Sunlight
Green Gumdrops w/ Pastel Muffin Cup Background
Strong Graphic Image of Yellow Picket Fence (Black Backg...
Strong Graphic Image of white Picket Fence
Woman Feeds Female Mallard Ducks
Orange Dinghy Tied Up to Dock (Black Background Makes Di...
Man Talks on Cell Phone
Family Enjoys Tidal Pool On Hot Day At The Beach (Pregna...
Artists Paints Sunset At Ocean Point, Maine
Pick-up Truck w/ American Flag Painted on Tailgate
American Flag Painted on Transmission Garage Business Door P...
Businessman is Dwarfed By Flag at Union Station, Chicago...
Carousel Horse w/ American Flag Motif
American and PA Flags Fly in Front of Skyscraper, Pittsburgh...
Ice Flow on Tidal River in Maine
River Ice is Thrown Up into Interesting Formations By Tidal ...
New England (Maine) Porch W/ American Flag Bunting...
Place Settings Decorated w/ American Flag Motif
Uncle Sam Stands Outside Cafe in Bath, Maine.
New England Bell Tower Festooned w/ American Flag Banners...
Woman Dressed in American Flag Jacket, Memorial Day...
Cirrus Clouds on a Cold Winter Day
Red & White Carnation Bouquet
Toddler's Hands Holding Banana Slice, Tippy Cup
Hat Boxes in Hat Store, Portland, Maine
American Flag Displayed Near Heinz Stadium, Pittsburgh...
Summer Garden Flowers
Pup w/ Head Out Car Window - Golden Labrador
Old City, Portland, Maine - Waterfront w/ Housing and Boats...
Portland Head Lighthouse, Portland, Maine (Rain)...
Pemaquid Lighthouse from the Water
Purple Lupine Flowers Lupinus - Pink Flowers in Background...
Man Paddles By Kayaks at Rest
Sailing Schooner at Rest in Harbor, Passengers On Board...
Burnt Island Lighthouse, Boothbay, Maine
Lobster Buoys Lined Up to Dry After Spring Painting...
Bleeding Heart Blossoms
Man Paddles Out of Harbor in Sea Kayak, Dog Looks On...
Wharf and Fishing Shack in Icy Winter Scene, Maine
Closeup of Paul Revere Bell with Identifying Lettering...
Paul Revere Bell (1822)
Henry Knox House, Frontal View of Stairs and Door
Knox Mansion, Thomaston, Maine, Full Exterior View
Colonial Home (Stairs and Door) of Henry Knox, First...
Henry Knox Home, Thomaston, Maine
Manicured Woman's Hand on Computer Keyboard.
Revere Outside Knox Mansion, Thomaston, Maine
New England Homestead in Winter, Wiscasset, Maine
Sea Kayaks for Sale
Wheelbarrow and Buckets Near Woodstove
Barn Decoration, New England, Maine
Barn Cupola and Weathervane, New England, Maine
Elkhound Dog Portrait
Man Talks To His Dog
Lanterns and Oil Lamps Hanging in a Barn
Sea Kayaks in Multi-Colors Lined Up For Sale.
Moss Covered Gravestone in Old Cemetery, New England....
Closeup of Old Gravestone w/ Interesting Lettering....
Man Cleans Eyeglasses w/ Cloth
Man Cleans Eyeglasses w/ Hankie
Fishing Dory at Rest w/ Fishing Net and Bobs
Kayaks For Sale
Picket Fence leads eye to Lighthouse
Pemaquid Lighthouse, Pemaquid, Maine - Winter - View of Wind...
Pemaquid Lighthouse, Pemaquid, Maine - Winter - View from ba...
House and Bell house at Pemaquid Lighthouse, Maine
Grounds of Pemaquid Lighthouse in Winter
View Past Lighthouse to Ocean Beyond - Clear, Winter Day...
Pemaquid Lighthouse, Pemaquid, Maine - Winter
Bell House at Pemaquid Lighthouse, Pemaquid, Maine
Ice Sailing on a Cold Winter Day in Maine
Danger sign & picket fence at Pemaquid Lighthouse, Maine...
Worker Who Runs Swing Bridge That Connects Boothbay Harbor W...
Boat house on frozen river, boats
Spring Violet Flower w/ Morning Dew on Petals
Elderly Couple Sit in Shade on Park Bench
Squirrel Climbs Side of Building
Young couple holds hands
Man Sits Looking Out Over Ohio River and Three Rivers Stadiu...
Steel Phantom at KennyWood Park, PIttsburgh, PA
Large Construction Shovel on Catepillar Tracks
Riverboats From Dock in Pittsburgh
Merry-Go-Round At Kennywood Park, Pittsburgh, PA
Elderly Couple Play Game at Amusement Park
Feet With Painted Toes
Mountain Meadow at Glacier National Park
Woman Enters Data on Computer Keyboard
Woman Enters Data on Computer Keyboard
Woman Enters Data on Computer Keyboard
Man Reads Magazine at Cafe Bookstore
Jukebox on Table at Diner
Diamond Solitaire Ring in Red Bow
Diamond Solitaire Ring in Red Bow
Fireworks from Roberto Clemente Bridge, Pittsburgh, PA...
Bows & Sterns of Pleasure Boats Encased in Ice
People on Amusement Ride (Demon Drop)
Musician plays guitar
Little Boy Playing w/ Reflection in Large Mirror
Alstroemeria Flowers
Children Boarding School Bus (Field Trip)
Close-up of Sound Board
Macro of Dogwood Tree Blossom (White)
Tuning a Guitar (Photo of Guitar Neck and Tuner's Hand&#...
Old Fashioned Jukebox, Front View
Orchid Flower Blossom (Orchidaceae) , Soft Backgroun...
Orchid Flower Blossom (Orchidaceae) , Soft Backgroun...
Macro of Azalea w/ Dew Drops (Pink), Soft Background...
Pink Azalea with Water Droplets, Soft Background
Macro of Azalea w/ Dew Drops (Pink)
Woman w/ Large, Straw Hat on Beach (face shaded)...
Tulip Blossom in Bowl of Water; Bright Sunshine!
Rural New England Church Steeple
Street Photo of African American Girls Stopping To Talk On C...
Steel Mill Collapsing in Rustbelt of Pennsylvania
Clouds Stream off the Ocean at Sunrise on Popham Beach, Main...
Sand Dunes and Beach at Dawn in the Fall, Popham, Maine...
Decaying Steel Mill: Ovens falling apart
Wall and Electrical Outlet Painted Purple/Perriwinkle Blue...
Market Square, Pittsburgh--Old City Juxtaposed on New City...
Yellow/Orange New England (Maine) Maple in Full Autu...
Flower Macro
Close-up of Flamingo Legs, Knees, and Feet
Farm Country in Early Morning Mist, Pennsylvania
Steam Billows from Electric Generation Plant (Pittsburgh...
Typical New England Coastal Scene w/ Fishing Shack & Harbor...
The Lights Come on in Pittsburgh (from North Shore w/ Ro...
Cherry Trees in Full Spring Blossom
Couple Sitting On Steps of Large Building W/ Pillars Behind...
Winter Quiet Around a Cottage On Southport Island, Maine...
School Bus Parked by Heinz Stadium, Pittsburgh
Winter on the Coast of Maine (Snowy dock and Sun Reflect...
Compressed Air Can w/ Straw Nozzle Attached
Keyboard, Function Keys and Lighted Function Above....
Technology, Computer Keyboard Close-up; ASDF keys
Winter Lobster Buoys & Picnic Tables - Snow
Photograph of Gemstones (Yellow Beryl & Citrine) on ...
Towboats Parked on an Icy Riverbank
Welder, Auto Body Worker Mends VW Beetle
Woman Photographs Family W/ Fountain and Rainbow in Backgrou...
Mist Sweeping Over Mountain Tops Morning Sun
Bare Apple Trees Against a Threatening Sky w/ Pumpkin & Cabb...
Line of Brightly Colored Kayaks Tethered in Gray Water...
Pittsburgh Skyline at Dusk; City Lights on and Reflected in ...
TV Cameraman Over City Street Photographing from Cherrypicke...
TV Cameraman in Cherrypicker Over City Street
TV Cameraman in Cherrypicker Over City Street; Crowds Below...
Lobster Weathervane and Glimpse of Harbor Beyond, Rockport, ...
Great Blue Heron on a Rail at a Dock
Seagull Sitting on Rail: Plant Background
Laughing Gull in Flight
Seagull in Flight With Blue Sky Background
Close-up of Seagull in Flight (blue sky w/ clouds in bac...
Two Boys Watch Fish in Large Aquarium Intently
Father Photographs Son With First Fish Catch!
Man Photographs Couple W/ St. Mary's Lake in Background (...
Elderly Couple Sitting in Park Under Umbrella
Football Fans Tailgate Before Big Game (Steelers)...
Church Alter w/ Christ on Cross in Background (Catholic ...
Arrangement of Silverware on Checked Background
Variety of Recipe Books Scattered (Opened & Unopened)...
Pigs Snuggle Together at County Fair
Oil Lamp Lighted w/ Warm Flame
Bundles of Kindling Wood Stacked
Family Recipes (Handwritten Card, Wooden Spoon)...
Baking Equipment (Bowl, Whisk, Measuring Cups)...
Abandoned Barn on Prairie (Mountains on Horizon)...
Sunset at Ocean Point Maine, Blue Puffy Clouds and Orange Su...
Old Farm Tractor Sits in Junk Yard at it's Final Rest...
TV Cameramen Broadcast Politician's Speech On Steps of City ...
Tea Carafe Casts Golden Glow on Table next to Cup & Saucer...
Man On Park Bench Watches As Goose He Fed Walks Away...
Anti-War Demonstrator Takes a Break
One-of-a-kind Bridge (Cribstone) Maine
Cowboy Straps Saddle Over Shoulder At Rodeo
Civil War Reinactors March in Parade
Clouds Rolling Across a Blue Sky
Commuter Trains in Chicago Union Station Trainyard
Birds at Backyard Ground Feeders
Angel Sculpture With American Flag Background
Photographer takes Picture on Cold Morning at Misty River...
Teapot, Cup & Saucer, Strawberry Theme
Contemporary Teapot and Mug, Purples and Reds
Urban Scene in Spring: Skyscraper w/ Cherry Trees in Blossom...
Tidal Marsh in Fall, Maine
Window Washer Cleans Window On Large Chicago Building...
Window in Fishing Shack w/ Buoys, Fishing Nets and Geraniums...
Display on Antique Store Steps (Watering can, buoy, turk...
Lake McDonald at Glacier National Park w/ Tourboat and Mount...
Lake St. Mary's, Glacier National Park, Portrait Orientation...
St. Mary's Lake, Glacier National Park, Horizonal Orientatio...
Man Snuggles with Cat as They Both Nap
Rental Boats on Lake McDonald, Glacier National Park, Mounta...
Vintage Ford Tour Buses Powered by Natural Gas at Glacier Na...
Cloud Formation in Big Sky Country on the Prairies of the US...
Mountain Views from Going to the Sun Road, Glacier National ...
Small Country Church With Flare of Light From Rising Sun Res...
Man Whitewashing Fence Around Lighthouse, Pemaquid, Maine....
Dome of Entryway of Chicago Building
Man in Train Station Making a Call on Cell Phone
Boothbay Harbor w/ Boats & Reflections in Early Morning Hour...
Grain w/ Dew Drops in Early Morning Foggy Light, Vermont...
Music on Music Stand w/ Bottle of Valve Oil Propped on Edge ...
Man Walking Dog in Snowy Park
Smithfield Street Bridge and Pittsburgh Skyline on Overcast ...
Man Eating Ice Cream Cone On Park Bench in City
Sulky Leaning Against Corrigated Fence
Motorcycle couple walk on fairgrounds, Street Fair
Inside of Stable at Butler Fair, Draped in American Flags &#...
Family Play On Rivers Around Pittsburgh, PA (Ski-Doo)...
Riverboat anchored on Monongahela River under Bridge, Pittsb...
Boy Plays Ring Toss Game At Street Fair
Farm Implement in bright colors and Intricate Shapes (Ra...
Police Officer and Pitt Bull Greet On City Street
Pittsburgh Skyline w/ Views of Multiple Bridges Through Skys...
Pittsburgh Skyline from under Fort Pitt Bridge w/ Beached Bo...
Beautiful Flowergirl W/ Dark Background; Hints of Church Sta...
Black Work horse Eating Oats
Man Sitting On Motorcycle Holding Cup of Coffee
Boy Kneels Down To Pet Dog On Street
Monarch Butterfly Sips Nectar From a Tigerlily
Deer Races Across Open Field; Fence in Foreground
Bridge and Old, Ship's Paddlewheel Complement each other: Pi...
Symmetrical Light Reflections in Water Under Bridge Overpass...
Mennonite Young People Leaflet on City Street in Pennsylvani...
Homeless Man Beckons to Passers-By on City Street
Boy Sitting on Floor of Bookstore/Library Reading
Stairs in Dark Hallway W/ Interesting Geometric Space & Ligh...
Tigerlily (Lilium lancifolium ) Glowing in the Summe...
Set Spring Table in New England Kitchen/Diningroom
Scheneley Park w/ Phipps Conservatory and Cathedral of Learn...
Riverboat in Monongahela River, Pittsburgh, PA
Railroad Tracks on the Northside of Pittsburgh
Smithfield Bridge Photographed from the Bridge Deck toward C...
Wooden Wagon Wheel Hub and Radiating Spokes
Beautiful Old, Pennsylvania Farm Barn
Orchid of the Phalaenopsis Variety
Skyline of Pittsburgh from Slopes of Southside w/ View of Li...
Coiled Rope and Cleat at Boat Slip (In Black & White)...
Woman on Stairs: Illusion of Black & White
Quaint, Small, Red House Overlooking Large City Skyline...
The Remains of Homestead Steel Works outside Pittsburgh, PA...
Elkhound is in Heaven in Winter Snow
Clean Electrical Generation: Windmills on a Hillside...
Plastic Bottle Stoppers in Backlighted Dish
Layed Back Kayaker
Construction Crane and Dumptruck Working on Jetty
People Having Fun on Water Slide at Amusement Park
Little Girl Blows BIG Bubble in Bubblegum Blowing Contest...
Sunflower (Helianthus) Bud Beginning to Open...
Ferris Wheel & Colorful Tent at Amusement Park
Prize Cow at State Fair; Drooling
Grill of Rusting Pick-up Truck
Red Barn on Sleepy Early Morning Midwestern Farm
Glasses Resting on Pages of Open Book
Dog Rests on Office Desk
The Androscoggin River Overflows it's Banks Standing Busines...
Androscoggin River Reflections
'Wrong Side of The Tracks' Shot of Rundown Buildings and RR ...
Fort Popham and Surrounding River, Maine
New England Church Steeple Against Clear, Blue Sky
Church Steeple (White) Against Crisp, Blue, Cloudles...
Mountain Flowers, Glacier National Park
16th Street Bridge, Pittsburgh, PA
Photographer Shoots Old Railroad Bridge Near 'Keep Out' Sign...
Tugboats Line the Shore at Bath Ironworks, Maine.
Shower Fixture and Faucets in Old Fashioned Clawfoot Bathtub...
Bridges, Old & New, Cross the Androscoggin River at Bath, Ma...
Cattails Floating in Murky River Water
Wedding Cake House, Kennebunkport, Maine
Through the Door Window a Business Glows Inside
Harley-Davidson Motorcycle
Closeup of Harley-Davidson Engine
Moored Colorful Tugboats in Deep Blue Water
Five Bridges
Sunsplashed Steeples
Pillars At Carnegie Institute, Pittsburgh
Young Man Reads On Steps of Large, Impressived, Pillared Bui...
Garden Patio with Bench and Birdhouse
Generation Plant w/ Skyline Background
Hotel Bathroom Soap and Towels
Security Lock on Hotel Room Door
Hardhat Workers Elevated in Cherrypicker Machine
Skyscraper Lights Come on at Dusk
Crashed Bi-Plane Kite in Branches of Tree
Great White Egret Takes To Flight
Colorful Kayaks Reach to the Sky
Horse Weather Vane On Roof of New England House (Blue Sk...
Small Tender Boat Tied to Sailing Vessel at Anchor in Calm H...
Schooners and Boats at Anchor in Boothbay Harbor, Maine...
Schooners At Anchor in Early Morning At Boothbay Harbor, Mai...
Afternoon Light Brightens an Orange Dinghy Tied Up at a Dock...
Lobster Pots Ready for Service, Maine
Woman Paints Harbor Scene on Monhegan Island, Maine...
Monhegan Island Artist Paints Village Scene
Artfully Displayed Needles, Thread and Notions on White Back...
Old Schooner Plies the Summer Waters of Maine
Swallowtail Butterfly Feeds on Pink Zinnia
Person Reading Newspaper on Anniversary of 9/11
Bird Tracks in River Mud at Low Tide
Ocean Surf at Reid State Park, Maine
Young Woman Enjoys Shore Views as She Relaxes w/ a Book...
Garden Saw, Trowels Together in a Wheelbarrow
Maine Lobsterman Places Lobsters in Keeper Trap
Glass Fresnel Lens From Maine Lighthouse
Pinecone Bud in Spring
New England Summer Garden W/ Picket Fence and Lupine Flowers...
Monhegan Island Light, Outbuildings and Dory
Morning Dew on Bright Green Lupine Leaf
New England Stone Wall with Colorful Fallen Autumn Foliage &...
Fisherman on Androscoggin in Early Morning Mist
New England Cupola and Weather Vane With Foliage Background...
Father and Daughter Kayaking Together
Egret Fishes in Marsh on Rainy Summer's Day
Fishing Egret on Rainy Summer's Day
Boy Rests in Hammock on Foggy Summer Day
Monarch Butterfly on Flowers
Fall Pondlife; colorful foliage; reflections
Dog Cocks Ears at Computer Screen!
1940's Vintage Jukebox
Mast, Sails, & American Flag on East Wind Schooner, Boothbay...
East Wind Schooner Masts and Flags, Boothbay, Maine...
Mast, Sails and Flag on East Wind Schooner, Boothbay, Maine...
Colorful Harbor Paraphenalia
Fall Foliage as Art
Family Flying Kite on Ocean Ledges, Maine
Old Schooner Boom & Sail
Sunflower Bud and Leaves, Out of Focus Background With Bloom...
Colorful Vermont Maple Sugar House
New England Church Steeple & Weather Vane
Young Girl Sheers Sheep at Country Fair
Screw Auger Falls in Mountains of Western Maine
Ram Island Lighthouse Outbuildings and Boat Launch, Boothbay...
Young Couple Boogie Board in Ocean Surf
Nubble Lighthouse, York, Maine
Little Girl Napping on Mom's Lap
Lovers at an Amusement Park
Bird-Watcher at Pemaquid Light, Maine
Colorful Ferris Wheel at Summer Country Fair
Ram Island Lighthouse on Glistening Mid-Day Sun Soaked Water...
Dog Helps Master on the Internet
Androscoggin River, Brunswick, Maine, in Fall Sunrise...
Dog Helps Master Find Information on Computer
Photographer Does His Work at Dawn w/ Tripod
Little New England Church in Fall Foliage
Man Holds Fish After Catching It
Resting from the Climb, Father and Son Take a Break...
Pemaquid, Maine Lighthouse in Early Morning Light
Pemaquid Lighthouse, Pemaquid Maine, Winter Dawn
Tourists Climb the Ledges Around Pemaquid Lighthouse, Maine...
Vintage Mobil Gas Pump
Boy Pretending to Fly, Arms Outspread
Kayaks at Evening Rest in Small Coastal Village
Ocean Tidal Pool w/ Reflections
New England Stone Wall
Boothbay Harbor Sunset With Sailing & Motorboats in Foregrou...
Beading, Child Making Bracelet, Beading Board Background...
Gold Ornament in Bowl of Ornaments
Little Girl Beads Bracelet in Bead Shop
New England Foliage on Maple Trees in Fall
Churchyard in Fall w/ colorful Maple Trees
Compact Flash Adapter, White Background
Pile of Inkjet Prints
Cloud Formations in Blue Sky Over Flat Prairies
Vintage Red Ford Tourist Buses At Glacier National Park...
Colorful Glass Chess Game On Glass Playing Board
Dining Room Display With Candles, Flowers and Apples...
Vulture, Buzzard, Turkey in Flight
Two Dalmations in Mirrored Stance
Spring in The Deep Woods
Photo of Sailboats At Anchor On Spring Lake
Police Officer Steps From Pattywagon
Lobsterman Brings Traps in Boat To Shore for Sale.
American Bald Eagle Standing On Branch
Surf At Pemaquid Point, Maine, in Fall Gale
Wiscasset On Other Side of River Through Cold, Winter Mist...
Reflection of Boats & Boathouse in River
Winter Homestead With House and Barn
Noon At Pemaquid Light, Maine
Window in Pemaquid Lighthouse, Pemaquid, Maine
New England Door Decorated With Holiday Wreath
Pemaquid Point Light at Dusk, Beacon Lit
Delicious Apples Hanging From a Branch in an Orchard...
Coffee and a Muffin
Coastal House and Wharf With Ocean Backdrop (Maine, New ...
Pemaquid Point Light On Stormy Day
Two Men Watch Gale From Safety of Pemaquid Light

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